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Great starter set (5/5), Jun 25, 2018

By Holly Helton (Salyersville KY US)

I just bought my first router and these are my first bits I'm glad I bought this size because there's just enough variety to get u started without needed any other bits and so far they have been good quality I've used them for a few months and I use the bits a lot and they r still holding up but I oil the bearings and use good bit cleaner on them after a couple uses and that makes them last a lot longer and don't take big passes but that's recommend 4 any brand/quality of bits

Good Value (5/5), Oct 21, 2013

By Tom Brooker (Mount Vernon Wa )

I have the 1/2" shank set, and all bits cut fine. Broke the 1/4" straight bit cutting a 1/16" deep slot. I think it was faulty, but oh well, not that expensive to replace.
I may not ever use all the bits in this set, but it's nice to have them, cause you never know what's next.
Going to get the 1/4 shank set for my compact router.
Overall, this is a great value for a starter set.

Good price, but... (4/5), Apr 18, 2012

By Al Woodman (Little Rock Ar US)

I have never broken a router bit before I had this set. I broke the 1/4" straight bit with 1/2" shank. I was cutting a 3/16" dado in red oak. The bit snapped off at the point where the shaft reduces to 1/4". I don't think I was abusing the bit.

I have used most of the other bits with no problems. I almost always use a round over bit on every project. The additional bearing makes the round over into beading. Very nice.

The toungue and groove set is really a rabbet and groove. I am too impatient to set up the rabbet bit and do two passes. I plan on buying a real toungue and groove set later.

Good price, considering most single bits sell for $10+ at the big-box stores. Even with the now broken bit, I would recommend this set.

*************FROM MLCS**************
MLCS NOTE: With small straight bits, we recommend a depth of cut of HALF the bit diameter per pass (or 1/8" for a 1/4" bit).

Router Bit Set Review (5/5), Sep 6, 2010

By Gerry D (Scranton PA US)

Ya' know, this is a pretty darn good starter set of bits! Of course I haven't used all of them yet, but the half I have used gave excellent results.
The 1/2" shank set was a gift, "Dad, what do you want for your birthday?" sort of thing. I certainly don't regret asking for them!

Wood worker (5/5), Feb 7, 2010

By Nate Warner (Hixson Tn US)

My pops bought and uses this set, he and myself likes the set, I and use the set so I am going to purchase another set for myself. I would definitely recommend the 1/2 shank size.

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