Multiform Molding Maker Router Bit

Make beautiful large and small moldings with your 1/2" shank router. This 2 flute Carbide Tipped bit with totally enclosed ball bearing guide will produce dozens of different profiles in one pass (depends on size of stock). With two or more passes the possible patterns are almost unlimited. Simply adjust the depth of cut and position of the fence to create beautiful large or small moldings. Any portion of the bit can be used to achieve the desired effect. Reg. Price $69.95
These drawings show a typical two-pass profile- all cuts are made on a router table. The second cut is made by flipping over the board, and adjusting the height of cut and fence for the desired effect.
The profiles shown to the right are just a few of the almost limitless possibliities
Item # Large
Carbide Height  Shank Size
#7859 2-18" 1-7/8" 1/2" $39.95