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PowerLift Pro® Digitally Controlled Router Lift with Bluetooth

Customer letter after buying and using the PowerLift. Read letter.

MLCS Mini Trim Router Table
Revolutionary Routing. See the Woodsmith 227 review.
  • PowerLift Pro® Router Lift with Bluetooth

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SAVE $50!
Simple Set-Up. Incredibly precise.
Amazingly easy to use.

Two sizes! Also available with a 9‑1/4" x 11‑3/4" plate!
Enhanced and updated Bluetooth connectivity! No more wires above the table. Improved app functions. The heavy duty, computer controlled, motorized PowerLift Pro® handles the biggest router motors and router bits. With a "hands free" Foot Pedal and free Android app.

  • Easy to read app controls and height readout
  • Plug and Play! Almost no setup required
  • Great for home, schools, retirement communities and manufacturing facilities
  • Use the Foot Pedal for easy "hands free" height adjustments.
  • On the fly plunge cutting
  • Precise movements within .001".
  • The full featured App pre-installed on the 10" Tablet (see specs and holders) is everything you need for extremely precise control
  • Six custom Memory Positions with Advanced Pass Control.
  • "Set Zero" at any point. Over 3" of total travel.
  • Preset Movements are pre-programmed with the most common measurements.
  • Designed to fit round routers motors that are 3‑1/4 HP, and 4.2" diameter. Reducer sleeves are available for common 3.5", and 3.25" diameter motors.
  • The 3/8" thick Aluminum Plate is (9‑1/32" x 12‑3/32" or 9‑1/4" x 11‑3/4") and can accept router bits up to 3.5" in diameter.
  • Perfect for Mortising, Circle Cutting, Incremental Passes, and Making a Stopped Dado! Click Video tab above.
  • Sealed bearings and heavy duty steel guide posts allow smooth, stable control of your router.
  • Includes a self-locking reducer ring with a 2" opening. Additional insert rings for the router plate are available.
  • PowerLift Installation (PDF)


    Review this product...

    The PowerLift Pro® includes :
  • (1) Foot Switch
  • (1) Insert Ring with 2" opening
  • Insert Ring Wrench
  • (1) Starter Pin
  • (3) Allen Wrenches
  • (4) Plate Leveling Screws
  • (1) Power Supply Cord
  • See PowerLift® Accessories including Fence Mount and Table Mount Tablet holders.

    We recommend using any of the Phenolic Router Table configurations, but the PowerLift Pro® Router Lift will fit all MLCS router tables with plates, including:

    PowerLift Pro® 1 with Bluetooth plus a 10" Android Tablet

    SAVE $50! PowerLift App pre-installed. MLCS insert plate size 9‑1/32" x 12‑3/32". Includes #9520 and 10" tablet. See tablet specs and accessory Fence and Table Mount Tablet holders.

    NOTE: Please allow 5 processing days before your item ships.

    PowerLift Pro® 1 with Bluetooth

    With 9-1/32" x 12-3/32" aluminum plate. Includes everything listed above.

    NOTE: Please allow 5 processing days before your item ships.

    PowerLift Pro® with Bluetooth 2 plus a 10" Android Tablet

    SAVE $50! For non-MLCS brands of router tables with 11‑3/4" x 9‑1/4" x 3/8" insert plate. Includes #9521 and 10" tablet. See tablet specs and accessory Fence and Table Mount Tablet holders.

    NOTE: Please allow 5 processing days before your item ships.

    PowerLift Pro® with Bluetooth 2

    For non-MLCS brands of router tables with
    11‑3/4" x 9‑1/4" x 3/8" insert plate

    NOTE: Please allow 5 processing days before your item ships.

    Bluetooth Control Box

    For old model PowerLift Pro to convert to bluetooth


    FREE! PowerLift Pro Android App®

    Download the latest version of our app.

    PowerLift Android App

    Download the latest version of the PowerLift Pro Android App

    Download Powerlift App

    Powerlift Pro® App Use

    Download instructions for using the PowerLift Pro Android App.

    Android App Instructions (PDF)

    Bluetooth Connection

    Connecting your Android device to the PowerLift via Bluetooth.

    PowerLift Bluetooth (PDF)

    Powerlift Pro® Installation

    Download instructions for installing the PowerLift Pro in a table

    Installation Instructions (PDF)

    PowerLift Pro® Parts

    Download the complete MLCS PowerLift Pro Parts List

    PowerLift Parts List (PDF)

    Re-Pairing the PowerLift to your Android Device

    all customer reviews and ratings

    Average Customer Rating: (3 reviews)
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    You won't regret it. (5/5), Apr 13, 2021

    By Christoph Storrer (Orem UT US)

    I almost didn't do it. I was vacillating between the powerlift pro and a manual lift from another brand. I just couldn't see how much more advantageous a powered lift would be over a good manual lift. I was also going to be required to purchase a new router as my old one wasn't going to fit. Well let me explain it to you so you don't have to wonder like I did.

