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  • "Extension" Cast-Iron Router Table Top with Fence

  • Reviews
Install on your table saw!

SAVE UP TO 26! Save space with our professional-grade, rock-solid 50 lb. Solid Cast-Iron Router Table Extension for your table saw. This sturdy 16" x 27" table top replaces either the left or right extension wings on any table saw.

The Extension Table will work with all table saws where the rails are 27" apart.

Here is the hole alignment. 4 Hole Alignment: First hole is 1-1/8" from end, every other hole is 8-1/4". Holes are centered on the 1-1/2" thick top.
3 Hole Alignment: Holes are 7/8" diameter. First hole is 2-3/4" from end, center hole is in the middle at 13-1/2".

Will also mount easily to a cabinet, or open steel stand! The router plate insert opening in the table top measures 9‑1/32" x 12-3/32".

Cast-Iron Extension Table Instructions (PDF)

  • 16" x 27" Cast-Iron Top machined flat and true for stability and exacting control of stock
  • NEW! Extra Tall Split Fence (6" high) allows edge routing for safer vertical routing.
  • NEW! Standard Aluminum Miter Track accomodates miter gauge.
  • Choose either 3/8" thick Phenolic or 1/4" thick Aluminum 9-1/32" x 12-3/32" Router Inserts with removable rings that allow 3 different size openings (more information here). There is also a "No Plate" option (#9769).
  • 2-1/4" Dust Extraction Ports for standard Shop Vac hoses
  • NEW! Durable plastic Safety Guard helps protect eyes
  • Fence stores on 2 hooks under the router table when not in use.
  • **May require additional mounting hardware (not included) to attach to your saw rails.
  • Cast-Iron Extension Router Table
    "Extension" Cast-Iron Router Table Top & Fence with Aluminum Plate

    SAVE $26. "Extension" Cast-Iron Router Table Top & Fence with 1/4" Aluminum Insert Plate.


    "Extension" Cast-Iron Router Table Top & Fence with Phenolic Plate

    SAVE $15! "Extension" Cast-Iron Router Table Top & Fence with 3/8" Phenolic Router Insert Plate.


    Extension Cast-Iron Router Table Top & Fence (No Plate)
    Cast-Iron Router Table Top & Fence with no insert plate. Perfect with the U-Turn Router Lift!

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    • "Extension" Router Table Top with Fence

    • Reviews
    Our space saving Extension Router Table mounts to any table saw!

    SAVE UP TO 26! Our space saving Router Table Top Extension for your table saw can be mounted to the left or right side of any table saw with a standard fence and 27" deep top. The plate insert opening in the top measures 9‑1/32" x 12‑3/32". Includes:

  • The heavy 1-3/8" thick Table Top has a durable 23-1/2" x 27" melamine surface, sturdy MDF core and polyethylene edges
  • Choose either 3/8" thick Phenolic or 1/4" thick Aluminum 9-1/32" x 12-3/32" Router Inserts with removable rings that allow 3 different size openings (more information here). There is also a "No Plate" option (#9776).
  • Hex head adjusting screws levels Magnetic Insert to top
  • Aluminum T-track slots and aluminum Miter Slot
  • T-slot allows attachment of featherboards or jigs to the fence
  • Split Fence has a dust port and adapter for standard Shop Vac hoses
  • High Split Fence allows edge routing for safer vertical routing
  • Router fence features 24" long anodized aluminum angle to keep the fence at 90° for accuracy (within .010"/")
  • A Wood Frame (1-1/8" x 2-1/4") underneath mounts the extension table to the table saw rails
  • Measuring Tape on top of fence reads both right to left and left to right, for easy measurements
  • Durable Safety Guard
  • Extension Router Table
    "Extension" Router Table Top & Fence with Aluminum Insert (9334)
    SAVE $26 "Extension" Router Table Top & Fence with 1/4" thick Aluminum Router Insert Plate
    "Extension" Router Table Top & Fence with Phenolic Plate
    SAVE $15 "Extension" Router Table Top & Fence with 3/8" Phenolic Router Insert Plate
    Extension Router Table Top & Fence (with no plate)
    Router Table Top & Fence with no insert plate. Perfect with the U-Turn Router Lift!

