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  • MLCS Drill Press Table

  • Reviews
MLCS Drill Press Table with Wheel and Circle Cutter
NEW and Improved! Guide rulers provide greater precision.

SAVE $43! Features a Stop Block and a Removable Insert. An incredibly priced table with fence mounted stop block, and removable insert. Add versatility and precision to your drill press with the MLCS 12" x 24" drill press table made of 7/8" thick MDF/Melamine. Includes T‑Tracks for track mounted accessories (T‑Track Hold Downs), an adjustable fence that guarantees maximum holding power and a removable insert that can be drilled for any size sanding drum. The Universal mounting system works with any size or shape drill press platter.

MLCS Drill Press Table

SAVE $43! Includes FREE #9759 replacement 3 Piece inserts!
List $112.95. (9765).

#1595........SALE $69.95

Replacement Inserts

Package of three inserts. For tables purchased since 2009. Works with MLCS Drill Press Tables.


FREE! Includes FREE #9759 replacement 3 Piece inserts!
Ends 3/31/2023

T-Track Hold Downs sold separately

MLCS Drill Press Table Guide Rulers

NEW and Improved!

  • Guide Rulers for greater precision
  • Rulers are recessed into the table keeping the work surface smooth and clear
  • Adjust the fence with greater accuracy
  • Rated:

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    Average Customer Rating: (19 reviews)
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    Not for heavy duty (3/5), Dec 4, 2020

    By Harmon Fisher (Henrico VA US)

    I usually don't review stuff but I thought I would mention a little about my experience with my table.I made a wide guide for my table...2"x1" that slides side to side with a locking clamp to hold items to be drilled. I had never used a pressure clamp using the tracks. I used the other day and both tracks popped out of the slots. The T-track was secured using 3 small 1/2" screws and no glue. Guess I'll have to fix that before using it again!!!

    should have been better built (3/5), Oct 18, 2020

    By Paul Owen (Lockport NY US)

    I bought this a while back because I always wanted a bigger table for my drill press. I was disappointed because the fence isn't square to the table. It's 90.6° to the table and the small insert sits 1/32" below the rest of the table. Things that could have easily been fixed during manufacturing instead me having to shim things.

    A great table for the money (4/5), Jul 31, 2018

    By Russell Harvey (Edgewood Ma US)

    I found the drill press table to be a great table for the price. The only issue I noticed is you need be sure your setup takes into account the position of your drill press handles.

    Clean and reliable table (5/5), Mar 19, 2018

    By Thomas G Schorn (Groton Ma US)

    I ve been using this table for my table mounted drill press for over 5 years espacially useful when I am making PSI pens since I use the PSI self centering jig . This table adds the nice sliding fence and stop for Perfect repeatable drill bit alignment. So I just bought another for my Larger free standing drill press. Installed in a flash.

    Drill Press Table (5/5), Jan 25, 2017

    By Steve K (Venice FL US)

    Great extension for any bench top drill press (or floor model)at a very affordable price. Quality, detail, and value are excellent especially with the included free hold down clamps.This is not an extremely heavy duty table but will accommodate most drilling activities very adequately and precisely. As such, avoid over-tightening plastic parts, particularly the attachment to the drill press table. Fence could have included a metal T-Track to accommodate the stop block and flip stops but again, price would be a factor. All in all, a very functional table at a great price. Highly recommend.
    Side note: Flip stops (not included) did not pose a problem as indicated and fit very nicely into the slot.

    *** MLCS NOTE: This table includes T-Tracks, but does not usually include T-Track Hold-Downs which are sold separately except during special sale promotions. Please review the description of the item and included extras when ordering. ***

    OK but not as useful for a full size drill (3/5), Dec 10, 2016

    By Brady Boothe (Eugene OR US)

    I have a full size Jet drill press (JDP-17DX). I needed something to hold down wood when drilling and liked the idea of a fence and stop block. Contemplated making my own, but saw the sale on this table and the free hold downs and figured it was worth saving time and materials. This is my first purchase from MLCS. Table is MDF and has a no-frills look. Can't yet speak to the durability as I just got it. Had to look at the website to find a picture (found on the jumbo table entry) on how to use the bottom clamps to hold it to my table. Not complicated but would have been nice to include. Table is narrower front to back than the drill's table and longer by about 3" on each side. My fault for not measuring the drill table and comparing to the specs. Not a big deal since I needed more side to side space than front to back. Perhaps the jumbo would have been a better choice. If you have a bench top drill, this would definitely be additional space. Fence slides smoothly, but it's up to you to square it up. Also, the fence track for the stop block is not aluminum - it's routed out of the MDF. Don't know how durable that is in the long run. Free hold down clamps were a nice bonus, but I was disappointed to discover that their design (a C shape) limits them to clamping straight down onto the track. This means that if what you're drilling isn't long enough to reach the T-track (7-8"), you're out of luck. Looks like I'll have to buy a different kind of t-track hold down that can be angled. Final thoughts - the table is ok, especially for smaller drills. I definitely would not pay full price for it. And honestly, I would have been better off building my own.