    I watched a video on youtube of someone using the powerlift to make perfect mortis joints. It does this. That is what put me over the edge. However better than that is the fact that once you zero out a bit you are no longer guessing height. You want to set the bit to a cut depth of 1/4"? That's just a tap of a button. And don't believe the critics, it IS accurate. You want to do a 1/2" depth cut but you don't want to stress the router. Tap 1/4 run your cuts, then tap 1/4 again. Now you have a perfect 1/2" depth cut, no problem. 1" deep mortise? Slow the rate at which the router raises, set a stop and then draw a return line, bam! All done. Maybe your depth needs to be slightly more than the presets? Easy, tap the 1/32" button, or if you're neurotic, hit the .001 button and shave the felt off of a piano part (ok. I am that neurotic). There is no more guessing when it comes to depth. There is not slowly cranking a handle and then vacillating if it's accurate enough or not. I have read many other reviews where they say, "just use those routers with a lift built into the base". Yeah, not a real solution. I did that for years. What happens when you tighten the base latch after setting the depth? It changes the depth of the bit because you are removing the play out of the base and router. Hence the need for a quality lift. However, with a manual lift, there is the slowly crank to a depth running material then changing the setting and realizing you missed a few cuts. Now you have to find that exact depth again. Not with a power lift. If you have several cuts to make you can store in memory your different cuts. Going back a step is as easy as tapping a button.

    Trust me, this is the best tool I have bought in years. It is amazing and saves much time. Time IS money. You won't be disappointed. The lift has worked perfectly now for a few weeks. I bought the tablet because it was only 50 bucks more. I'm glad I did because it is just dedicated to the lift and I don't have to fiddle with my phone.

    Set up was easy, follow the directions. Also one more thing. The company is very honest. I didn't see the throat plates listed in what I bought, so I added that to my order. I got a call before they shipped out the lift to inform me I didn't need a second order of throat plates since they came in the kit. They could have stuck me and I wouldn't have ever known the difference. However they went out of thier way to make sure I was happy proactively. That's a sign of a good company in my book.

    Great Product (5/5), Apr 12, 2020

    By Dave C ( Io US)

    I previously had a trition router installed in a woodpecker router table. I got tired of the process to raise and lower the router bit. So i decided to upgrade to this package with the mlcs branded router. This package is so simple and fast to operate that it makes using the router table the go to tool. Just this weekend I did 2 sets of walnut cabinet doors and after I understood the process. Making the mortise and tenons was fast and simple. Being able to program multiple passes and repeat those made this a great setup. I look forward to using it more.

    Jim B (5/5), Jan 18, 2020

    By James Bittner (SABILLASVILLE Ma US)

    I have used my Power Lift Pro to make a vanity for my bathroom rehab. this is the first time using a router table and I am very happy with the ease of operating the unit. I am well pleased with my purchase.

    Add your own review for this product

    The PowerLift Pro® Router Lift with Bluetooth ships with everything listed below. Our FREE Android App is available as a download.

    10" Android Tablet Specs:
  • 10.1" LCD - IPS screen, 1280*800 pixels
  • MTK6582 Quad-Core 1.3Ghz CPU
  • Mali 400 3D hardware acceleration GPU
  • Operating System: Android 4.4
  • Multi-touch Capacitive screen
  • Multi-language support
  • 1 GB RAM with 16 GB storage
  • Supports Bluetooth 4.0, GPS
  • Wifi: 802.11b/g/n
  • Dual camera, front .3MP, back 2MP
  • Battery: 3.7V/7000mAh
  • I/O Ports: Micro 5-pin USB, TF Card Slot, SIM Card Slot, 3.5mm Stereo Headset
  • Fence Mount Tablet Holder with 15" Gooseneck

  • Mount features a 15" gooseneck
  • Slim-Grip Holder fits large tablets 9" to 18.4" in screen size
  • Swivel ball provides ultimate flexibility in viewing tablet
  • Hardware included to mount to Router Table Fence T-Track (9526)
  • #490-0105..............$49.95

    Table Clamp Mount Tablet Holder with 12" Gooseneck

  • Recommended for router tables
  • Slim-Grip Holder fits tablets 9" to 18.4" in screen size, even with cases.
  • The C-clamp base of the mount grips tables as thick as 1.75"
  • Tilts approximately 30° and rotates 360° (9527)
  • #490-0100....................$49.95

    Insert Ring Kit

    Includes four pieces.


    Replacement Insert Ring Wrench


    Reducer Sleeves for 3.5" dia. motor


    Using the PowerLift Pro app on your Android device

    The PowerLift Pro Android app allows precise control of your precision router lift.

    PowerLift Android App Page

  • "LIFT POSITION" displays the current position of the lift along with the units of measure
  • Tapping "UP" or "DOWN" moves the lift
  • "SPEED" sets lift speed rate
  • "SET ZERO" sets the current position of the lift as the new zero
  • "MEMORY POSITIONS" stores six user customizable locations for repetitive operations. Incremental passes are easy to setup, and the foot pedal can be used to cycle through the positions while keeping hands on the work.
  • "PRESET MOVEMENTS" provides Max up and Max down, and moves the lift 1/100", 1/64", 1/32", 1/16", 1/18", 1/4" and 1/2",
  • PowerLift Pro App

    PowerLift Pro App

    PowerLift Pro App

    Bi-directional Foot Pedal

    The footswitch allows the operator to raise or lower the lift while keeping both hands on the work piece. Use the Foot Pedal to cycle through Advanced Pass Control stored positions for hands free incremental passes!

    Operations that were previously too difficult or too dangerous can now be performed on the router table (like plunge cutting, mortising, dadoes, and circle cutting) - with better dust collection and improved safety. You can turn your router table into an efficient and effective mortising machine.

    PowerLift Pro App

    A real mortising machine

    See Mortising Video. You can turn your router table into an efficient and effective mortising machine. A simple jig that controls the movement of the work piece on top of the table, combined with raising the spinning bit via the footswitch, will yield perfect mortises.

    PowerLift Mortise Machine