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Great Product (5/5), Jan 26, 2014

By Golf Nut (Greensboro Ge US)

Used the 8781/8788 to redo my master bathroom cabinet doors and drawers. Love the results.

Here are some hints that might help others after viewing the video:

1) If you use 1" stock for your frames as was my case, use 3/4" stock for the panels. Also, leave the panels 1/4" below the surface of the frames with a 1/4" cove - it will look so much better.

2) Use as many finger joints as possible while routing. This way you do not have to waste stock.

3) I made a special jig to go along with my 45 degree sliding sled to ensure exact frame lengths - I needed 18 drawers/doors to make. This helped tremendously.

4) When using the slot cutter (larger 8781 frames only) make sure you give yourself a little play in the cut else your finished frames might not have exactly flush corners.

Upper flute cutter not aligned correctly (3/5), May 18, 2012

By Richard Benns (Louisville Ke US)

I ordered the 8781 bit. I set it up in my router table and ran my cherry stock thru it. When the bearing contacted my stock on the final pass, the top flute was still flat on top. I determined that the bottom of the cutter for the top flute was still behind the bearing. The only way to remedy this was to remove the bearing and use the fence to adjust the depth. Fortunately, my fence is adjustable in .001" increments.
Another tip, make sure the collet on your router has no sawdust in the grooves. If it does, it will not grip this bit tight enough and it will "lever" up during cutting. I ruined 2 pieces of cherry until I discovered this.

mitered door frame bit (5/5), Mar 17, 2012

By ildelisa becerra (santa ana ca US)

No comment.

Mitered Door Frame Kit (5/5), Mar 12, 2011

By Donny Summerfield (Gravette AR US)

It is as easy as it looks in the video makes very nice frame. I was worried about biscuit joint. I had never messed with biscuits very strong, surprising strong and fast. My other big worry was cup hinges description calls for 1 in thick stock, I used 3/4 in thick scrap drilled 1/2in deep and had plenty of room perfect. I got item 8781. Don't think, just buy it.

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