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Revolutionary Routing. See the Woodsmith 227 review.
MLCS Ultimate PowerLift Pro Router Table System with Bluetooth
The most advanced routing system in the world.
  • Ultimate Powerlift Pro® Bluetooth Router Table System

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SAVE $175! A complete routing system featuring the digitally controlled PowerLift Pro® with improved Bluetooth connectivity!

Includes the all new PowerLift Pro® with Bluetooth, 10" Android Tablet, Phenolic Router Table with X1 Fence, 3-1/4 HP Router Motor, Pro Stand and Insert Ring Kit.

1. PowerLift Pro®and 10" Tablet

Works mechanically with a foot pedal and/or digitally with the included Android Tablet and app, the heavy duty PowerLift Pro® with Bluetooth handles our 4.2" diameter Router Motor with ease. Stay above the table and save your back!. See the PowerLift page for complete PowerLift (#9529) details.

2. Phenolic Router Table

Made from solid Phenolic mineral resin, known for it's strength, stability, impact and wear resistance. Includes deluxe double T-track and pre-drilled for the X1 Fence and Pro Table Stand. Details at Phenolic Table (#9577) page.

3. The X1 Fence

This 4" tall fence has a two track mounting system with adjustable rulers. Set the fence to zero and make repetitive movements. See the X1 Fence (#9576) page for complete details.

4. 3-1/4 HP Router Motor

Big 4.2" variable speed (10,000 to 22,000 RPM) 3‑1/4 HP heavy duty router motor handles the biggest router bits. 15 Amp, includes two collet wrenches. Details on the Router Motor (#9564) page.

5. The Pro Table Stand

Designed to work with the Phenolic Table, this 35" high by 26" wide by 22" deep stand features square, tubular steel legs with non-slip, adjustable feet. See details on the Pro Stand (#9565) page.

6. 5 Locking Insert Rings w/ wrench

5 locking insert rings have openings of 1/4", 1/2", 1‑3/8" (designed to fit standard template guide bushings), 2", and 2‑1/2". Easy-in and Easy-out using the specially designed wrench. Rings spin and lock into place. See (#9566)

"Ultimate" PowerLift Pro® with Bluetooth Router Table System

SAVE $175! List price $1574.70.



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Mostly Gret (5/5), Nov 26, 2021

By Thomas Holmes (Fairfield Ca )

Everything seems to work, no major issues with the exception that the fence is not perfectly 90 degrees to the table. They told me they are working on a fix, but I havenít heard back. Not really an issue 99 percent of the time unless you are sliding boards vertically along the router fence. The software and the ability to make adjustments without moving your board out of the way is phenomenal! The accuracy is a beautiful thing.

If I could make any improvement, I would add a stop sensor that can check the zero of the tool after changing each bit. Itís only like 1 minute to do it, but I meanÖ it would be pretty sweet if it was automatic.

Overall, and excellent tool with great customer support. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a standalone router table!

So Far So Good (4/5), Jul 11, 2020


I purchased the PowerLift Pro Router system with Bluetooth to replace and upgrade my old router system which was still working great but my son needed a router table so he got my old one. This system is everything it is advertised to be and the combination of video and written instructions made assembly easy. One of the things I found that needed improvement on was the finish of the table frame. The powder coating was bubbling in a few places and one of parts had a a 4"scratch in the powder coating. Other than that the fit and finish was good. The included foot pedal isn't intuitive enough and requires almost precise placement between foot and pedal, might just need some getting used to on my part. The fence assembly was made easy because all the holes in the tabletop are pre-drilled for the fence mounting brackets. The assembly of the motor to the mounting bracket was fairly easy since the package contains all OEM parts so the router is a perfect fit for the mount. Calibrating was easier that I though it would be including setting the stops both fully raised and fully lowered. I added an off on switch so there are more wires under the tabletop than normal so I had to get creative with the wiring using Velcro and zip ties got all the wires neatly tucked away and organized. The unit works very well but you need to get used to pairing the included Android tablet with the power box of the router motor. Paring was frustrating in the beginning but once I figured it out I got it to work first time every time. I ran some test passes through it and it worked like a charm.

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