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MLCS Multiform Crosscut Sled

Multiform Crosscut Sled
  • Multiform Crosscut Sled

  • Reviews
Two tables in one... endless uses and possibilities!

The next generation in Crosscut Sled design. Created by one of the top woodworking engineers in the industry.

Multi-Form Crosscut Sled Instructions

Box Joint Fixture Instructions

  • Fits almost any Table Saw or Router Table with a 3/4" x 3/8" Miter Slot
  • Large 30" x 24" work surface features a "no cut through" design
  • 2 replaceable P138 zero clearance inserts accommodates blades and bits up to 4-1/4" wide
  • Heavy Duty, super safe construction
  • Precision 28" Miter Bar is adjustable for extremely smooth controlled movements
  • Pivoting fence with built in angle gauge, rules. Face and top mounted T-track for use with hold downs, jigs, and included flip stop
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    MLCS track saw
    Multiform Crosscut Sled
    COMBO! Multiform Crosscut Sled
    and Multiform Box Joint System

    #9790......SALE $234.95
    Zero Clearance Inserts Set of 2

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    It needs some tweaks (4/5), Feb 29, 2020

    By John Slaughter (Spirit Lake Id US)

    The 1st thing I noted was that the handle has very sharp edges. These need to be rounded off with 1/2" roundover. The 2nd thing was the adjustable boards to close up to the blade. The problem with these is that you can't close them up to the blade completely as they'd get chewed up by the blade. Not quite zero clearance. These should be replaced with 3 equal size MDF boards that can be interchanged. This would allow raising different blades through each one to have true zero clearance. Zero clearance slots give the best reference for where a cut will be on the work piece. The 3rd thing is the weight. This made it so it wouldn't slide as easily as it could. Wax the saw and the bottom of the sled. Finally, the miter guide is about 1/32nd or 3/64ths too small. I'll have to do something about that. These are all minor things that do not detract from its usefulness.

    Multiform Crosscut Sled (5/5), Aug 12, 2019

    By Tim Pitzer (Albany OR US)

    This is a great sled. Solid built, fits the miter slot in my craftsman table saw very good with no play.
    Allows much wider crosscuts. The hold down clamps sold for the drill press table work very well with this sled.
    I would like to see a video showing the use on the router table as well as the table saw.
    The stop is solid and the fence angle setting are on the mark.
    Very happy with it and have already recommended to friends.

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    • Multiform Box Joint System

    • Reviews
    SAVE $20!
    Multiform Box Joint System

  • Safely and easily make 1/4", 3/8", or 1/2" Box joints
  • Designed to mount directly to the #9789 Multiform Crosscut Sled
  • Three interchangeable Aluminum pins included for each size joint
  • Three sacrificial faceplates can be cut into and replaced when needed. No limit to thickness or length of stock
  • Add a beautiful and strong detail to any project
  • Box Joint Fixture Instructions

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    Ends 3/31/2023
    MLCS track saw MLCS track saw

    Multiform Box Joint System

    SAVE $20! List 69.95. (9799).

    #1611........SALE $49.95

    COMBO! Multiform Crosscut Sled
    and Multiform Box Joint System

    #9790............SALE $234.95

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    • Multiform Coping Hold Down

    • Reviews
    SAVE $20! Specifically designed for control, safety and adjustability

  • Sliding toggle clamp hold down, t-track and locking knobs for maximum hold
  • Versatile to easily machine cross and end-grain cuts; coping ends, tenons, rabbets, dados, etc.
  • Easily installs on the Multiform Crosscut Sled for quick and precise positioning
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    MLCS track saw
    Multiform Coping Hold Down
    #9798.............SALE $39.95

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