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Make perfect fitting recesses and professional inlays!

Perfect for slab tables. Keep slabs from splitting. This easy to use, solid brass inlay kit follows a 3/16" thick pattern template of almost any shape to cut the recess in wood.Create precisely matched

Works great with Rocky 30 Trim Router
inlays by simply removing the sleeve from the bushing to cut the matching shape. This solid brass inlay kit will fit your Porter Cable®, Black & Decker or any router with a manufacturer supplied adaptor for Porter Cable® bushings. The kit includes a brass bushing, brass template guide and a brass retainer nut. A 1/8" downcut solid carbide spiral bit (item #5161) is required.

Router Inlay Instructions (PDF)

Solid brass router inlay set

SAVE $12! Includes solid brass bushing, template guide and retainer nut. List price $24.95

#9180...SALE $12.95

Solid brass router inlay set and downcut spiral bit

SAVE $5! Includes #9180 plus #5161 solid carbide spiral router bit. Reg $26.90.

#9177...SALE $21.95

Replacement downcut solid carbide spiral bit

#5161........ $13.95


The acrylic Bowtie pattern is sold separately


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Inlays for a custom look (5/5), Mar 3, 2017

By Tommy Bernard (Johnson City Te US)

I build a lot of large items and my customers like wide boards for all exposed sides which is hard to do and not finding any defects. I use the inlays to cover holes and cracks. By using a different species it adds character and custom look that they love.

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Sized to work with our Router Inlay Sets!

Save time and money with the MLCS inlay kit patterns. By popular demand, MLCS is pleased to offer these patterns made of 3/16" thick, tough, shatter resistant, durable plastic. The patterns are sized to work with our inlay kit to produce the desired pattern. These shapes can decorate and enhance your project with popular designs such as hearts, diamonds, bowties, and more.

Inlay Set Patterns
  item Pattern Approx. Size Price  
A #9421 Bowtie (small) 3-1/2" x 1-1/2" $9.95
A #9420 Bowtie (large) 4-3/4" x 2-1/4" $9.95
B #9423 Diamond 5" x 3" $11.95
C #9424 Fleur De Lis 5-1/2" x 7" $16.95
D #9419 Star 4-1/4" x 4" $9.95
E #9425 Heart (small) 4-1/2" x 4" $11.95
E #9426 Heart (large) 6" x 5" $16.95
F #9427 Oval 5-1/2" x 3-1/2" $10.95

Complete Set of
8 Inlay Kit Patterns

SAVE $28! Includes 2 Bowtie (large and small), Diamond, Star, Fleur de Lis, Oval, and 2 Heart (large and small) inlay kit patterns.

#9435 List $98.60..............SALE $69.95


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Inlay work (4/5), Jul 10, 2020

By Neal Grossman (Morganton NC US)

Great video....prior to viewing it I wondered how to cut out the inlay that's used to install into the work piece. Now I understand your actually routing through the inlaids entire board thickness. Again very helpful would have givin a 5 star rating except for the guy doing the video was pissing me off trying to remove the double sided tape backing.

Lol......just kidding...Thanks guys!

Inlay (4/5), Jan 27, 2018

By Raymond Jones (South Weber Ut US)

This will be my first attempt at inlay work. I purchased the Ultimate kit. I'm not sure of all the different steps. At the beginning, when you cut out the pocket, is there any special way to remove the whole pocket? And secondly, is it preferred to use a down cut bit or a up cut? Thank you

Inlay video (5/5), Dec 6, 2017

By Chuck davis ( NH US)

Great video

Satisified (4/5), Nov 2, 2016


The Value for the kit is good. To get perfect inlays it takes a bit of practice but it is worth every min.
Would like to see two bits in the kit.

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