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  • Bottom Cleaning Slab Flattening Router Bits

  • Reviews

Great for stair treads

2 flute, carbide tipped. Often used in stair tread routing. Overlapped carbide produces a smooth flat bottom cut. Will level the bottom of a dado cut on all popular wobble blades.

Bottom Cleaning Router Bits
Item # Large
#7940 3/4"


1/2" $14.95
#7941 1"


1/2" $17.95
#7942 1-1/2"


1/2" $17.95
#7943 2"


1/2" $18.95

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MLCS bottom cleaning router bits

all customer reviews and ratings

Average Customer Rating: (3 reviews)
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Great for flattening slabs (5/5), Jan 5, 2019


I use the 1.5" diameter bit to flatten rough slabs of lumber with a router sled. Works great and costs much less than other large bits I seen.

OK bit, but needs improvement (3/5), Sep 29, 2015

By Jon E (Londonderry NH US)

I purchased this bit to level the top of my workbench. The bit worked, but with two issues.

First, the bit had some tendency to ride up on the surface of the work. This was even when clearing less than a 32nd inch. An extra pass or two seemed to clean things up.

Second, the blade had a strong tendency to leave burn marks in maple. I was hoping a final pass of only a few thousandths would be better but it still left burns that had to be planed, scraped or sanded.

I think the problem comes from the fact that the bottom clearing part of the bit has a bevel of 90 degrees so it always has contact with the wood causing more friction and heat. Adding a back bevel of a few degrees, as the side of the bit has, I think would resolve both issues.

The 1-1/2" bit did make pretty quick work of cleaning up my workbench (and is a great value) but the extra cleanup needed will make me look for a different bit next time I need to level a big surface.

multiform molding bit (5/5), Sep 15, 2014

By Marvin Weiss (Wichita Falls TX US)

It's a great bit in which you can make many different unique molding forms for picture frames, crown molding, fire place moldings. A great bit for the price.

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Slab Flattening Jig Kit

slab flattening jig kit
  • Slab Flattening Jig Kit

  • Reviews
For slabs and boards that are too wide for your planer.

SAVE $17! Make your own shop built slab flattening jig with our 1/2" shank bit. Includes:


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Slab Flattening Jig Kit

SAVE $17! List price $76.85

#8442.....................SALE $59.95

all customer reviews and ratings

Average Customer Rating: (1 reviews)
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good bit! (5/5), Jun 17, 2019

By Mikaol Daley (AMES IA US)

I don't know about the jig but I've been using the bit for other projects for over a year now. It's a great bit if you let it do all the work.

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