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Rock Solid "Heavyweight" Router Table & Fence

MLCS Heavywight Router Table
  • "Heavyweight" Router Table

  • Assembly Video
  • Reviews

Tips the scales at 120 lbs... but the SHIPPING IS FREE!

This Heavy Duty Cast Iron and Steel Table has all of the added features for safety, ease, and convenience built-in.

A Gas Filled Lifting Spring allows effortless tilting of the table top so the router can be accessed for adjustments.
  • Large, heavy-duty CAST-IRON top (almost 100 lbs.) machined flat with lots of work space (26‑7/8" x 20") and removable rings to allow 3 different size openings (1‑1/8", 2-1/4", 3-5/8").
  • The Cast-iron "Tilt-Up Top" eliminates vibration, making the Heavyweight Table perfect for your heavy duty 3 HP router
  • Universal Clamping System: Holds any router (up to 3 ‑1/2 HP), so you won't need to drill the table
  • Split Fence: Adjustable extruded aluminum fence with large 4" dust extraction port and convenient work piece hold downs
  • Power Switch: NEW & IMPROVED! Conveniently mounted on front leg with built-in safety key
  • Sturdy Stand: NEW foot design with splayed steel legs give the table extra stability
  • Miter Gauge Included: Has positive stops at 90° and 45°, held by a 3/4" wide x 3/8" deep T‑slot
  • Click tab above to view a Heavyweight Table "Easy Assembly" Video
  • Heavyweight Table Instructions (PDF)

    "Heavyweight" Router Table




    Review this product...

    all customer reviews and ratings

    Average Customer Rating: (19 reviews)
    Add your own review for this product

    heavy table, nice. Fence not good at all. (2/5), Nov 16, 2015

    By E. Rodriguez (EL PASO TX US)

    I purchased this heavyweight table seeing the cheap quality ones out in the market. Nice heavy cast iron table though like other reviews. I agree. Don't make same mistake I did by taking it for granted that this is a precise machine. It's not. I ruined a few drawer fronts simply because I didn't file the edges of the table plus around the threaded areas and opening where router bit is exposed . Also the two piece fence doesn't align with each other precisely. You'll need to shim one or both. I'm thinking I'll take mine to a machine shop to have it done.The fence height is also too short so keep that in mind. I used a wide piece of plywood and cut an opening for the router bit ,removed the fence and installed with two short screws using the fence mount opening.

    Router table (5/5), Mar 9, 2015

    By Norman Evarts (Princton KS US)

    No comment.

    Heavyweight Router Table (3/5), Oct 3, 2013

    By Trevor Thiessen (Wichita KS US)

    I debated giving this a 2 star, but figured it's more good than bad. I purchased this router table in exchange for the table saw extension router table MLCS offers, due to the cast iron not being flat. This one is nice because it does not have the insert plate, and the cast iron table top is very flat. However, the fence system leaves something to be desired. There is only one clamp on either side to hold the fence in place, and the fence is not parallel with each other from right to left, which is just as bad as having a table that's not flat. The fence on the TS extension router table was a good fence, wish they would have used the same fence on this one. Also, the height of the fence is too short, if you ever need to route something on end. Also, the metal feather boards aren't quite as nice as the traditional kerfed ones, mainly because I couldn't get mine to give hardly any holding pressure without it having a tendency to gouge the wood with the somewhat sharp corners. If they had used the same fence as on the TS extension table, it would be tall enough to mount traditional featherboards to the fence, which I prefer.
    As far as the instructions, they are very vague, but I did see that they offer a step by step video if you can't figure it out. I went mostly by the front pic and the exploded view of the table to assemble mine, didn't have too many problems. Overall it's not too bad a design, but missed the mark on the fence system.

    Solid and smooth (5/5), Jun 19, 2012

    By Philip E Burgess (Columbia TN US)

    This table's unique design eliminates the need for a router lift. Height adjustments are done from a standing position with the table tilted. Just select a router with a friendly height adjustment and you are good to go.
    Access for bit changes is good due to the large top removable plate.
    The heavy cast iron top eliminates the "buzz" you get on most tables anywhere near this price. Solid stand and up front switch make this a great solution for my second router station. Nicely replaces my "C"man table buzz top.
    Works great and a whole lot less expensive than the other tables.

