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Jeff (5/5), Dec 5, 2010

By Jeff V. (crown point in US)

The perfect rail and style bits when used with MLCS' setup blocks.

I made 22 kitchen cabinet doors with these bit and used a flat plywood oak laminate for the center panel. I never made doors before but found these bits make everything so much easier. I would use no other bits but stacked bits again.
They are worth every penny. Truly a great product. Don't hesitate to buy you will enjoy them.

Hobby Woodworker (4/5), Feb 9, 2009

By Bill Fields (Utica NY US)

I've owned the 6545x series for a number of years and have had excellent results. Speed is a must watch with this series with the 1/4 inch shaft which could lead to disaster and possibly severe bodily injury.

I highly recommend going to the 1/2 inch series for the above reason but if care is taken, the 1/4's will serve you well.

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