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MLCS "How-to" Instruction Pages & Videos

View PDF instructions and project plans, plus instructional and demo videos

"How-To" Product Instructions


NEW! The MLCS Blog features woodworking tips and tricks, project plans, and the latest woodworking tools and information.
Complete MLCS Instruction Manual

MLCS instructions are available in one complete volume, or as individual product pages.
Complete MLCS Instruction Volume (PDF)

MLCS Product Instruction Pages

Aluminum Router Table Plate (PDF)

Beaded Panels-How To Make (PDF)

Biscuit Joinery (PDF)

Box Joint Bit (PDF)

Candle Stand Bits (PDF)

Concealed Euro Hinge Marking Guide (PDF)

Crown/Architectural Molding Bits (PDF)

Dado Blade, Super Stack (PDF)

Daisy Pin Router (PDF)

Digital Moisture Meter (PDF)

Dovetail Templates - Pins & Tails Through

Drawer Lock Bits (PDF)

Drop Leaf - Rule Joint Set (PDF)

Drop Leaf - Gate Leg Table Plans (PDF)

Dust Catcher for Table Saws & Router Tables

Entry Door Rail and Stile (PDF)

Finger Joint Bits (PDF)

Glass Door Matched Rail & Stile (PDF)

Glue Joint Bits (PDF)

Gooseneck Molding (PDF)

Keyhole and T-Slot Cutters (PDF)

Lock Miter Bit (PDF)

Lock Miter 22-1/2º Bit (PDF)

Merle Adjustable Corner Clamp (PDF)

Mitered Door Frame Bit (PDF)

Miter Gauge Extension Fence - Premium (PDF)

Multi-Form Crosscut Sled Instructions

Multi-Molding Crown Molding (PDF)

Multi-Sided Glue Joint Set (PDF)

Multi-Sided Glue Joint Bits (PDF)

OnPoint Laser Guided Router Plate (PDF)

Planer/Knife Setting Instructions (PDF)

PowerLift Re-Pairing Android Devices (PDF)

Plug Cutters (PDF)

Rabbeting Miter Joint Instructions (PDF)

Rail & Stile Shaper Cutters (Matched Door)

Rail & Stile Shaper Cutters (Revrs. or Stack)

Rail & Stile Router Bits (PDF)

Rail & Stile for Entry Doors (PDF)

Raised Panel Bits (PDF)

Raised Panel Calculator (PDF)

Remote Variable Speed Instructions (PDF)

Rocky 30 Instruction Manual (PDF)

Rocky 30 Plunge Base Instructions (PDF)

Rosette Cutters (PDF)

Router Collet (PDF)

Router Inlay Set (PDF)

Router Table Dust Eliminator Install (PDF)

Router Table Plate (PDF)

Router Table Spline Sled - Dovetail box (PDF)

Rule Joint (for Dropleaf Tables) (PDF)

Set-Up Block (for Lock Mitre bit) (PDF)

Set-Up Block (for Rail & Stile bit) (PDF)

Shaper Cutter Rail & Stile (Combo or Stacked)

Shaper Cutter Rail & Stile (Matched) (PDF)

Spiral Up/Downcut Bits (PDF)

Super Stack Dado Blade (PDF)

T-Slot and Keyhole Cutters (PDF)

Tambour Door Sets (PDF)

Tenon Cutters (PDF)

Thread Taps Instructions (PDF)

Tongue and Groove Bits (PDF)

Traditional Foot Bits (PDF)

Train Track Bits (PDF)

Vertex Sled Instructions (PDF)

Wainscot Paneling Beadboard (PDF)

Window Sash and Mullions (PDF)

X1 Fence Instruction Manual (PDF)

Free MLCS Project Plans


MLCS Product User Manuals


"How-To" Instructional Videos


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Flash Player
Roller Support Stand
With adjustable rollers. Video.
Bead Board Panel
Make bead board with our bit. Video.
Bowl & Tray Template
Make the "Flame" tray. Video.
Box Joint Router Bit
Make a strong, beautiful joint. Video.
Crown Molding 52º/38º Router Bit
Make bevel cuts on molding. Video.
Dovetail Through Templates
Dovetail joint making. Video.
Drawer Lock Router Bit
Two styles of drawer fronts. Video.
Dropleaf Table Construction
Make a Gate Leg table. Video.
Edge Banding Router Bits
Hide the ply on shelves. Video.
Flush Trim Router Bits
How to use the flush trim bit. Video.
Flush Trim Top - Bottom Bearing bit
Avoid tearout with this bit. Video.
Glue Joint Router Bit
Make a strong glue joint. Video.
Horizontal Router Table
Make Raised Panel & more. Video.
Inlay Set
Create the perfect inlay. Video.
Lock Miter Router Bit
Make a strong lock miter joint. Videos.
Magnetic Tool Covers
Protect router and saw tables. Video.
Merle Band Clamp
Gluing up a raised panel door. Video.
Mitered Door Frame Router Bit
Make a Mitered panel door. Video.
Multi-Sided Glue Joint Router Bit
Make planters, columns, etc. Video.
Multi-Joint Spacing System
Versatile jointing system. Video.
Pro Router Table Stand
A classic architectural detail. Video.
Rosette Cutters
A classic architectural detail. Video.
Router Inlay Set
Create the perfect inlay. Video.
Thread Taps
Woodworking taps for wood. Video.
Wainscoting Router Bits
Make sophisticated paneling. Video.
X1 Router Table Fence
Spline joints with a router Video.
MLCS Raised Panel Door Instructional DVD

Watch MLCS woodworking pros construct raised panels, rail & stile frames and discuss tools and techniques. Instructional DVD

MLCS Product "Demo" Videos


OnPoint Laser Router Plate
Make Raised Panel & more. Video.
PowerLift Pro® Router Lift
With Advanced Pass Control. Video.
Router Bit Quick Vise
Holds bits for maintenance Video.
Rabbeting Miter Joint Router Bit
Stronger than a miter joint. Video.
Rocky 30 Trim Router
Variable speed palm router Video.
Router Table Dust Eliminator
Unboxing and assembly Video.
Router Sign Pro Sign Making Kit
Make engraved wooden signs Video.
Spline Sled Pro
Spline joints with a router Video.
Vertex Multi-Angle Sled
Safely cut tenons vertically.