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mitered door frame router bits (5/5), Mar 14, 2013

By Justin ( So US)

For starters they're truly beautiful. The # 8781 with the #8778 combo I got with. It really makes the door just lovely. I enjoy using my router with this set though making a couple mods to it which was no bit deal at all I have fun doing this door profile. The "KEY" thing that must be done with this set and any set for what I can see is this. You should give yourself at least 1/2 to 1" full inch of extra board but the wider the better that way when you route out the profiles the bearing rides along the wood and the rest of the wood stock rides perfectly flat. This in turn creates a perfect profile to which if you use the biscuits cut them in having the stock face down. When you do stock face down you're referrancing everything from that point and if you're off some place you'll be able to sand the back to create appealing panels without any worries. The biscuit cutter works awesome for the door profile but not so much for the drawer profile. Was going to try it but there's not enough meat unless you add your fingers to the equation to be able to satisfy the use of the biscuits. I have a CMT tounge and groove router bit set that are matching height to which I used while goofing off and that worked the best for the smaller profiled drawer set. If I had the extra money I'd buy all of the sets just to have and enjoy creating saw dust but I don't right now and I hope that they come up with some matching sets to complement the other sets of door profiles for the drawer profiles. Cause of the biscuit situation of the smaller profile I give it a 4.7 but everything else is perfect. Can't wait to spend more money trying the other bits out when given the chance. Maybe they could send me a set of each for a trial run as the one I cut with now cuts every wood I put threw it clean as a whistle.

Great router bit set (4/5), Jan 11, 2011

By Anonymous ( )

I just used this set as shown on the video and the details it leaves on the wood is beautiful.

Thanks MLCS.

Very nice set of bits (5/5), Mar 25, 2010

By Ron W. ( PA US)

I bought the #8362 two months ago; I was a little weary on how the stock would look after it was run. But I was very pleased with it. I would recommend it to anyone. I like the look of mitered doors and being able to make my own stock is nice, also $80 is a good price for the set.

Makes me look like I know what I'm doing! (5/5), Jan 14, 2009

By Dave Hostetler (League City Te US)

I got the #8351 Mitered Door Frame Router Bit Kit 2 after MLCS introduced them. (I made the suggestion via email, they responded!). HUGE Kudos for MLCS for offering it with the profile I needed... Anyway, I recently finally broke them out of the box and put them to use. The bits cut laser sharp and smooth, no rework needed at all. The carbide on them is seriously thick, and the bearings top notch. I own several other MLCS bits, templates, etc... I will keep coming back. I am very happy with the product, and even happier with the customer service!

If you are a hobby woodworker, or just trying to save some serious bucks by doing your own remodeling, this set makes your work look absolutely professional!

Mitered Door Frame Bits (5/5), Dec 6, 2008

By Ardan Huck (Racine Wi US)

These bits make excellent raised panel door frames! I am also using the bits for 2 1/2 inch high moldings and am very happy with the results.

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