    Review this product...

    all customer reviews and ratings

    Average Customer Rating: (10 reviews)
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    Nice product; Good test of your problem solving skills (4/5), Feb 1, 2016

    By mfk ( IL US)

    The product itself is great. It had a few cosmetic bumps and dings when it arrived, but no dealbreakers. I just finished a set of raised panel doors with it and it was a much more pleasant experience than my previous benchtop router table. It fit perfectly between the table saw rails (but more on that in a bit). Price is great compared to similar products.

    The phenolic plate seems hardy enough, and the mounting of the router wasn't too bad (a drill press will be helpful). I might have upgraded to the aluminum plate. The directions for this are available on the MLCS website, but are not included in the box. It appears the aluminum one has pre-drilled starter holes for popular routers (I have a Bosch 1617), which would have sped up the process.

    Installation of the table itself may be a test of your problem solving abilities. There are no directions whatsoever.

    I have a Craftsman 21833. Here's what worked for me. I removed one of the table wings and bolted some heavy duty angle iron to the insides of the rails and the inside of the cast iron top. I then removed the wood frame from the router table and sliced off 3/8 inch from either side of the router table. This was to accommodate the angle iron and bolt heads. By using the vertical "oval" holes in the angle iron, I was able to adjust it to perfect flush with the table saw top. I did have to add some 1/4" pieces of MDF between the table and angle iron to get it where it needed to be. I'm sure there was a better way to do this, but this is what I figured out.

    Long story short, the table works like a charm, but not without a few modifications and some head scratching.

    Colors have changed! (4/5), Oct 6, 2014

    By Don T (Anaheim CA US)

    The edge banding on the one that came is gray, not bare wood. THIS IS A GOOD THING!

    It matches perfectly the "Delta Gray" of my Delta T80 fence rails.

    You need to be comfortable measuring and drilling accurately to mount this. MLCS doesn't know the hole layout of your particular saw and rails, so you're responsible for that.

    I did mine in about 2 hours, but I wanted to be ABSOLUTELY sure it was level with the table.

    One thing I do wish for is the wood frame on the bottom was a little nicer looking. It looks like my 11 year old made it. Slap some black paint on it or something to make it disappear.

    woody (3/5), Aug 18, 2014

    By Lou Goaziou (Taylor AZ US)

    This is by far the worst thing I have ever purchased from MLCS. I have been with them for many, many years, maybe 25, purchasing thru my old employer or direct to my self. I purchased the top to fit into my Ridgid R4512 table saw. The wood frame was about 1/8" to big. Had to shave 1/16 off each side so it would drop into place. There were no installation or hint sheet included about installing. Once installed and mounting the fence, it was not square, so a few cut up business cards fixed that. The T track for the fence could be placed a 1/4" further apart because the knobs holding the fence base plate down just clear the fence adjusting knobs. Not good for 79 yr. old fingers. In mounting the dust vacuum plate, it did not fit & had to be shaved a little to fit between the fence knobs. Then I discovered that there were no long mounting screws included so I had to retap the metric holes to 10-24. I am not sure if my unit is the odd one out but over all if I had not been a retired R & D machinist the average person would have had big problems with this installation.

    Great Table (5/5), Sep 18, 2013

    By Michael Conte (Chatham NY US)

    Just finished installing my new table, delivered in great shape, all parts, instructions included and easily understood. No problems installing on my Saw Stop, replacing existing laminated wing. Fits my motorized router lift...Happy Camper.

    Table Saw Router Extension Table (5/5), Feb 4, 2013

    By Mike Cool (Higginsville MO US)

    Recently bought this with the phenolic insert plate to mount to my (Ridgid) table saw.

