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#7861 (5/5), Apr 22, 2014

By Ryan Bhola (Scarborough Ch TT)

Cuts clean, almost 100% perfect fit but I'm guessing the slight spaces at the tip of the peaks are for a little glue space. after joining boards it fits flush, little belt sanding needed.overall, a great buy!

Where are the spacers? (5/5), Aug 28, 2013

By jim piburn (crawford CO US)

I beat my brains out trying to adjust this cutter to cut 3/4" stock with no success. Then tech told me spacers are required between the cutters. none are provided so he suggested I cut a playing card to use as a spacer...bush league..spacers or at very least instructions should be included with cutter set. it cost a lot of $ to get this one figured out...5 stars for the cutter...0 stars for instructions.

MLCS NOTE: Item #7862 (the only one of these bits with adjustable cutters) usually includes a pack of shims. These MAY be required (but are not always) to correct spacing/sizing issues. Also, the webpage includes links to both PDF instructions and a video tutorial. We are reviewing why the technician indicated the customer should use a playing card. We will be happy to send him a replacement pack of shims if they were missing.

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