    MLCS Drill Press Table (5/5), Oct 15, 2015

    By Joe Zuaro (Northfield VT US)

    After reading the reviews, I had some concerns about the lack of a metal track in the fence. I called tech support and they said that with a metal track in the fence you could damage a Forstner bit if you inadvertently hit it. I still thought I'd like a metal track in the fence for durability of the table set up. For $13 MLCS threw in a metal track. It was easy to install. One pass on the router table with a 3/4 bit at the proper depth made the perfect mortise for the track. The included track was about an inch too long but the aluminum was easily cut. The track does not come with screws. As with other reviews, I found that I had to remount the mounting bracket. The existing bracket is aligned for a very small drill press table. I used a 1 1/2 Fostner bit to counter sink the mounting plates in their new position. This whole table could be made in your own shop but when you consider the time it would take to make it, the cost of the materials and MLCS adding the free T-track hold downs, you can't beat this deal. Also, the free hold downs fit a standard T'track so they can be used on other equipment. I used them on the fence for my Kreg router table to hold stop blocks. The table is a nice size. When it's mounted on the drill press you can still easily reach the adjustments under and behind the table.

    MLCS Drill Press Table #9765 (3/5), Sep 26, 2015

    By michael r. mittleman (Saint James US)

    My experience tallies with those of several other reviewers: nice enough table, but it does not come close to fitting my Jet model JDP-15M drill press. Reading through other reviews leads to the conclusion that re-drilling the mounting holes is a frequent issue impacting several brands... and a pain. Redesign of the mounting system, anyone?

    No Instructions (3/5), Jul 30, 2014

    By maniac424 (Cross River NY US)

    It would be nice if they included some instructions for mounting the table to the drill press.

    ****MLCS NOTE: The mounting instructions will vary based on the configuration of the many different drill presses on the market. Our woodworkers are happy to assist with specific set-up questions via toll-free phone or email.***

    Pretty good (4/5), Jul 2, 2014

    By Anonymous ( )

    They say it fits most drill presses, but not my Craftsman table mount (small)drill press. You have to move the MLCS table way forward so the height crank can rotate, and you have to remove one of the three arm handles on the press to lower the drill. On small work the chuck hits the fence. Still, its way better than not having this table. I was able to accurately drill multiple parts in the same location, which is what matters most. I will cut down the fence in the middle to accommodate the chuck. Makes my drill press much more accurate. It's worth dealing with the rest.

    Drill Press Table (3/5), Dec 14, 2012

    By Joe Mustola (Clatskanie OR US)

    Just received the table,had to redrill new holes to fit my craftsman drill press.
    One problem a had was with the fence. The bolt holes on the fence were about 1/4" wider than the t-track.I had to grind down the heads on the hex head bolts and drill over size holes in the fence in order for it to fit in the track. Now I can move the fence without it binding. Other than that it looks like a nice table and should work better for wood working.

    Nice Drill Press Table (5/5), May 27, 2012

    By William Logan (Bergen County Ne US)

    I just finished installing this
    Drill Press Table to my Shop Fox 1668 Oscillating Drill Press. I hade to make some modifications by re-locating & re-drilling the two mounting holes. This was easy using a 1 3/8" Forstner Bit then using a 3/8" drill bit for the recess. I also routed out the fence MDF and mounted a metal T-Slot. Piece of cake, however MLCS should consider using a metal T-Slot in the fence instead of the MDF to prevent tear out if you happen to over-tighten the stop block. I recommend this table to anyone who owns a drill press. I also recommend purchasing the two hold down clamps to go with the table. With just a couple of simple modifications it'll work like a champ.

    drill press table (4/5), Feb 24, 2012

    By John F Browne (Taftville Co US)

    Wonderful item, some drill press tables holes must be elongated for base,missing M8 3 9/16 bolt (back plate hold down bolt), bought at hardware store.

    Would recomend to any drill press owner.