    Simplified the mounting process substantially by first removing and discarding the wood frame that came attached to its bottom surface and making a couple supports for it from 1x4 oak scraps I had, which I cut in such a way to attach to the bottom of the table saw fence rails using 1 3/4" x 5/16" hex-head bolts and self-locking nuts; the router table then simply rested on the supports. It fit between the rails like it was made for it. (The steel cross brace initially installed at the ends of the fence rails was first removed, of course, and stored away.) The bolt hex heads slid easily into the channel along the underside of either fence rail (that's what they're for on this saw - each brand is obviously somewhat unique and may require something other than what I did here), the close tolerance preventing the heads from turning as the nuts are tightened. I also ran a couple screws up through each support into the bottom of the table, with other screws through the manufactured holes in the metal extension of the saw table itself to hold everything solid and secure.

    The supports I made naturally had to be cut to a specific pattern for proper positioning of the router table exactly level or flush with the table of the saw. When done successfully, it not only expanded the usable surface of the saw table, while providing additional work space of its own in my little basement shop, but also allows for large pieces (I did the edge of a 30"x60" frame desktop framework this way) to be supported by the overall table surface(s) as the edge is continuously moved along the router bit, which could not have been done on a stand-alone router table even of the size here.

    The phenolic insert seems a little bowed upward, but straightens somewhat once the router base is firmly attached, and additionally with the router hanging from the underside when installed (I had to counterbore and drill 4 holes through the insert from the top to attach my router, using separately purchased 1/2-inch, #8-32 machine screws (mine's a DeWalt router), the counterboring deep enough to recess the round screw heads just below the surface while allowing about 1/4-inch exposure at the bottom for adequate threading into the router base).

    The melamine surface of the table was slightly bunged up upon arrival, but not so much as would be the case after even some moderate use, anyway, and in no way affects operation or accuracy.

    Overall, I couldn't be happier with the whole setup - the routering I've done with it simply could not have been done without a fence such as the one here or the surface space it provides. The fence adjusts easily and accurately, and appears as square to the table as could be possible, ensuring accurate cuts that include some tongue-and-groove cabinet door panels I've done.

    Mr. gil (5/5), Mar 6, 2012

    By Gilbert Carrero (Mt. Vernon. Ne US)

    Have been useing this table only to find that it will warp with table is attaced to a Ridged Pro circular saw all was great while it lasted.....My problem is do I want to get the cast-iron table and add the extra load on my aluminum rails

    Router Table Ext. (4/5), Dec 26, 2011

    By Bill Scott (Belmont NC US)

    Purchased in Sept. 2011, This is a solid router table extension. It works very well. Installation proved to be difficult,however. One star subtracted due to install hassle. I have to think that the cast iron option would be easier to install and therefore worth the extra money.

    router table (5/5), Jan 27, 2010

    By jose a rosas (Clifton NJ US)

    No comment.

    fence (1/5), Jan 8, 2010

    By Tom Giacchina (La Mesa Ca US)

    I bought this several years ago, maybe they have done some improvements? The fence is my biggest complaint. It wasn't square and I sent it back and the replacement wasn't much better. The space between the inner and outer "T" slots is VERY fragile. The fence is presswood and has no strength. Mine split after a bit of time.
    The edge of the table is pressed on veneer. Mine is all coming off.

    Other than that the rest is holding up, lol.

    MLCS RESPONSE: We are sorry this customer had issues with this table extension. We stand behind our products and any item is backed by our guarantee if you are not pleased with it. For customers who prefer a sturdier option, our Cast Iron Extension table is also available.

    Well made, good buy! (5/5), Nov 25, 2008

    By John Hower (Jonestown PA US)

    I "moved up" to this saw extension router table after using a smaller lighter weight router table for years ... what a difference. This is a heavy, well made table with a nice, tall fence. The plate fits well and has leveling screws to fine tune the fit.

    The table arrived very well packed. The free shipping option is fantastic! I ordered on Monday morning and the package arrived the next day. I'm within Pennsylvania, but it shows the level of customer service to get the package on its way so quickly.

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