    Heavyweight Router Table (3/5), Apr 22, 2012

    By Nic H. (Central Minnesota US)

    I just completed assembly of this table. Took two afternoons to complete due to the TOTALLY USELESS instruction manual. Pictures in the manual were worthless due to being too fuzzy to provide any help. Either a total rewrite with usable and more pictures or a CD should be included with this product. Though the finish is fair the rough edges need to be polished. The dust port could use some finish work also. I had to literally scrub the paper it was wrapped in off due to it sticking to the dust port.

    After I finally completed the assembly process it is a sturdy table that exhibits no vibration problems. Table surface is clean, smooth and well done.

    As stated by another reviewer you need to change the fence adjustment lockdowns to T-handles as they are placed to close to the dust port to conviently lock and unlock, somethin I will be doing myself.

    Would have given a higher rating except for the above noted deficiencies.

    Great bang for buck (4/5), Oct 20, 2011

    By Bob Pearce (Paonia CO US)

    Definitely a good deal but there is work to do. Instructions were poor but coupled with web photo you'll get it together. Does anyone deburr anything anymore?? I spent a good 1/2 hour or more deburring the razor sharp edges left on table perimeter and T slot. The clamping for the hold downs is rather sloppy and rickety. I bought the optional roller hold downs and was disappointed. Again no deburring. Straight from chop saw to paint. Ripped myself good on the chop saw tag that was left. Awkward and difficult router mounting but it does work. A centering jig would be helpful.

    Small cabinet Shop (5/5), Aug 8, 2011

    By Brad Terpstra (Pella Io US)

    I bought this router table about 6 months ago. There is none to compare. This is an excellent table for the money. Only two things I would change: the black handles that tighten down the fence to the table need to be longer. They are hard to tighten down because of the 4" duct collection port is so close. If they could be about two inches taller with a T-handle would be great. The second is how the router mounts to the table. I had to add a 1/2" thick piece of solid surface material to the bottom so I could use my router bit extension.

    Installing the router did take the longest to do, but I did drill through the top so I had an access hole for my Milwaukee router wrench.

    I also mounted a power feeder to the table. Bolted it direct to the back left corner.

    MLCS has an awesome table. No plates vibrating is awesome. I will soon have more of these tables in my shop.

    Very Solid Table (4/5), Apr 13, 2011

    By Daniel Shakesby (McKinney TX US)

    I just finished assembling the table over the past weekend.
    As stated by others, the instructions are a "mess". I relied on the exploded diagram view and the cover picture on the manual.
    I must say that it is an awesome table and solid. I do have a question regarding how to actually mount the router. I have a Bosch 1617 and am having an issue with clamps and how the angle height seems to be too high and not touch the base of the actual router. I look forward to using but could use some help with mounting correctly.

    Heavyweight Router Table (4/5), Mar 21, 2011

    By David Pederson (Ashippun Wi US)

    Overall, this is an excellent table. The universal clamping system is excellent, it handled my 3.25 HP router without any fuss. However, I will echo other reviewers regarding their frustrations with the instructions. The assembly instructions were probably the worst I've ever seen, and I finally ended up using a trial-and-error approach to get the table together.

    MLCS NOTE: Another revision to the Manual for this item is forthcoming. Each version is reviewed for clarity by multiple members of our woodworking and office staff prior to publishing. We also welcome SPECIFIC comments from customers on how the current instructions are lacking and we take those suggestions into account for future updates.

    MLCS Heavy Weight Router Table (5/5), Feb 24, 2011

    By Anonymous ( )

    This table is extremely well made. I just finished putting it together but have not used it yet. I consider myself to be mechanically inclined but the assembly instructions made me question myself. I had to look at the picture from the web page in order to figure out what went where. I hope the table works as well as I think it will and that the pathetic instructions don't reflect on the quality or performance of the table.