    Great for the price (4/5), Feb 11, 2012

    By Robert Grot (Burnt Hills NY US)

    I would give this table and fence easily 5-stars if you factor in the price and I would buy another one in a heartbeat.
    With that in mind I dropped to 4 because the fence stop should have come with an elongated t- bolt. The regular t-bolts will tear through the bare MDF slot. Fortunately mind spun on the first try so removal was easier than it could have been. Not having the proper t-nut I repaired mine by gluing (used GOOP as it is handy and the torque load will be small) a 1/2x1in piece of 8ga (0.128) steel that I snipped from on old fluorescent light housing. Much thicker than that and the bolt will no longer slide.
    I assume MLCS will make it good that the small axial alignment brackets that align the mounting knob and strengthen the mounting hold down were missing. I notified MLCS and fully expect them to send the parts. If not this rating would be reduced since I feel they affect the longevity of the hold down clamps as evidently did the original designer.
    Re: the sitting proud t-slots mentioned by Rick Morris a year ago January, I hope that MLCS saw it and offered a replacement. That would have been a deal breaker for me.
    Bob Grot

    Drill Press Table - Nice (4/5), Jan 23, 2012

    By Bob Martin (Newbury Park Ca US)

    Just received this table today. Installation was very straight forward. The Hold Downs are a must. One area of concern is the Fence. The T-Slot for the stop block is routed in the MDF which if you are not careful looks like potential damage to the fence can be caused if over tightened. My plan is to route it out and install a Metal T-Slot. Other then that is is a great table!

    Mounting (3/5), Jul 7, 2011

    By Charles Wohlt (Gray TN US)

    I bought this table a year or so ago and I still use it today. Unfortunately, I had to mount mine with and intermediate table. BEFORE YOU PURCHASE THIS ITEM, READ the compatibility note and be sure you know your drill press. This unit does not mount directly to many drill presses.

    MLCS NOTE: This item is designed to mount directly to as many drill presses as possible. However, it is not universally compatible due to the wide variation in drill press designs. We provide the compatibility note so customers are aware before purchasing of any potential mounting issues based on the specifics of their drill press.

    Not bad....But!! (3/5), Jan 16, 2010

    By Rick Morris (Dorothy Ne US)

    I ordered one of these for my new Ridgid drill press I recently purchased and it arrived in excellent shape and was easy to mount and put together. I do have 1 major complaint though. The metal T slots on the table were not routed deep enough so they are above the surface and as I slide something around on it to drill it gets hung up on the metal runners. If you slide it on top of the protruding runners you are now drilling a hole off of 90 degrees square. Why they couldn't have routed the channels a bit deeper so the metal T slots were even with the table top, or even a little below, is beyond me. When I get a chance I am going to take them out and re rout to a better depth. Also be aware that the stop block channel has no metal T track so if you over tighten the stop block there is a chance you will break out the MDF. All in all it is worth the price with the free shipping if you want to take the time and make it right.

    Dave Holcomb (4/5), Nov 29, 2009

    By David A. Holcomb (Gulf Breeze Fl )

    I like this table. I did have to re-drill the table's mounting T-cap nuts to accommodate my Delta DP 350's wider table. The two holes were easily accomplished using a 1 3/8 inch Forstner bit and standard drill bit for it's center hole. The available T-Track Hold Down clamps are a must although somewhat pricey. I would recommend these products.

    Drill Press Table (4/5), Oct 8, 2008

    By Scott Dixon (Roy UT US)

    I have owned this table for over a year now and it never comes off my drill press. It is very functional and easy to use. A great value for the price. I have also made custom inserts for my drum sanders which make it even more useful.

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    • MLCS "Jumbo" Drill Press Table

    • Reviews
    BIG 20" x 30" Table!

    SAVE $48! Improved Fence design allows additional handle clearance! Add versatility and precision to your larger bench top and floor standing drill presses with the MLCS 20" x 30" drill press table. This jumbo sized table is made of 7/8" MDF/Melamine. Includes T‑Tracks for track mounted accessories (T‑Track hold-downs sold separately). Features an adjustable fence that guarantees maximum holding power and allows more clearance without re-adjustment.

    Includes a fence mounted stop block to make repetitive cuts and a removable table insert to accommodate sanding drums. The Universal mounting system works with any size or shape drill press platter.


    Review this product...

    FREE! Includes FREE #9759 replacement 3 Piece inserts!
    Ends 3/31/2023
    MLCS Juumbo Drill Press Table

    MLCS "Jumbo" Drill Press Table

    SAVE $48! Includes FREE #9759 replacement 3 Piece inserts!
    List $132.95. (9778).

