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OK, but... (4/5), Sep 29, 2010

By Ken Presser (Cary NC US)

As far as providing a wider, deeper table area for my Delta Floor model drill press it does that well. I find the fence slightly hard to adjust and the height of the fence blocks my laser crosshairs.

The tracks for the hold-downs could be closer in or another one provided to clamp short pieces.

The biggest problem is that there are no replacement inserts available for sale for the thing. They're not hard to make but laminating and cutting little square pieces of MDF just the right thickness is a pain. It would be simple for them to supply a pack of 4 replacement inserts for a modest cost to solve this issue.

Overall I'm pleased with it, but it could be better.

MLCS NOTE: We have just added replacement inserts for these tables to our product line. You can order #9759, a set of 3, for $7.95.

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