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Great bits (5/5), Aug 8, 2013

By Matt Nichols (St. Marys WV US)

I bought a Katana Door Sets with Undercutter bits in March and just got around to using them in August. Kept putting off making these doors because of trouble I've had with other bits. Damn these bits are sweet, wished I had done the doors months ago!! I will definatley buy Katata bits again

Door Cuttin Bits (5/5), May 9, 2013

By Francisco Cantua (Douglas AZ US)

I've used these bits for a number of years and am extememly pleased with them. They quality is excellent and they create fast clean cuts. Highly recommended!

Katana (5/5), Jul 24, 2010

By jonathan rosado (san german PR US)

No comment.

AWESOME! (5/5), Mar 14, 2010

By travis ( MN US)

I was very impressed with the Katana bits. I purchased the shaker style with under cutter. I have made a few hickory doors with them. Once I got the router and feed speed set these things perform flawless. I have no tear out or burning on my pieces. If they perform this well on hickory they should be superb on any other material. Thanks MLCS

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