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K-Premium Router Bits

With micro-grain carbide, safety gauge shank, diamond honed cutters and more
K-Premium Quality Specifications Chart
K-Premium Router Bits

A North Carolina furniture maker reviews K-Premium.

Review 4/27/10 by David G.(NC)

"I purchased (K-Premium Straight router bit #17756) and got a chance to use it today. WOW! All I can say is fanfreakingtastic. I've used other bits by different mfg's. with reasonably satisfactory results. This K-Premium bit however slices through the heavy Maple I have here in NC like it was cheddar cheese. I work mainly with tree stumps and slabs to make tables and let me assure you, some of this stuff is murder on a cutting edge. After approx. 2 hours of pretty much non-stop use, I noticed there was a good deal of pitch residue covering the bit. I clean my bits with oven cleaner so I sprayed this one down and let it soak for about 15 mins, hit it with hot water and scrub brush and it's clean as new.
And, IT'S STILL SHARP ENOUGH TO SHAVE WITH!! THAT'S performance. None of my other bits even come close. Even my Freud bit can't go for more than an hour before it needs honing. I'm sold on the Katana bits from you guys."
Another K-Premium Review.
Micro-grain carbide: Premium fine carbide yields a longer cutting life, and allows multiple resharpenings.
High Hook & Shear angles: Allow cutter to slice smoothly into stock, producing clean, splinter free cuts.
Anti-kickback design: Round shoulder between cutters drastically reduces the chance of kickback.
Diamond honed cutters: Multi-axis CNC grinders polish a 600 grit mirror finish. Ground to +/- .005"
Non-stick coating:
Baked on, heat resistant coating prevents sawdust, resin and pitch build-up.
Safety Gauge Shank: Lines etched on shank help seat the bit in the router collet. A K-Premium exclusive.

K-Premium Router Bits