The OnPoint Laser Guided Router Base Plate


When you do a lot of work with a handheld router, a good base plate can be a very useful accessory. But standard base plates are usually nothing more than round plastic pieces attached to the bottom of a router. However, the OnPoint Laser Guided Router Plate is much more! And once you’ve used it, you’ll probably want to keep it permanently attached to one of your routers.

A clear acrylic with offset design, it also comes with a few accessories that make many tasks much easier…

OnPoint Laser Guided Router Plate Features

  • A standard router base plate doesn’t provide much support when routing near the edge of a board. Which means that occasionally, you’re going to tip the router over during a cut. That’s a quick way to ruin a project, so this base plate incorporates an offset design that prevents tipping.

Using the Laser Guided Router Plate Features

  • Just place one hand on the OnPoint’s handle and the other on your router. You’ll be able to route all the way to the end of a board with ease. This is a handy feature for lap joints, tenons, and other end joints.
  • For narrow boards and operations near the edge of a piece of stock, the two-sided edge guide attachment makes set up easy.

Fluted columns routed with the OnPoint Laser Guided Router Base Plate.

  • First, install the guide with the straight edge towards the router bit to follow straight lines. *Tip: You can easily make fluted columns for face frames this way.

Installing the OnPoint Laser Guided Router Base Plate Edge Guide.

  • OnPoint’s laser sight lets you center a bit perfectly over a cut line for the highest degree of accuracy. *Tip: You’ll find the laser sight especially useful for many tasks. Including routing bead board or v-groove panels, making mortises, joinery work, and cutting slots.

Closeup of the laser sight on the OnPoint Laser Guided Router Base Plate.

  • To route a straight line, just draw a layout line to indicate the center of the cut. Then align the On Point’s laser sight with each end of the line and butt your straight edge against the baseplate. Finally, lock the straight edge in place and you’re ready to route. Due to these steps, your cut will be centered over the line every time.

A wood panel and MLCS's featured product, the OnPoint Laser Guided Router Base Plate.

  • This laser guided router includes a LED light.
  • Sometimes you just don’t have enough light in the shop to see what you’re doing. All in all, that’s a problem for any handheld routing operation. With this piece, you can illuminate your work and help you see your layout lines.

*Tip: To follow curved shapes, flip the edge guide around so that the bearings are towards the bit. You’ll be able to route channels and inlays around the edges of curved counters and tabletops.

If you want an easy way to route profiles and joinery without dozens of different jigs, the OnPoint Laser Guided Router Plate is the best tool for the job! Plus, when you pair it with one of our Boomer Bar Clamps and you’ll rarely need anything else.

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