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  • 1/8" Shank Router Bits

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The perfect match to Dremel, RotoZip, or any other mini routing tool that has a router base
Two flute, carbide tipped. Choose decorative edge profiles, sign making or hinge mortising. Edge routing bits feature a 5/32" brass pilot to guide the router bit around the material being routed. The brass pilot allows the bits to get into tight areas that conventional "bearing guided" bits cannot. Save time and get more accurate results than achieved by hand sanding or chiseling.
1/8" Shank Router Bits
Item # Decription Price  
#6901 1/8" R Round Over $17.95
#6903 45º Chamfer $17.95
#6904 1/8" dia. Straight
(single flute)
#6905 1/4" dia. Straight $12.95
#6906 1/4" dia. Round Nose $13.95
#6907 1/4" dia. 60º V-Groove $13.95
#6908 1/8" R Point Cutting Round Over $11.95
#6910 1/4 8" dia. 8º Dovetail $14.95

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1/8" router bits

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