Important Technical Information & Warnings

Drilling Metal:
Warning! Do not use DRILLNADO to collect metal shavings while drilling or working with metal. Metal shavings striking a dust collector's impeller could create a spark and risk of fire. Hot metal shavings in a shop vacuum with other combustible material could pose a fire risk.

Large Forstner Bits 1-1/2" Inch And Larger:
DRILLNADO works well with drill bits, brad point bits, many forstner bits, sanding drums, and hole saws. Very large forstner bits can create very large shavings depending on factors including material being drilled. Drilling with large forstner bits (1-1/2" inch and larger) will likely clog DRILLNADO. Make sure to turn off DRILLNADO before attempting to clear any wood shaving clogs.

Drill Press Quill Diameters:
DRILLNADO works on most floor model and bench top drill presses with quill diameter of less than 2.6". DRILLNADO includes bushings and shims that allow it to work on drill presses with 2.6", 2.54", 2.16", 2.05", and 1.57" quill diameters. Also, additional bushing sizes are available for a small cost for less common drill press quill sizes.

Chuck Diameter And Distance From Quill:
If your drill chuck is 2.05" - 2.25" in diameter and the distance from the top of your chuck to the quill is less than 1", the debris from forstner bits will likely clog DRILLNADO. Brad point bits and other bit that create smaller wood chips will work fine with drill presses with these parameters. You could choose to replace your existing chuck with a chuck with a smaller diameter (possibly a keyless chuck) or you might consider replacing your morse taper arbor with a longer arbor (a relatively inexpensive alternative).