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  • Five Star Penetrating Lubricant

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A superior penetrating lubricant from sustainable vegetable oils!

Five Star will creep into the most stubborn places to free rusted nuts, bolts, locks, valves, Stop squeaks, and lubricate metals, rollers, bearings, chains, and gears. Five Star has a superior evaporation rate allowing it to work longer to protect tools, sports equipment, etc. At last there is a biodegradable option with superior performance

  • Unrivaled performance allows you replace petroleum based and water miscible products.
  • An ideal track lubricant
  • Penetrates, cleans and protects
  • A rust inhibitor
  • Long lasting with minimal evaporation
  • Non-staining and non-flammable
  • 16 oz. Refillable Trigger Spray Bottle
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    Five Star Penetrating Lubricant

    16 oz. Refillable Aluminum Trigger Spray Bottle


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    Penetrating Lubricant

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