    Heavy Sliding Router Table (4/5), Jul 8, 2010

    By Michael L. Sweet (University Place WA US)

    I've had this table for about 3 years now. I love it. I gave it 4 stars because the dust collection does not work very well. I also can't adjust my Milwaukee router from the top since there are no holes above for doing that. If there was it would still be difficult to re-align the router to that spot. I use the extended collet to align the router. I am hesitant to drill through the cast iron so that I can fit my wrench into the router from above.
    I like the fact that this is heavy duty and the slide table is awesome. I am glad that I purchased it along with a full set of Katana cabinet bits. The company is a delight to deal with and I plan on purchasing additional items in the future.

    Great table (4/5), Mar 11, 2010

    By Matt Holwick (Olathe Ka US)

    I have had my table now for almost 1 year. I've made a lot of raised panel doors with it. It's well built and easy to use. Mine does not have the lift handles or the new gas lift spring and those would have been the only additional things I would have liked to have seen on this table as sometimes trying to lift the table top and hold the table up while locking the arms into place is a challenge. Especially with the big Porter Cable production router mounted in it. Assembly and final adjustment is a little bit of a pain. Directions could be better. The dust collection port doesn't work as well as I would like but it's better than nothing. The fence can be a little awkward to adjust but with a little practice it gets easier. The only other complaint that I have is having to use an extension for some bits depending on the depth of cut you are trying to get. Word of advise, do not use a collet extension with a large panel raising bit. Way to much vibration and you may find that the vibration loosens the hold downs that are securing the router. This happened to me twice and cost me a $100 panel raising bit when the router fell out of the table. I no longer use an extension for big bits and have had no other issues with the router staying secure. Over all I think it is a great product and have no regrets. It has held up very well. I would purchase again if I needed another router table.

    In Need of Direction (4/5), Mar 9, 2010

    By Matthew DeRosby (Hampden ME US)

    Web site: A+
    Ordering process: A+
    Customer Service: A+
    Product delivery: A+
    Packaging: A+
    Product design/features: A+
    Materials: A+

    Assembly instructions: F-

    This is a beautiful router table. Could and should be 5 stars. I had to give it 4 because of the instructions - the worst instructions in the history of instructions.

    It would be SO easy to create a video of an MLCS guy putting this thing together - MLCS could include this in the package as a DVD and/or post it as an online tutorial.

    I know that I'm going to love my router table - it's the kind of high-quality tool that will need to be handed down to my kids. I'll never be able to wear this out or "outgrow" it. I only wish that I could get back the frustrating hours that I spent putting this thing together - especially the top assembly.

    Precision Sliding Router Table & Fence (3/5), Feb 5, 2010

    By Bob Bacon (Plymouth MA US)

    I have used the older version for a couple of years. The most demanding thing I've done with it is make raised panel doors and drawers for 3 kitchens. It's been a terrific help, but it's not perfect: 1. It's next to impossible to keep both sides of the split fence parallel to the table top. I installed a 4 foot one-piece maple fence, which works well for most jobs. 2. As others have said, the dust collection not very good. On mine, I can plug the dust collector and the router into the switch box on the table leg, so one switch turns them both on. Good feature. 3. Mounting and centering the router is tedious. See the manual. There are four clamps that hold the router base to the table and it's hard to get them all positioned so that the router shaft is centered. 4. The most frustrating thing was that none of my 3 routers (Dewalt, Mikita, and Rigid) had a long enough shaft to reach the table. I ended up buying a router bit extension collet, which solved the problem. Apparently the new package comes with an extension, so that may no longer be an issue. I would prefer not to have to use an extension when I'm using a big raised panel bit, though. Although the cuts are accurate, the vibration is a bit unnerving. 5.Mine doesn't have the gas filed lifting spring or the handles, so raising the bed to change bits and adjust the height of the router is not realistic. The bit extension I bought requires an allen wrench to change bits. With a little patience and a contortion, I can do it from the top of the table. 6. Adjusting the height of the router is awkward. I have the table against a wall and can't leave it pulled out while I use it, so I reach under the table and around the router from the front. 7. I use the hold-down system for raised panels but prefer a coping sled for the stile and rail end cuts. 8. Finally, I would change a couple of minor things like replacing the switch with a paddle switch and adding some adjustment screws so the height and alignment of the sliding table could be fine-tuned.

