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"I Love My Dovetail Jig". From the March 2014 Issue of Home Handyman Magazine.
See the complete review here.

MLCS Through Dovetail Templates
  • Pins & Tails Through Dovetail Templates

  • Video
  • Reviews
An inexpensive tool for making beautiful through dovetail joints.

FREE! Two carbide tipped router bits and 5/8" Brass Guide Bushing.

  • For stock thickness of 1/2" to 7/8" (max)
  • Templates are sturdy cast aluminum and cuts either 3/4" wide tails, 1‑1/8" on center or 1" wide tails, 2" on center.
  • After a one time initial setup, simply clamp the jig in place on each board, and rout the pins and tails.
  • There is no limit to the length of board you can dovetail, and by shifting the jig, you can create variable spaced or extra wide dovetails.
  • The FREE 5/8" Router Guide Bushing works with any router that has a router baseplate with a 1‑3/16" center hole. For other size center holes see #9099 Universal Router Plate, or Router Replacement Bases which allows you to use the brass bushing.
  • See Wood Magazine 2002 review.
    Reviewed in March 2007 Wood Magazine.

    Pins & Tails Dovetail Instructions (PDF)

    See our Dovetail Clamping System below, a perfect accessory for our Pins and Tails Through Dovetail Template.

Large Template Set

Save $28! Includes: 16" long template with 1" wide tails and 2" on center, plus 2 FREE router bits and 5/8" guide bushing.

With two 1/4" shank bits
List price $82.85


With two 1/2" shank bits
List price $83.85


Small Template Set

Save $28! Includes: 15" long template with 3/4" wide tails and 1‑1/8" on center, plus 2 FREE router bits and 5/8" guide bushing.

With two 1/4" shank bits
List price $82.85


With two 1/2" shank bits
List price $83.85


Large & Small Templates Set

Save $50! Includes two aluminum templates, two FREE carbide tipped router bits a 5/8" Brass Guide Bushing.

With two 1/4" shank bits


With two 1/2" shank bits


all customer reviews and ratings

Average Customer Rating: (14 reviews)
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3/4-1/2 inch (5/5), Aug 6, 2017

By David Dubanoski (Resaca GA US)

I bought this in 2015 setup was easy,directions are hard to follow.i use this on 3/4 and 1/2 inch stock and have no problems other then some tare out.My question is how would you use longer material and get perfect pin tail fit up?

Poor Directions, Incomplete Set (4/5), Aug 12, 2015

By Vernon Graham (Carlisle PA US)

I rate this system as 4 stars, and I haven't even cut any joints yet. The directions say to make a clamping base 18" long, and yet have it stick out 1 1/2" on both sides of an 18" long Jig. These said they were the "new directions" The online version of the "new directions" said to cut it to 20", still asking for 1 1/2" sticking out either end - not very encouraging. There were also no screws with the kits, even though certain sizes were required - not a big deal. I got the "T-channel" option for clamping. The System has you building 2 Jigs - for the 2 different sizes, and they both need T channels on both sides - but you only get 2 with the kit, and one set of clamps - enough for only one Jig - also without screws. I'm hoping when I get the Jigs done that the end result is better than the directions and kit. Oh, and no-one local has the T-channels, so will have to order 2 more & wait for them.

MLCS NOTE: A revised version of this instruction sheet was just published on our website a week or so ago to provide greater clarification (though some units may still ship with an older version in the box for a short time). All instructions are reviewed by multiple woodworkers and non-woodworkers on our staff prior to publishing. We always welcome feedback from customers regarding the instructions and make revisions accordingly.

We also have woodworkers on-staff M-F 8:30 am to 5 pm ET to answer any technical questions and assist as needed with the use of our products.

Also, as not all customers will need to make both sizes, we did not feel it was necessary to include the additional items in the kit, in order to make the kit more affordable. The additional parts can be purchased separately by anyone who needs them.

Thru dovetail template (5/5), Jan 14, 2013

By Lawrence King (Williamsburg Va US)

Purchased small jig (wish it made even smaller dovetails) very easy setup
Instructions and video for block and setup excellent
I setup to run on router table.
Initial fit was perfect with minor tweaking.
Was disappointed in visual quality at first, i.e. chipping and tearout (with maybe too dry pine??)
I scored baseline with a marking gage (as with handcut d/ts) and lightly dampened ends of test boards...result of subsequent try was picture perfect dovetails
Excellent and inexpensive method for thru dovetails

through-dovetail kit (5/5), Oct 27, 2012

By bob taylor (Portales US)

The instructions and their on-line how-to video are excellent, EXCEPT MLCS forgot to mention that if you buy their kit with the 3/4" router bit and 3/8" straight bit with their guide bushing, you are limited to working with 3/4" thick stock to make your boxes and drawers out of. HOWEVER, if you wish to use thinner stock for smaller boxes, one needs to consider their 1/2" bits of 14 degree angle, and their 3/8" bits of 14 degree angle.

Excellent product (5/5), Nov 9, 2011

By Joe Loshniowsky (Evans Ge US)

I would recommend this template set to anyone looking for a quick & easy way to do dovetails.
-tear out was minimal (compared to my other 2 dovetail jigs).
-setup was a breeze.
-very good quality 'feel'.
-simple to understand
-should have purchased sooner.

Buy it, you won't be disappointed.

Simple Tool with Great Results (5/5), Sep 30, 2011

By Tom Orchanian (Blairsville GA US)

The template came today (very quick shipping) and set-up took only a few minutes. I had previously prepared the mounting block. I planed the block to precisely 2 7/8 which proved to be a critical measurement. Assembly and set-up is much easier than the video makes it appear. I added a clamp down board to the bottom of the jig to make attachment to a bench easier. From the first joint the dovetails were perfect. Tight and perfectly square. On my 3/4" pine test stock I couldn't ask for a better joint. The real test of course will be on thinner stock and hardwoods.

