"TripleWing™ Router Bits -
Three Flutes vs. Two"

Review of MLCS TripleWing™ Router Bits from Workbench Magazine.

"While two-flute bits can leave cutter marks and 'waves' on edge profiles, these three-flute bits produce consistently smooth cuts."

"In the last few years, you've probably noticed how razors have gone from three blades, to four, and now to five. Well, now it seems that router bits are following suit. These new TripleWing™ bits from MLCS have three cutting edges and a claim of "smoother cuts and longer life. When I compared these bits head-to-head with two-flute bits, the improvement was noticeable. For example, a two-flute roundover bit produced an uneven profile, while the three-flute bit left a smooth surface. And since the bits have three cutters, rather than two, sharing the wear, their claim of longer cutting life seems valid."