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Revolutionary Routing. See the Woodsmith 227 review.
MLCS Ultimate PowerLift Pro Router Table System
The most advanced routing system in the world.
  • Ultimate Powerlift Pro Cast-Iron Router Table System

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A complete routing system featuring the computerized and motorized PowerLift Pro! Save $130.

Includes PowerLift Pro with Android Tablet, Cast-Iron Router Table, X1 Fence, 3-1/4 HP Router Motor, Insert Kit, and Pro Stand.

1. The PowerLift Pro®

Works mechanically with a foot pedal and/or digitally with the included Android Tablet and app, the heavy duty PowerLift Pro® handles our 4.2" diameter Router Motor with ease. Makes mortising a breeze. See the PowerLift page for complete PowerLift (#9596) details.

2. Cast-Iron Router Table

24" x 32" cast-iron top with a 3/4" x 3/8" aluminum miter T‑track and mounting provisions for the X1 Fence. Details on Cast-Iron page.

3. The X1 Fence

This 4" tall fence has a two track mounting system with adjustable rulers. Set the fence to zero and make repetitive movements. See the X1 Fence (#9576) page for complete details.

4. 3-1/4 HP Router Motor

Big 4.2" variable speed (10,000 to 22,000 RPM) 3‑1/4 HP heavy duty router motor handles the biggest router bits. 15 Amp, includes two collet wrenches. Details on the Router Motor (#9564) page.

5. The Pro Table Stand

Designed to work with the Phenolic Table, this 35" high by 26" wide by 22" deep stand features square, tubular steel legs with non-slip, adjustable feet. See details on the Pro Stand (#9565) page.

6. 5 Locking Insert Rings w/ wrench

5 locking insert rings (#9566) have openings of 1/4", 1/2", 1‑3/8" (designed to fit standard template guide bushings), 2", and 2‑1/2". Easy-in and Easy-out using the specially designed wrench. Rings spin and lock into place.

The "Ultimate" PowerLift Pro
Cast-Iron Router Table System

SAVE $130! Regular price $1489.70.

#1725...........SALE $1359.95

The "Ultimate" PowerLift Pro
Cast-Iron Router Table - no motor

SAVE $110! Regular price $1269.75.

#1726...........SALE $1159.95


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Jack (4/5), Feb 12, 2018

By Jack Trophia (Stafford VA US)

My review will cover the stmbling blocks I ran into with two components.....The X1 fence which is built very well has the worst instructions...note when you purchase this combo all your hadware comes combined......after several hours I was able to assemble the fence but had a few parts I wasn't sure where they went was the nylon pivot that attaches to the base plate for routing curved /round pieces.....4 set screws I easily figued went into the base plate as well for leveling........the two offset rods which the instructions say to sore behind the sub fence didn't make sense as it offset the subfence......the other issue was in sliding the MLCS router into the clamp....mine would not slide in even with the tightening bolt totally backed off....fashioning a wood wedge I was able to spread it enough to allow it to slide in.......the tech support gentlemen I spoke to helped me with most of this even providing some tricks in setting the recommended clearance for the end of the collet using a issue was the wrench for removing the inserts....the wrench did not quite engage the holes....drilling the holes out another 32/2 fixed that.....haven't checked the other inserts yet.....the offset wrenches which are not shown in the video possibly because they are showing the porter cable router work but the wrench for holding the bottom nut has to be held at an angle....I am considering bending the handle up slightly for a better fit....The unit is very well built and I am looking forward to using it here soon....I rate the unit a 4 because of the issues I have mention...this may not be the case in subsequent combo packages.....just a QA/QC issue...I rate the tech. support a 5 as there knowledge was very helpful and their tips (even emailing me instructions for a minor issue with the android device when it goes to sleep)My suggestion would be to either provide additional video to address these issues or rewrit the manuals...

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