    #1596........SALE $84.95

    Replacement Inserts

    Package of three inserts. For tables purchased since 2009. Works with MLCS Drill Press Tables.


    all customer reviews and ratings

    Average Customer Rating: (2 reviews)
    Add your own review for this product

    Very satisfied (5/5), Dec 17, 2015

    By David Baron (Centennial CO US)

    I have a full-size JET floor-standing drill press. Most other vendors offer 16x24 tables. If I was going to get a table, I wanted something that was big enough to hold 'large' objects. This 'jumbo' table met the criteria and was way less expensive than the other, smaller offerings. Sure, the hold-down tracks could be closer in, and yes, the height of the fence can get in the way of the chuck when using small bits, and yes the 'quality' of the various components is not 'awesome', but, for the money, it all works great.

    The under-table hold-down clamps also worked great - no movement at all - solid as a rock and easily/quickly removable/put-on-able.

    My biggest 'issue' was that the 'center of the inserts' is only 6" from the rear edge of the table. My large DP has 8" from table center to support column and I wanted all the room I could get. So, I merely moved the table back an inch and a half or so. The table still completely covers my DP table in the front and the 'hole' is just a bit forward of dead-center. No fuss, no muss. Plus, by moving the table back and the 'hole' forward, this gives me 4 holes per insert (simply by rotating the square insert 90 degrees each time. Winning!

    I would certainly recommend this to a friend (along with the 3-pack of replacement inserts).

    OK, but... (4/5), Sep 29, 2010

    By Ken Presser (Cary NC US)

    As far as providing a wider, deeper table area for my Delta Floor model drill press it does that well. I find the fence slightly hard to adjust and the height of the fence blocks my laser crosshairs.

    The tracks for the hold-downs could be closer in or another one provided to clamp short pieces.

    The biggest problem is that there are no replacement inserts available for sale for the thing. They're not hard to make but laminating and cutting little square pieces of MDF just the right thickness is a pain. It would be simple for them to supply a pack of 4 replacement inserts for a modest cost to solve this issue.

    Overall I'm pleased with it, but it could be better.

    MLCS NOTE: We have just added replacement inserts for these tables to our product line. You can order #9759, a set of 3, for $7.95.

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    • T-Track Hold Downs

    • Reviews

    Perfect for MLCS Drill Press Table.

    SAVE $5! Convenient metal T-track clamps work on any t‑track that accepts a 1/4" or 5/16" hex head bolt. The T-shaped base and 1" round brass hold down will secure stock from 1/4" to 2" thick against your table, or use on jigs that have a T-track. Use on a drill press table to secure the work piece. Can also be used on a drill press or router table fence to mount stop blocks onto the T‑track in the fence face. Sold as a pair.

    T-Track Hold Downs

    List price $34.95.


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    T-Track Hold Downs

    Drill Press Table sold separately

    all customer reviews and ratings

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    • Self-Centering Doweling Jig

    • Video
    • Reviews

    Wide Capacity!

    It's simple, accurate, and quick. With anodized aluminum body and hardened steel guides, the Self-Centering Doweling jig handles material from 1/4" to 6" thick. Two of the guide holes are spaced 3/4" apart on center and tapped to accept the two 1/4", 5/16" or 3/8" guide bushings. The two additional guide holes are fixed for 7/16" and 1/2" dowels.

    Self-Centering Doweling Jig

    #9555............................ $59.95


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    T-Track Hold Downs

    all customer reviews and ratings

    Average Customer Rating: (1 reviews)
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    Dowling Jig (4/5), Apr 18, 2020

    By John Kather (Carnation WA US)

    The jig concept is terrific and it centers easily. I purchased this tool to make 1/2" wide mortise slots in a framework I was building for a piece of furniture. I don't own a mortising machine and wasn't going to build or spring $$$ for a horizontal boring jig for my router.

    The 7/16" and 1/2" holes in the jig do NOT have hardened steel guides, however. So it didn't take long for my brad point bit to start wallowing out the 1/2" hole. I finished out my project OK but I'll have to either see if I can get a replacement center piece if I want to use it again for the same purpose. So I would highly recommend this tool for 1/4", 5/16" or 3/8" dowels but not the 7/16 or 1/2" holes.

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    • Drill Press Utility Tray

    • Reviews

    Swings out of the way!

    Keeps tools in reach! Tough, textured, 11" dia. plastic tray with metal swivel and mounting strap. Pre-drilled bit holes accommodate 3/32" to 1/2". Fits Delta, Jet or other drill presses with column diameter from 1-3/4" to 3-5/8". Color may vary.

    Drill Press Utility Tray

    Was item #9173

    #418-0011................. $22.95

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    MLCS Drill Press Utility Tray

    all customer reviews and ratings

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