Woodsmith No, 227- "Revolutionary routing: PowerLift Pro."

Excerpts from the Woodsmith No. 227 "Great Gear" article. "With their new PowerLift Pro, MLCS has taken the concept of a router lift to a new level. The PowerLift is similar to other lifts but has two key additions: A motor that mechanically raises and low-ers the router, and a digital readout that allows you to monitor and adjust the bit height. And these additions will change the way you look at router lifts."

"AN APP FOR THAT. With just the foot pedal and control box, you can raise and lower the router mechanically. But what really makes this router lift unique is the PowerLift Pro app. Avail-able for Android phones and tablets, this app adds a ton of functionality to your router lift."

"The app allows you to adjust the lift by pressing buttons on the screen. You also can control the speed of the lift motor. But the most important thing it does is provide an accurate measurement of the bit height."

"But, perhaps most uniquely, the hands-free nature of the lift also allows you to perform operations that were difficult or impossible before. For example, you can cut mortises or stopped dadoes by raising the spinning bit into the workpiece with the foot pedal and holding the workpiece securely with both hands. "

Shown: The PowerLift Pro installed.

"The PowerLift Pro's motor connects to a threaded rod with a belt, letting you raise and lower the router mechanically."

"A foot pedal lets you raise or lower the router bit while you hold the workpiece securely with both hands."