    I don't have any experience with other designs or brands, so I can't judge how this stacks up. This one might well be better than most. It is stable and flat, and the sliding table and hold down are helpful when you're routing large pieces. I use this table a lot and am satisfied with it,for the most part. I do a lot of things I couldn't do without a router table, and using a table is a lot safer and more accurate than doing them without one.

    Woodworker (5/5), Oct 21, 2009

    By Eric Kolda (Yankton SD US)

    I have been woodworking since I was 12, now 38. I did a lot of research before purchasing this table. When I got the table it only took me about 1.5 hours to assemble including mounting the router. I cant say enough about this table, its solid, flat and worth more than what you pay. I would advise anyone looking for a router table to purchase this one you wont be disappointed.

    HOBBY (5/5), Oct 20, 2009



    HEAVYWEIGHT Router Table (4/5), Apr 29, 2009

    By Roger Winters (Lynch Station VA US)

    This is a great table, especially like the tilt capability. Changing bits is easy once you remove the tables outter and inner rings around the bit. I look through the dust exhaust port (after removing the vacuum hose) and can see the bit clearly and can adjust the height of the bit from under the tilted table while watching the exact positioning of the bit against the object or measuring device. One draw back is the table top scratches easily and cedar wood dust will stain it if not cleaned immediately.

    ROCK SOLID...for sure (4/5), Apr 22, 2009

    By Camee :o) (Green Bay Wi US)

    Great table!!! A bit confusing when it came to mounting the router. The instructions kinda suck in general but for this part they were totally useless-for me. Other than that it truly is a great table for a great price.

    Better than Average (4/5), Oct 15, 2008

    By Richard Shrader (Scottsboro Al US)

    I recently purchased the "Heavyweight" router table. They are not kidding when they tell you the weight. Suggest you get a friend to help with the lifting. Once assembled, the actual mounting of the router is somewhat challenging. This is the most difficult part of the whole assembly. I am using a Porter Cable fixed base router. It worked, but took a little persuading and a couple of off-color words. Once this is accomplished, the rest is easy. I suggest opting for the roller hold-downs. The fence could use a mechanism to offset the outfeed from the infeed for non-piloted cuts. However, this is the same on most of the available tables out there. A shim works just fine. The good part is the table is absolutely stable. No shake or vibration even when the router starts/stops. The dust collection chute works well and the table is absolutely FLAT. Assembly of the entire thing took about 2.5 hours. I did not need the extension with the Porter Cable router, but if doubt, it is a handy thing to have. I also suggest a mobile base. I used one from Woodcraft, but any heavy duty base will work. Overall, about a 4 out of possible 5. The only reason for the 4 is the instructions for mounting the router could be a little more clear, especially for new woodworkers. If you're a fan of the rock solid and foolproof table as I am, I would recommend it with confidence.

    Add your own review for this product

    Rock Solid "Precision" Router Table & Fence

    MLCS Precision Router Table
    • "Precision" Router Table

    • Reviews
    A "Tilt-Up" top, heavy duty cast-iron, extruded aluminum and steel table.

    FREE SHIPPING! This "Rock Solid" table has all of the added features for safety, ease, and convenience built-in.

