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  • "Hex Shank" Premium Steel Forstner Bits

  • Reviews

With self-spacing edge guides!

Forstner bits are designed to drill flat bottom or through holes cleanly in end grain, thin stock, veneers and regular stock. They enlarge existing holes with ease and can bore any arc of a circle. These bits will not move off center through unusual grain or knots. Great for mounting mini-quartz clock movements, cup hinges, and door locks. Sizes 1/4" to 7/8" bits are supplied with solid rims. The saw teeth design for larger diameter bits (1" and larger) stop burning and cut faster without losing the advantages of Forstner bit action. Shank size is 3/8" and overall length is 3-1/2" for sizes 1/4" through 2-1/8", excluding metric sizes. For sizes 2-1/4" through 4" shank size is 1/2" and overall length is 6-3/8". Use large bits in drill press. indicates bit has a round shank.


Use the 1-3/8 (35mm) forstner bit (item #9219) to mount 35mm European cup hinges, and the 2-1/8" fortner bit (#9231) to mount door locks.

Use the 3-1/8" forstner bit (item #9247) to mount clock movements.


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Average Customer Rating: (3 reviews)
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1 3/16 forstner bit (4/5), Apr 16, 2019

By Dan Healy (Farmingdale Ne US)

I bought one bit to try it out and was impressed with how well it cut for the price. The grinding is rough but a few passes with a diamond file and it is ready to go. I typically use a keyless chuck on my wood lathe and getting the larger bits not to spin is difficult if not impossible. The hex shank solves that problem. Yesterday I ordered the 16 piece set and am looking forward to replacing my round shank bits with these.

Unusuable (1/5), Feb 5, 2014

By Jerry Lawrence (Westminster VT US)

Recently bought the 9/16" forstner bit. This bit is basically unusable for my application. I am drilling into exotic woods like purpleheart, wenge and bocote, and I can't clear the bit enough to keep it from loading up. One touch of the wood and the bit is packed and I have to stop the drill and clear the bit by hand. Won't buy again.

Good value (4/5), Dec 16, 2012

By Nathan (Tallahassee Fl US)

I got a 3" bit, and it cuts a pretty nice hole for the money. I initially chucked it straight into my hand drill for boring out a hole in a stump, and it worked really well. The mass of metal did a good job of preventing a lot of heat buildup. When I got too deep, I had to get out my 7/16" extension, which is why I'm giving the bit a 4 out of 5.

The hex shaft on my bit was about 1/32 too large and I had to grind it down before it would fit properly. If I hadn't been at my shop, I wouldn't have been able to continue at all.

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Carbide Tipped forstner bit. CT bits have a 3/8" shank with 3-1/2" overall length.
Carbide tipped forstner Bit #9619 is ON SALE... Save $9!
Premium Steel Forstner Bits
  Item # Cutting
  #9201H 1/4" $5.95
  #9202H 5/16" $6.95
  #9203H 3/8" $6.95
  #9204H 7/16" $6.95
  #9205H 1/2" $6.95
  #9206H 9/16" $6.95
  #9262H 19/32" (15mm) $6.95
  #9207H 5/8" $6.95
  #9208H 11/16" $7.95
  #9271H 45/64" (18mm) $9.95
  #9209H 3/4" (19.1mm) $7.95
  #9263H 25/32" (20mm) $7.95
  #9210H 13/16" $7.95
  #9272H 27/32" (21.3mm) $7.95
  #9211H 7/8" $7.95
  #9268H 29/32" (23mm) $7.95
  #9212H 15/16" $8.95
  #9260H 61/64" (24.1mm) $8.95
  #9213H 1" $8.95
  #9273H 1-3/64" (26.6mm) $8.95
  #9214H 1-1/16" $9.95
  #9215H 1-1/8" $9.95
  #9266H 1-3/16" (30mm) $9.95
Premium Steel Forstner Bits
  Item # Cutting
  #9274H 1-13/64" (30.6mm) $9.95
  #9217H 1-1/4" $9.95
  #9219H 1-3/8" (35mm) $9.95
#9619 1-3/8" (35mm) $18.95
  #9221H 1-1/2" $10.95
  #9222H 1-9/16" $11.95
  #9223H 1-5/8" $12.95
  #9225H 1-3/4" $13.95
  #9226H 1-13/16" $13.95
  #9227H 1-7/8" $13.95
  #9229H 2" $17.95
  #9231H 2-1/8" $17.95
  #9233H 2-1/4" $25.95
  #9235H 2-3/8" $27.95
  #9237H 2-1/2" $30.95
  #9239H 2-5/8" $30.95
  #9241H 2-/3/4" $30.95
  #9243H 2-7/8" $31.95
  #9245H 3" $33.95
  #9247H 3-1/8" $36.95
  #9249H 3-1/4" $39.95
  #9253H 3-1/2" $39.95
  #9261H 4" $47.95

  • Forstner Bit Sharpening Kit

  • Reviews
Don't replace... Sharpen!

SAVE $15! This 3 piece kit renews dull forstner bits. Includes a 600 Grit Rectangular Hone, a 600 Grit Triangular Hone and a Ceramic Cone Bit for honing the different angles of a forstner bit. Instructions included. Reg. $28.95. (9171)

Forstner Bit Sharpening Kit
#1594..........SALE $13.95

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 MLCS Forstner bit Sharpening Kit

all customer reviews and ratings

Average Customer Rating: (1 reviews)
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works great ! (5/5), Sep 30, 2019

By greg alberts (flandreau sd US)

used one of your three inch forstner bits to drill a five inch deep hole in a walnut bowl. wood has dried for thirty years. sharpened it three times and worked great. i did find i needed a bright light right above to get angle right.

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  • Coin Sized Forstner Bit Set

  • Reviews
6 Piece Set makes perfect-sized mounting holes for every coin in your collection!

No matter what coin you collect, from the Lincoln penny to State Quarters to the Presidential Dollar Coin, you can now drill the right hole to safely secure it in your handcrafted mounting. Sharp outer spur creates a clean rim. Ideal for gift-making, too. This 6 piece set consists of the following Forstner bits: 19.1mm (for pennies), 21.3mm (for nickels), 18mm (for dimes), 24.1mm (for quarters), 30.6mm (for half dollars) and 26.6mm (for dollars). L:ist $41.70.

Coin Sized Forstner Bit Set

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 MLCS Coin Sized Forstner Bit Set

all customer reviews and ratings

No rating yet... Be the first to rate this product!