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FAST JOINT Precision Joinery System Customer Idea Gallery

A month or so ago, we sent out an invitation to you, our customers, to share your projects with us. The submissions started rolling in. We were quite pleased to see the vast majority of the submissions featured our Fast Joint Precision Joinery System. We understand why--it is a versatile system that presents sooo many options for creative design. So, our first customer gallery is here--featuring a wide variety of unique and beautiful projects created by you, our customers, with the Fast Joint System.

Fast Joint Precision Joinery System

Create Unique, Strong Joints Quickly and Easily. Unique jointing system makes creative, custom joinery fast and simple.

Full System Technical Specs, Base System Ordering, and Additional Template Packages Can be Found HERE...

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Fast Joint Joinery System BoxFast Joint Joinery System BoxFast Joint Joinery System Box

This was customer Jon W's first box using the system, featuring Santa Maria, Birch, Purple Heart and Black Walnut wood for colorful variety.

Fast Joint System Heart BoxFast Joint System Heart BoxFast Joint System Heart Box

More from Jon W. This time, he writes, "Next I have added an additional box using the "heart wave" pattern and added a few inlays to enhance the Walnut, spalted birch and purple heart. The botton is 3/16 acrylic that I sanded w/320 grit and my ros to give a 'frosted appearance.' "

Fast Joint System Inlay BoxFast Joint System Inlay Box

Another example from Jon W., a prolific box-maker who clearly loves this system. "The woods are spalted birch, walnut and Santa Maria and the inlay's are acrylic and brass 1/16" rod."

Fast Joint System Butterfly BoxFast Joint System Butterfly Box

"This one uses the Butterfly wings template and the woods are black walnut and figured maple. The inlay's are acrylic and spalted birch and the 'bugs' antennae are brass. The interior tray can be lowered to just off the bottom creating kind of a secret area underneath it for 'private stuff' "

Fast Joint System Football BoxFast Joint System Football Box

Jon W. is at it again, this time making a gift for a no-doubt very grateful family member: "Made this for the Grandson's Christmas present. Woods are black walnut, figured birch the football is oak, the handle and OU logo are purpleheart. The joints are the "Fast Joint" system."

Fast Joint System Wedding BoxFast Joint System Wedding BoxFast Joint System Wedding Box

"The joint is called "hearts" the woods used are Sapele and Cherry and wooden hinges for son's wedding."

Fast Joint System Arrow BoxFast Joint System Arrow Box

"Arrow-Jointed Box. The woods are Curly Maple, East Indian Mountain Laurel, A Sedua handle and a cedar bottom."

Fast Joint System BreadboxFast Joint System Lock-Jointed BoxFast Joint System Box Askew

A final sampling of 3 more boxes from the prolific and talented Jon W.

Fast Joint System Bow BoxFast Joint System Bow Box

Amazing Bow Box Project by MLCS Customer Ken M. of Oroville, CA, as previously featured.

CLICK HERE to ORDER the Fast Joint System, Templates, and Other Accessories...

Great Projects with FREE PROJECT PLANS from MLCS Utilizing the Fast Joint System

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Fancy Pet Bed Project

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Toy/Blanket Chest Project

PDF Project Plans Detailed PDF Project Plans

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