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Fast Joint Idea Gallery! See photos of customer created Fast joint projects.
  • "Fast Joint" Precision Joinery System

  • Video
  • Reviews
SAVE $38! Four templates included!

Use a router table and interchangeable templates to create up to 19 unique joints!
Choose 4 or 11 Template Sets! A complete joinery system that creates unique, decorative, and strong joints quickly and easily! This unique jointing system "spices up" standard joinery with matching templates that make creative, custom joinery simple. Insert your bit in the router, insert a guide bushing into your router table insert, set your bit height and you're ready to go. Fast Joint Included TemplatesSet male and female templates on opposite sides of the jig platform and start cutting. For stock 1/4" to 3/4" thick (1/4" to 3/8" for thru dovetails) and up to 14" wide. 4 templates are included! (See larger set below). For table mounted routers that accept template guide bushings only. Not compatible with Ryobi or Bosch router tables.

Turning a Fast Joint Vase on Lathe

Fast Joint Toy Chest Project (PDF)

Fast Joint Dog Bed Project (PDF)

Also includes a step-by-step instruction booklet, and these components:

  • One "Heart" Template Set
  • One "Half-Blind" Dovetail Template Set
  • 14º "Thru Dovetail" Template
  • One "Key" Template Set
  • One Fast Joint Aluminum Jig Platform with all of the necessary hardware
  • Three Toggle Clamps
  • Two Spring Clamps
  • One 3/16" HSS Spiral Upcut Bit
  • One 5mm HSS Spiral Upcut Bit
  • One 14° CT Dovetail Router Bit
  • One Standard .308" OD Bushing
  • One Tighter fit .311" OD Bushing
  • One spring lock washer for bushing
  • One Dovetail 7/16" OD Bushing
  • One Brass Centering Pin
  • One 3/8" x 3/8" Brass Set Up Bar
  • Fast Joint System with 4 Templates

    SAVE $38! Ind. price $227.85.

    #9411................SALE $189.95

    Fast Joint Precision Joinery System Jig and cuts Fast Joint Jewel Box and nine templates
    Additional sets, individual templates and accessories:

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    Average Customer Rating: (19 reviews)
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    Fun jig (4/5), Nov 22, 2017

    By Ben Snyder (Mill Hall PA US)

    I finally got the chance to use this for a drawer in a small TV stand. I was able to use 1/2" stock for all four sides. The key is to cut the male sides first, then lower the bit to the height of the stock while it is in the jig.

    I'm only going with 4 stars as the 3/16" bit that was included became dull very quickly and actually started to turn brown. This was after less than 3' of surface cut. I even took small cuts with multiple passes. The more I used it, the worse the chatter became. I've order a carbide bit to see how that goes.

    *************MLCS NOTE:*************************
    It sounds like your bit may have pitch and sawdust build up and needs to be cleaned.

    Limited Drawer Thickness (3/5), May 28, 2016

    By Donald Martin (Battle Ground WA US)

    AS stated before on other reviews, I wanted to make drawers with all sides 1/2 inch thickness and could not do it with this jig. Statements are a little misleading in the write-ups.

    Good System (4/5), Nov 27, 2015

    By Gary Thomas (Long Valley Ne US)

    Making a Hope Chest for my granddaughter using the "heart Shape Jig". Knew from the start that practice makes perfect ... like anything else. Been using scrap wood to practice on prior to cutting into the cherry stock. Enjoy using the system and the joints are coming out nicely. Have to take your time as with any project. My only complaint is with the 3/4 inch stock concern and the video could be better. I'd recommend this product.

    Puttzin With Wood (5/5), Nov 21, 2015

    By Henry Parslow (Poughkeepsie Ne US)

    I purchased the system, read the instructions and had no difficulty with it operation whatsoever. I made two Boxes using all of the 4 patterns. Wish I could upload a photo. Thanks for the fast delivery at no cost.

    Do not bang into any side. carbide steel will snap easy (5/5), Jun 5, 2015

    By Mike Strauss (Windsor On CA)

    If you are using this system, any carbide steel is strong but can snap off very easy if banged against material. I have accidentally broken them myself banging against material. I have just finished cutting approx. 450 joints and breaking a bit due to hitting against the material. My Fault. One thing about the joints when putting them together is everything becomes square and solid providing all and i mean all wood must be cleaned out. Makes excellent joints and looks impressive. I have used 6 of the templates and they all look and work good.

