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Backorder Status Page

Orders are filled on a first come-first served basis, so we recommend reserving backordered items by ordering them today. In-stock items will ship immediately (except International Orders which we hold to ship complete). We won't charge your credit card for an item until the item is shipped *(Refers to direct credit card orders ONLY. Payments made via Paypal are deducted from your account/credit card at the time your order is submitted).

Items Highlighted in YELLOW are new to our product line. Check them out and pre-order yours today!

The following items are currently out-of-stock due to higher-than-normal demand:

Item Number Product Description Expected Arrival Date Status
7735 Tongue & Groove Flooring Set, 1/2" Shank 04/30/2015 Awaiting Arrival
7852 Drawer Lock Bit, 1/2" Shank 04/30/2015 Awaiting Arrival
8547 (8549) 2 Piece Wainscoting Bit Set, 1/2" Shank (Beaded Panel Set) 05/08/2015 Awaiting Arrival
8588 (1238, 1239, 8586, 8587) Traditional Foot Bit (Box Making Sets) 04/20/2015 Backorders Released 04/17/2015
9247H 3-1/8" Forstner Bit 05/15/2015 Awaiting Arrival
9340 Zero Clearance Insert, Rigid 04/20/2015 Awaiting Arrival
9343 Zero Clearance Insert, Delta 04/20/2015 Backorders Released 04/16/2015
9434 Offset Router Wrench, 7/8" 04/20/2015 Backorders Released 04/16/2015
9576 (9580, 9582) X1 Router Table Fence (Packages) 06/01/2015 Awaiting Arrival
9864 (1702) 48" Miter T-Track (Web Special) 04/20/2015 Awaiting Arrival
9871 (9873) 32" Miter T-Track (Set) 04/20/2015 Backorders Released 04/16/2015
9872 (9873) 32" Miter T-Bar (Set) 04/20/2015 Backorders Released 04/16/2015

This list is updated regularly. Last updated 04/17/15 at 014:07 ET.

The arrival dates above are our best estimates for delivery to our warehouse. Sometimes, delays occur which are beyond our control.  This backorder page is always kept up-to-date with the best possible estimates available as information becomes available to us.   Once tested, backordered items are shipped and regular shipping time of 7-10 business days applies.

Thanks for your patience.