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MLCS Shaper Cutter Index

MLCS Shaper Cutters with carbide cutters are suitable for industrial shaping work
MLCS Three Wing Tungsten Carbide Shaper Cutters

Our carbide tipped cutters have excellent hardness and durability, which makes them suitable for industrial shaping operations. They give very clean cuts over extended periods of time.

Our cutters are suitable for cutting soft or hard woods, plywood panels, glue-bonded panels, fiberglass or plastics.They're designed to be worked under 13,000 RPM. All shaper cutters (except our 1-1/4" bore cutter) fit both 1/2" and 3/4" spindles. We feature many profile and sets, Accessories, and a Shaper Cutter to Router Adaptor. See our Raised Panel Door Sets and choose from 15 different profile combinations.

3/4" Bore Shaper Cutters


Shaper Cutter Accessories


3/4" Bore Shaper Cutter Sets