Wood Magazine Loves Merle!

Wood Magazine magazine featured the MLCS Merle Clamp in the Products That Perform section of the Winter '97 issue. The Merle received a perfect 5 star score for Price and Performance. Tester Chuck Hedlund wrote: "Merle Clamp puts the squeeze on workpieces.
When I recently built a laminated work surface, I needed to put some extra clamping pressure on the mitered banding around the top. I tried a nylon band clamp, but the nylon strap stretched too much to be effective.
The solution was the Merle Adjustable Clamp, which uses a 3/8" wide spring steel band instead of a nylon strap. Similar to the tempered steel used for pallet tiedowns, this band won't stretch and helps you put tremendous clamping pressure around the perimeter of a frame. And unlike a nylon strap, glue won't adhere to the steel band - dried on drips pop right off.
The clamp comes with cast-aluminum right-angle corner brackets that concentrate the band's pressure. With a bracket on each corner, you snug up the band, and tighten down a clamping bar to hold it in place. Then you twist the plastic handgrip to apply the neccessary clamping pressure.
The clamp has convenient circular case with a crank handle so you can rewind the band for storage. It comes with a 22' band. An optional 40' band sells for $7."