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For 1/2" Collet Routers. Give your router bits an additional 2-1/4" (for #9465 or 2" for #9473) when you extend them through the router table top with our router collet extension. Eliminate the dangerous temptation of withdrawing the shank from the collet in order to raise the bit and to "provide the full depth of cut." The router collet extension makes it possible to use all diameters of 1/2" and 1/4" shank bits safely. Place the router collet extension shank in the 1/2" router collet and the router bit shank in the extension collet and tighten both. Wrenches and instructions included. Collet Extension for 1/2" shank bits includes 18mm and 28mm wrenches and the Collet Extension for 1/4" shank bits includes two 18mm wrenches. Note that for previously sold item's #9464 and #9468 the large diameter is the same as in the chart below. NOTE: Will not work with 1/4" collet routers.
Router Collet Instructions (PDF)
Collet Extension for 1/2" shank bits
1-3/16" large diameter. Includes wrenches.
#9465 List $42.90......................$29.95
Collet Extension for 1/4" shank bits
7/8" large diameter. Includes wrenches.
#9473 List $42.90.......................$29.95
Wrench Sets for previously purchased Router Collet Extensions are now available for both 1/4" and 1/2" shank below. The 1/2" shank set includes 18mm and 28mm wrenches and the 1/4" shank set includes two 18mm wrenches.
Wrench sets for older collet extensions
#9466 1/2" shank set..................$7.95
#9474 1/4" shank set..................$7.95
SAVE $10! Get both 1/4" and 1/2" Router Collet Extensions plus a 3 piece wrench set
#1721 5 Piece Set...........$49.95

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 MLCS Router Collet Extension MLCS_router_collet_extension

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Safe router bit extension (5/5), Oct 20, 2008


This extension is a great idea. It allows me greater flexibility when I use my router table! Now I can use bits that would not clear the table top without raising them unsafely in my router's collet.

Well worth the price! I only wish I had bought them as a set.

Skeptical at First (5/5), Oct 22, 2008

By Richard Franks (Kyle Te US)

I purchased the extender to use my router to make bowls. Using the extender and a bearing guided dish cutter bit, I can use a template and remove stock to a depth of approx 3". I was concerned that the extender would introduce some wobble or eccentricity to the bit. This has not been the case at all. The sides of my deepest bowls are perfectly straight and require minimal sanding. Great product, great price and great service - like always. rf

collet extenion (5/5), Dec 23, 2008

By bob sopko (bethlehem pa US)

No comment.

Router Collet (5/5), Jan 30, 2013

By Linden Morassini (Pine Meadow CT US)

I have found that most shafts are larger at the top undersise of the cutters.
Therefore when I change bits i pull up on the bits about 1/8" and hold it there when i snug up the collet. This makes the bit come out without tapping the extension.
Also I want to find a thin rubber washer with a 1/2" I.S. diam.and slide it unto the bit shaft before placing it into the collet.
I think this will also stop it from binding.

MLCS Router Collet Extension (4/5), Oct 8, 2008

By John Hanlon (Encinitas CA US)

I use both the 1/4 and 1/2" extensions in my router table. They have made all the difference in the world in the ease of changing bits and obtaining the exact height I want. At first I tried changing bits while the extensions were still in the table but found it easier to pull the extension and change the bit out of the router.
I only gave the extensions 4 stars because I found it difficult to remove bits that were narrower than extension collet nut. On most bits as the nut is loosened it pushes the bit out of the collet, but on a bit that is the same diameter or less than the collet capacity, the nut slides past it. I've had difficulty freeing these bits from the collet.
This issue aside, I like the extensions alot and use them constantly.

1/2" collet extension (4/5), Nov 3, 2009

By Kevin McCluney (Houston Te US)

The extension works as advertised. The only problem is in removing bits from the extension. I eventually "hit" on the solution - loosen the collet nut on the extension, then tap on the bottom of the extension's shaft with a hammer (lightly). The bit will pop right out.