    Great (5/5), Jun 3, 2015

    By Mike Strauss (Windsor On CA)

    I think it works great. I have used it a lot and made some cool looking joinery. You must make sure that all wood is completely removed, but once you have done that it will fit. If you want to see my joints I will put my pictures on. Like anything with accurate fits you must not rush and make sure you clean out the excess material

    Brad Remillard (2/5), Sep 17, 2014

    By Brad Remillard (Laguna Hills Ca US)

    BEWARE this product is very limiting. You must use a minimum 3/4 inch stock for the front and back. The write-up is misleading. Only the sides of the box can be 1/4 - 3/4. So all four sides of the box will only be the same thickness if you are using 3/4 inch stock. I wanted to use it to build a humidor using 1/2 stock for all four sides and can't do it. Through dovetails can only be out 3/8 inch stock. I don't think that produces a strong box. I found this limiting and ultimately used my old dovetail jig.
    Because of the stock limitations I gave it 2 stars.
    On a positive note it is well built and the directions are exceptional.

    Great Tool (5/5), Apr 17, 2014

    By Lamond F (Elberta UT US)

    I am writing to you because I just bought your "Fast-Joint Precision Joinery System" I want you to know I am very happy with it. I spent a day reading the instruction manual and putting the assembly together. The instructions are very good, you have to follow every step, don't think you can skip over any of it!! You put it together one time and then you live with it forever!

    If there is any advice that I can give it is...when you are cutting "Take Your Time!" I am looking forward to making a lot of boxes!

    As far as rating this joinery system, I give it a full "FIVE STAR"

    It's all I hoped it would be. Thank you for making this great tool!

    L Lamond F.

    (The Old German's Wood Shop)
    MLCS NOTE: This review was transcribed with permission from a letter we received via USPS Postal Mail.

    Fast Joint System (5/5), Mar 19, 2014

    By Michael H Strauss (Windsor On CA)

    Works very well if you take your time and make sure every little pc. of shavings are removed. They fit very well together. I was using 3/4 "Ash and 9/16" Cherry plus 9/16" Walnut. Looks great together

    Assembly issues (3/5), Dec 26, 2013

    By Ralph Hilliard ( )

    I Received this as a Christmas present. While going through the Assembly process (Step 4) alignment of the end pieces.I had one side square, and I was trying to slide in the MDF Sub-panel, this proved to be impossible. Checking the manual- states: if out of square will be tight. went through the square process 5 times with the same results. I Call MLCS. The woodworking Tech explained that some of the MDF Sub-panels were long. This piece is critical to align the two end pieces. They are going to send me out another MDF Sub-panel. I will update this review once I have received it. The reason for 3 stars (1)all the packaging was correct and in very good shape (2) customer support from MLCS was very responsive.

    Owner:Traditional Workworks (5/5), Aug 3, 2013

    By Thomas Goldsmith (Dexter MA US)

    A great product. I broke 3 bits when I first used them. I have found that the bits are defective. They are ground off center. I bought carbide bits from MLCS and have had no trouble since. I have made about 25 or 30 boxes.

    Fast joint challenge (4/5), May 22, 2013

    By William Collett (Bettendorf Io US)

    First practice project a flower box was snug, but went together well and I was pleased.

    Centering is important and test this with thin stock to see if the edges are equal around one of the shapes.

    A mistake that might be common: I used my own bit and I'd not realize the shaft had heated up the brass bushing so hot it melted the template. It also ruined the router plate insert by slightly deforming it. It took some time to figure out what went wrong.

    Moral of the story, I guess we have buy their bits!

    Otherwise, I'm determined to make this work.

    Fast Joint System (3/5), Nov 27, 2010

    By Howard Winkler (Summerfield Fl US)

    I've only used the heart template so far. The joints are just too tight to go together even though I've cleaned out the templates as instructed.
    It looks like the bit is not centered PRECISELY (I would have written PRECISELY in much larger font if I could). Very very close is NOT good enough. I am unable to adjust my router so I wound up making the final passes from different orientations to the bit and this seems to have worked. The joints went together but there are very tiny space - if you look closely at the joint. I cannot stress enough - the bit must be dead-on center for this system to work correctly.

    Love it! (5/5), Aug 11, 2010

    By Ray Merrell (Pueblo CO US)

    I have had this Fast Joint system for a few years now and just love it. Easy to use and produces some great results!

