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  • Marvel 42 "3-in-1" Router Kit

  • Reviews

FREE Router Replacement Base #9339.

SAVE $43.95! Sale ends 12/31/14.

All-In-One! 1 HP Compact Router, Laminate Trimmer, Circle Cutter and Cut-Out Tool.The new and improved Marvel 42 is great for portable routing, cutting, grinding, and engraving. Ideal for kitchen remodeling or bathroom installation, and it works great with the Router Inlay Set!

  • Includes the Marvel 42 Router plus:
  • A Plunge and Tilt Router Base
  • Circle Cutting Attachment
  • Pistol Grip Base
  • Freehand Sole Plate
  • Router Replacement base
  • 1/4" and 1/8" collets included!
  • The Two Speed Motor (20,000 and 30,000 rpm) delivers powerful cutting capability
  • Change router bits quickly with the convenient Collet Lock
  • Make plunge, bevel, and standard cuts with the Plunging and Tilting Router Base
  • Three easily interchangeable bases
  • Circle Cutting Attachment (up to 12" diameter) adds versatility
  • The Pistol Grip Base makes cut-outs for electrical outlet boxes in drywall and plywood
  • Features Ergonomic Handles and all Ball Bearing Construction for longer life
  • Includes Plastic Case for easy storage and transport
  • 5.5 amp, 120 VAC
  • HOLIDAY SALE! Marvel 42 and
    Router Replacement Base

    SAVE $43.95! Includes Marvel 42 Router, and FREE Router Replacement Base. List $133.90. Sale ends December 31, 2014.

    #1202 (#9059).............SALE $89.95


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    MLCS Marvel 42 Router 3-In-One Tool

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    My Marvel (5/5), Sep 11, 2013

    By James Bishop (Marietta GA US)

    I have used this router to edge trim tables, & with specialty bits. I like it. Just wish it was variable speed. I have had it for several years & the kit includes all you need in a small router.

    contractor (5/5), Jul 4, 2013

    By Michael Loi (Cincinnati Oh US)

    No comment.

    Homeowner (5/5), Mar 8, 2013

    By Rob (East Yapkank NY US)

    I just got the Marvel 42. I must say this tool does it all. makes nice cuts and well made.

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    • 1/8" Shank Router Bits

    • Reviews
    The perfect match to the Marvel 42 router, Dremel, RotoZip, or any other mini routing tool that has a router base
    Two flute, carbide tipped. Choose decorative edge profiles, sign making or hinge mortising. Edge routing bits feature a 5/32" brass pilot to guide the router bit around the material being routed. The brass pilot allows the bits to get into tight areas that conventional "bearing guided" bits cannot. Save time and get more accurate results than achieved by hand sanding or chiseling.
    1/8" Shank Router Bits
    Item # Decription Price  
    #6901 1/8" R Round Over $14.95
    #6902 1/8" R Roman Ogee $17.95
    #6903 45º Chamfer $17.95
    #6904 1/8" dia. Straight
    (single flute)
    #6905 1/4" dia. Straight $9.95
    #6906 1/4" dia. Round Nose $10.95
    #6907 1/4" dia. 60º V-Groove $11.95
    #6908 1/8" R Point Cutting Round Over $11.95
    8 Piece Complete Router Bit Set
    SAVE $21! Buy the complete set of all eight 1/8" shank router bits
    #6909....................SALE $79.95

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    1/8" router bits

    all customer reviews and ratings

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