Now they come with wrenches (4/5), Nov 14, 2009

By Chris Forbes (Saugus CA US)

These extensions work fine. My only gripe is that I have to dig out two wrenches every time I use one because they weren't included when I got my set.

1/2" Collet extender (3/5), Oct 30, 2009

By Don Ramon Main (Broken Arrow Ok US)

I purchased this extender to make deep cuts in oblong dishes using a template and bushing. The diameter of the collet is to wide to use with any bit less than 1 1/4" to a greater depth than can be made with a normal router set up. I will just buy a 1 1/4" dish cutter and it should work fine. Just be aware of this limitation.


Not quite the holy grail (3/5), Apr 10, 2010

By Chris Forbes (Santa Clarita CA US)

Perhaps I am a tad bitter that I did not receive wrenches with the two extenders that I purchased, but my biggest problem with this set is that the collets do not cough up bits easily enough. When I have to unthread the collet almost all the way for a whack on the side to unseat a bit--and sometimes it takes more than that--I am not inclined to give these collets high praise. They do seem to be very free from runout, though. Perhaps if I had received wrenches, I might have rated these four stars.

MLCS NOTE: This customer ordered a lower priced version of the collet extension before we offered the wrenches as part of the package.

Router Collet Extension (2/5), Oct 24, 2010

By Paul Peer (Tabernacle NE US)

The "Collet Extension" does the job for which it was intended,However you have one heck of a time removing the bit. The Extension refuses to release the bit. a real pain in the neck.

MLCS NOTE: For safety reasons, the collet extension is not designed to be self-releasing. After loosening the collet nut, a quick tap on the collet nut with a wrench will cause the bit to release.

Router Collet Extension (2/5), Feb 26, 2013

By Tom Brooker (Mount Vernon Wa US)

I purchased both extensions. I used the 1/2" first and was unable to get the collet to give up the router bit. I had to clamp the bit between 2 pieces of wood (with extreme pressure) and pry the collet away. tapping on it only drove the bit in deeper. Not a happy camper. Afraid to use the 1/4" extension.

MLCS NOTE: This collet is not self-releasing for safety reasons. Tapping on the side of the collet nut with a mallet should allow the bit to release safely.

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Fine Woodworking's "Collet Stretcher" review from issue #159 Fine Woodworking featured the MLCS Router Collet Extension in the Tools & Materials section of issue #159 from December 2002. Here are some quotes from the article "Collet Stretcher":
"The router collet extension from MLCS adds about 2-1/4" to the length of a router collet, a handy feature in the router table for above-the-table bit changes."
"When a router is mounted in a table, the collet of the router often ends up positioned well below the surface of the table, even after the motor has been raised to its maximum height. That means some bits are not able to reach far enough above the table to provide the full depth of cut."
"Recently, MLCS began selling a router-collet extension that quickly remedies the problem. Also, as I quickly discovered, the extension makes bit changing a lot easier because the extension, which adds 2-1/4" in length, allows the collet to be raised well above the table. With the collet exposed it becomes relatively easy to work a pair of wrenches and change a bit."
"If you use a router table a lot and regularly struggle to install bits, the router extender might be worth a closer look."
Woodshop Magazine "Shop Proven Products" review in March 2003 issue. "Bit won't go high enough? Extend it."
"Sometimes, especially with my table mounted plunge router, the combination of the router's limited plunge depth, the table insert's thickness, and a short shanked router bit cause me to tempt fate by pulling the bit farther out of the collet than I like, creating a safety hazard. It is for such situations that MLCS sells the Router Collet Extension"...
"...it installs just like a router bit. Once it's mounted, you insert your bit into the collet, tighten it as you normally would (you'll need a 1-1/16" open or adjustable end wrench), and begin routing".
"I measured .006" of runout (wobble), but detected no increase in vibration or chatter when routing red oak (the router itself contributed less than .001" of runout). As a bonus, with the Router Collet Extension installed, I found it was easy to change bits from above the table".
"A few words of caution: extending your router's collet puts extra stress on the tool and its bearings, so take multiple passes on stock, especially with large diameter bits (MLCS recommends using bits no larger than 3-1/2"). "