    A Gas Filled Lifting Spring allows effortless tilting of the table top so the router can be accessed for adjustments.
  • Smooth Sliding Table Top: Exceptional features of this large table make difficult routing easy, safe and precise. Especially helpful when making raised panel doors. The sliding top also eliminates the need for using a coping sled.
  • Shaper - like construction and "Rock Solid" stability
  • Fixed cast iron and sliding extruded aluminum top has variable opening inserts
  • Large Work Surface: The expansive and efficient table top measures 22" x 31"
  • Split Fence / Dust Hood: Extruded aluminum split fence, 2" large capacity dust hood, adjustable hold downs, and micro adjustments
  • Universal Clamping System: Holds any brand router without having to drill the table
  • Dual Mode Routing: Use as sliding or fixed, locked work surface
  • Power Switch: NEW & IMPROVED! Conveniently mounted on right front leg with a built-in safety key
  • Cross Feed Hold Down System: Is fully adjustable and keyed for 90° and 45° set-up
  • Sturdy Stand: NEW foot design, additional cross braces, and splayed steel legs, give the table extra stability. Plus a convenient work shelf.
  • NEW Heavy Duty Lifting Handles: Give your hands a secure grip when raising or lowering the table top
  • Precision Table Instructions (PDF)

    "Precision" Router Table & Fence




    Review this product...

    all customer reviews and ratings

    Average Customer Rating: (16 reviews)
    Add your own review for this product

    Roller Spring Hold-Down (3/5), Apr 20, 2015

    By Steve Rashkow (Westford NY US)

    These hold-downs are a basic piece of steel with a nylon wheel to replace the spring steel hold-downs that come with the heavy weight router table. They work as they should, but there are a couple of things that could make them more useful:

    1: The steel bar that the hold down is made with is much narrower than the U shaped clamp and thumb wheel that is made to hold it. This means that it will always be a two hand operation to adjust the wheel to the wood and center the bar in the thumb wheel clamp. The steel bar should be made as wide as the spring steel clamp that is delivered with the router table.
    2) The large steel angle brackets that hold the bar clamp have a machined flattened face added to prevent the clamp from rotating. This works, but for the roller, it creates an almost vertical approach (perpendicular) to the wood being machined. In some cases it will be desirable to change the angle of approach of roller to wood.

    Precision Router Table Works for me (5/5), Feb 20, 2015

    By Dennis Becker (Oakdale Ca US)

    I'm not sure why some folks have trouble putting it together. When I read and then started to use the instructions it went together easily. The package mine came in was solid and no missing parts although I did end up breaking one which MLCS replaced right away. After using it for a couple of months I decided to modify it slightly. I bought a Power-Lift kit, which I see MLCS no longer sells, and took the base and the cast steel plate to my local machine shop. They milled out the bottom (so the supplied router clamps no longer work and using some decent machine crews fixed the Power-Lift system to the bottom. I keep thinking I should make a YouTube video of how well this combination works. One of the advantages I discovered after the fact is how fast and easy changing bits using MLCS Offset Wrenches is. The ability to adjust the system with the foot pedal on this rock solid table while the router is running is simply AWESOME. This table is rock solid.

    About the dust collection, I would say it lacks a little bit BUT I have used supposed high end systems that aren't much better. As long as the immediate work area is clean and I can move my piece I have no problems. At the end of the day I clean up the entire machine anyway.

    The only "issue" I had was I had a hard time getting the slide table to actually slide. Using the online instructions I found the problem, which I admit I caused, fixed it and now it is AWESOME. Well worth every penny.

    The jury is still out... (3/5), May 14, 2014

    By Ray C (Tolland Co US)

    Just received the table last week. Took a while to assemble as the instructions leave much to desired. Box was pretty banged up from shipping (stupid UPS) resulting in the lower shelf's corners needing to be straightened and a few dents still remain along the front edge. Components (screws, nuts, brackets, etc) escaped from their packages and where everywhere; I was lucky none fell out of the damaged box. Burrs on bolts and in nuts (std Chinese QC) added some frustration.

    Mounting the router in the one-size-fits-all brackets was a challenge since you have no bolt pattern (like adaptor plates do) to positively center the router so it's all up to you. Not having an adaptor plate sounded like a good idea since in my research there were issues with them deflecting over time because of router weight. I had to mark the centerlines on the top of the router's base plate and turn the table top side down on the floor as holding the router up under and against the underside of the table in position while simultaneously trying to tighten the clamps proved to be impossible. My router's base (Bosch 1617-EVS) is tapered on top so it has minimal flat area to clamp on which didn't help so in hindsight a bolt pattern probably would have been better for this particular router, so watch out for that.