My only complaint is that the tails are bigger than I would like. They seem about the right size for something like a toy chest, but kind of clunky for a jewelry box or similar.

I recommend this tool. If everything worked this well my output would be a lot better.

Great buy (5/5), May 19, 2011

By Charlie Kraft (SF Bay Area Ca US)

I purchased the small MLCS fixture. This jig delivers as promised and at a very reasonable price. It is easy to set up and works as advertised. I assembled it per the instructions and, after a minor adjustment, the dovetails come out precise with a nice fit. I would recommend this as an inexpensive way to make professional looking dovetail. I am amazed how easily this one went together and how great the results are.

Great tool (5/5), Mar 30, 2011

By Mitch Tucker (Marietta GA US)

I purchased the small template in 2009. I was making perfect dovetails in about 2 hours! This beats doing it by hand when you have several joints to build. This a valued addition to my tool box. I intend to purchase the large template after this review.

cabinet maker (5/5), Oct 13, 2009

By S. Armoogum (Quartier Militaire MU)

very very interesting, after seeing the dovetail video, i am impressed with the every details shown in making a dovetail joint

Great job !!!

S. Armoogum


Works as advertized (5/5), Jun 26, 2009

By Walt Jones (West Chester PA )

It takes a little time with the initial setup since a minute shift of the template can make a significant difference in the fit.Follow the instructions and it's hard to miss.

Price is right on, performance is even better. (5/5), Feb 26, 2009

By Dave Hostetler (League City Te US)

I want to put the caveat here that the 5 stars is in regards to WHAT THIS IS. It is NOT an all encompassing adjustable ready to go no user action needed jig. It is a TEMPLATE SET. Meaning you must make your own jig out of it.

The quality of the components is simply put, unsurpassed. This is first rate stuff. Well machined, good thick sharp carbide, good well machined templates, and guide bushings are top notch. The instructions are likewise clear and easy to follow unlike the poorly translated Chinese instructions of many of our current tool vendors

The video that MLCS includes on setting up your mount block and all is first rate as well. I HIGHLY recommend using the T track / stop block setup. This makes repeatable cuts much easier.

im happy (5/5), Feb 18, 2009

By Chuck adams (levittown pa US)

Just got my template two days ago and on the 2nd try (literally), i hit an almost perfect joint.

Definitely a good addition to the shop, good deal for the price.

OLL (5/5), Dec 13, 2008

By Anonymous ( EE)

No comment.

Pins & Tails Through DT Templates (4/5), Oct 15, 2008

By Masrol Sumairi (Kuala Lumpur WP MY)

Bought Large & Small templates in Nov 2006.

With the aid of clear and easy to understand instructions, making the mounting block was a snap.
The good thing :
1.The jig is so easy to build.
2.The price is right.
3.No limitation to the width of the workpiece.
4. Overall - it's a great stuff.

Managed to cut clean and snug fit DT joint the very first time.
By making the jig my self, I understand the technique & procedure of cutting dovetail joints using router & template much better.


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  • Pins & Tails Through Dovetail Clamping System

  • Video
  • Reviews
A fast and easy way to make beautiful through dovetail joints.

SAVE UP TO $31.85!

The Brass Hold down clamps secure stock for dovetails from 1/2" to 7/8" thick. They are fully adjustable, and slide easily side-to-side in the T‑Track.

Pins & Tails Instructions (PDF)

Large & Small Through Templates Kits

SAVE UP TO $31.85! Includes: two aluminum templates, plus two FREE router bits (choose 1/4" or 1/2" shank), 5/8" brass bushing, two 18" t-tracks and two t‑track hold down clamps.

With two 1/4" shank bits


With two 1/2" shank bits


Small Template Kit

SAVE $26.90! Includes 15" template with 3/4" wide tails, 1-1/8" on center. Plus two FREE router bits, 5/8" brass bushing, two 18" t-tracks and two t‑track hold down clamps.

With two 1/4" shank bits


With two 1/2" shank bits


Large Template Kit

SAVE $26.90! Includes 16" template with 1" wide tails, 2" on center. Plus two FREE router bits, 5/8" brass bushing, two 18" t-tracks and two t‑track hold down clamps.

With two 1/4" shank bits


With two 1/2" shank bits


MLCS Pins and Tails Through Dovetail Clamping System

Review this product...

all customer reviews and ratings

Average Customer Rating: (4 reviews)
Add your own review for this product

stepal (5/5), Nov 14, 2016

By stefanos palusis (Drama GR)

No comment.

Oldwdwker (5/5), Oct 6, 2016

By Henry Parslow (Poughkeepsie NY US)

Have the Fast Joint System and the Large, Small and Mini through Dovetail Jigs , and am very Happy that I purchased them. I have set up and used them all with very good outcomes . If I could upload pictures I could prove what I am saying .

TLC WOODWORKING (5/5), Jul 31, 2015


This is easier than I thought. Easy setup and easy routing. Great Jig.

Dovetail Clamping System (5/5), Oct 13, 2013

By M Rolton (Batu Ferringhi Pa MY)

I bought the " Large & Small Through Templates Kit" a couple of months back , I was a little sceptical at the time at what the results would be like. The video tutorial is just first class, and I found setting up the templates was really not difficult after watching the video. The end results were very pleasing, and honestly I think it not possible to get better Dovetails . The other good thing with this setup is you are not limited to a width of wood , which for me was the deciding factor in choosing this kit.

Add your own review for this product