    Fast Joint system (2/5), Aug 3, 2010

    By Arthur Goolkasian (Sacramento CA US)

    I have used the Fast Joint System for several small projects, using the decorative temeplates. I am still trying to get it dialed in. My joints, in most cases seem to be to tight. What has been most troubling so far is that I have broken 3 of the 3/16" up-cut bits. In each instance I did not feel that I was forcing the bit or cutting too much stock. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate receiving them.

    Fast Joint System (5/5), Apr 17, 2010

    By Jim Caruthers (Suffolk Va US)

    I ordered and received it within 4 days. The set up was easy as was the instructions. I was impressed with the quality of the cuts the first time. I would high recommend to anyone.

    Fast Joint Precision Joinery System (3/5), Apr 3, 2010

    By Paul Gallian (Crane MO US)

    The setup was a long process. But I understand the need for assembly when it comes in a very small box. After completion of the setup and with sized and good wood the first cut was made and I completely destroyed a template somehow, the guide did not ride against the pattern and ate into the white pattern. I do not know if a person can purchase just one pattern? better yet one half of a pattern.

    I accept fault responsibility but still can not see how the guide faulted.

    " Fast Joint" Precision Joinery System (5/5), Oct 1, 2009

    By Roy Dick (Dallas TX US)

    The shipment arrived in short order and in great condition.
    The instructions and assembly were very easy to do, I being more of a woodturner, even found this to be easy.
    I did have to call and ask a few questions though. As with any new product there is a learning curve, as minor as this was. And with the help of Mike and Joe, (tech support), were very helpful.
    I even called and spoke to Mitch, by the way is very cordial and took the time to go into detail to help me out of a jam.
    With the great customer service, I am on the way to making some nice keepsake, jewelry boxes and humidors for some Christmas presents.
    The only template I have used at this point is the heart shaped, but look forward to using the others as well.
    More orders will follow to MLCS without hesitation.
    Thanks MLCS for a great "SYSTEM" that does what is advertised.

    Fast Joint Joinery System (5/5), Oct 1, 2009

    By Gareth Roberts (Amlwch An UK)

    I did not expect success with the first joint I made, but I did. A perfect joint.

    Excellent system, with a clear and concise manual

    Add your own review for this product

    11 Template Fast Joint System
    20 Template Fast Joint System

    SAVE $95! Includes the complete 4 Template Fast Joint System #9411, plus 7 additional 2 piece template sets (see below), for a total of 11 templates. Ind. price $374.95.

  • "Heart Wave" Template Set
  • "Large Key" Template Set
  • "Lock" Template Set
  • "Wave" Template Set
  • "Lollipop" Template Set
  • "Arrowhead" Template Set
  • "Teddy Bear" Template Set
  • Fast Joint System w/ 11 Templates

    SAVE $95! Includes the 4 template Fast Joint System plus 7 additional templates. Ind. price $374.95.

    #9422.........SALE $279.95

    Optional Fast Joint Templates

    2 Piece Heart Wave

    Included with 11 Piece System


    2 Piece Large Key

    Included with 11 Piece System


    2 Piece Lock

    Included with 11 Piece System

    #9414 ..$20.95

    2 Piece Bread Box


    2 Pc. Butterfly Wing

    #9451 ..$20.95

    2 Piece Wave

    Included with 11 Piece System

    #9415 ..$20.95

    2 Piece Lollipop

    Included with 11 Piece System

    #9416 ..$20.95

    2 Piece Hexagon


    2 Piece Dog Bone

    #9454 ..$34.95

    2 Piece Teddy Bear

    Included with 11 Piece System

    #9418 ..$20.95

    2 Piece Arrowhead

    Included with 11 Piece System


    2 Piece Top Hat

    #9430 ..$20.95

    2 Pc. Wide Arrowhead

    #9449 ..$20.95

    2 Piece Bird's Eye

    #9491 ..$20.95

    Replacement Parts for the Fast Joint Set
    #9406 Replacement "Tighter Fit" .311" OD Bushing $9.95
    #9407 Replacement "Dovetail" 7/16" OD Bushing $9.95
    #9409 Replacement 3/16" HSS Spiral Router Bit $14.95
    #9499 Replacement 5mm HSS Spiral Router Bit 1/4" shank $14.95
    #9398 Replacement Template Alignment Blocks 2 Pc. Set $27.95