Woodworking with MLCS: Making Sawdust


Woodworking Plans and Project Ideas

MLCS is excited to introduce our new blog for woodworkers. Soon, we’ll begin filling it up with great woodworking tips and tricks, how-to  project plans, and all the latest woodworking tools and information we have to offer.

Woodworking Plans and Projects

Project plans teach, guide and inspire the creative process. That is the main goal of this blog. We want to create a resource where woodworkers can go to get great ideas for creating beautiful and functional projects with their own hands.  This is a key step in people becoming makers and producers once again, not just consumers of packaged products.  We hope our plans for woodworking projects help to teach and instruct, but moreso to inspire. Our plans are just a starting point for you to make and create a project that suits your own unique needs and desires so you can make it all your own.

Naturally, we’ll be adding new projects soon.  You can also check out some of our “classic”  plans and projects on the Project Plans page of our main website.

Woodworking Tips and Tricks

“Back in the day,” woodworkers would learn the fine art from a master craftsman through an apprenticeship.  Today, such master-student relationships are hard to come by.  Even local woodworking classes can be difficult to locate.  Where to turn?  The Internet, of course.  We want to make our blog a source for that education.  You can find tips for using our router bits, shaper cutters, router tables, jigs and accessories, of course….but also general tips for making your woodworking experience safer, more productive, and more fun.

While our woodworkers add great new instructional material here, don’t miss the chance to look back at all the How-To materials we already have available on our website….from PDF files to step-by-step demo videos. Just go to our How-To Instructions page.

New Woodworking Tool Spotlight

While the craft of working with wood may be ancient, it doesn’t mean your tools have to be.  MLCS is proud to have developed new and unique tools in our workshop to make life better in YOUR workshop, like our Merle Multi-Corner Clamp and our OnPoint Laser Guided Router Plate.

We’ve got lots of new ideas…including a very special, one-of-a-kind tool that will change how you work with your router that we’ll be introducing later this summer.  Check in here for our new woodworking product spotlight for product details, demo videos, usage tips and project ideas.

YOUR Woodworking Wishes

What do YOU want to see here?  This woodworking blog is for you, our loyal woodworking friends and fans…so tell us what you’d like to see included here and we’ll do our best to make it happen.