    This is my first router table so maybe my expectations were too high or maybe I just suck, but it is one of the more expensive models and named "precision". Unless I'm doing something wrong, the split fence adjustments are not precise as they do not stay parallel to one another and even when tightened down the ends next to the bit flex easily since the adjustment screw is not centered on the rail. Not a rigid setup like the X1 fence looks to be.

    Great Table (4/5), Nov 30, 2013

    By Mark johnson (camp lake WI US)

    a lot of holes had to be tapped on the cast iron and found dust collection and fence useless. I outfitted the table with a kreg PRS1010 36" fence and although their fence has great dust collection, I outfitted a dual port unit to collect from bottom also(no more dust on shelves. Now it is my favorite tool and have no regrets. using raised panel bits at proper speed has no vibration. Cast iron is the way to go. very pleased with this table. the sliding table is awesome for doing rails on raised panel doors as no coping sled is needed.

    Disappointed (3/5), Apr 19, 2013

    By Anonymous ( )

    I've had this table for several months and unfortunately the more I use it the more I dislike it. The sturdiness of the table is great and was the main reason I bought it. However, there are definite flaws in the design. As others have mentioned the dust collection design is poor, adjusting the fence with precision proves to be a time consuming process and the t-track system is very limiting for my use. A miter track would be more flexible as far as using feather boards, etc. I can't find feather boards (even on this site) that actually fit this table. I have made my own but I like the ease of use of some on the market, especially the Magswitch (which unfortunately can't be used with this table because of the aluminum tabletop). I purchased the Precision table to make raised panels and the sliding table top for that purpose is great though cast iron surface would have been much better. Overall a good table but I wish I would have researched further before buying, some of the cheaper tables on the market are much more flexible for different uses. The good thing about this table is that it will last forever.

    Great company (5/5), Nov 17, 2012

    By Leonard glover (Dyersburg Te US)

    I recently bought this table and very satisfied. About service, while connecting the router to the table I broke a clamp. I emailed
    Mlcs and they replied "we are glad to replace clamp" I received the clamp in a couple of days. Mlcs is a great company to deal with.

    DUST COLLECTION NEEDS HELP (3/5), Oct 18, 2012

    By Brad Julian (Groton CT US)

    I have nothing bad to say about the table. It is well built and very sturdy. It was difficult to assemble and one of the pieces I received had the powder coating coming off and it was rusted. I called customer support and they sent one right out to me. Additionally one of the micro adjustment knobs was not working smoothly and they also replaced that pretty quickly. The problem I have with the table is the dust collection. It is pretty much none extant. The hood does not fit snugly and catches very little dust if any. Most of the sawdust ends up on the bottom shelf and all around the table. I have tried several things to try and make it better but so far nothing has worked very well. The other part of this is that MLCS does not seem interested in addressing the dust collection problem which bothers me that a company does not want to improve it's product especially since I am not the only one who has commented on the dust collection problem. If I had it to do over again I am not sure I would purchase this router table.

    The table is great! (5/5), Sep 24, 2012

    By James Danforth (San Diego Ca US)

    For the price, its definitely 5 stars. The fence system is really solid, the table is even more solid. The hydraulics hold the heavy table up EASILY for easy access to mount the router. The system for mounting the router is easy to understand and very solid. I give it an A for the price. There are little details that bugged me during installation (the manual needs some work, missing two tiny washers..), but believe me that does not matter. My biggest problem is how to move the rock solid thing around my garage! The best instruction I can give, is to unpack it, organize all the parts just as shown in the manual, then patiently and slowly assemble it. (after all, you only have to do this once! ) Squaring and leveling at the end is important too, and the table is so fully adjustable that even squaring and leveling is simple. It goes together really solid.

    Heavywight Router Table (4/5), Feb 2, 2012

    By Bill Etter (Dandridge TN US)

    This a a nice solid cast iron top, well machined.

    I would give this a 5 star except for the mislocation of one hole in each of the upper side brackets (where rubber stop is located). I had to drill new holes in one end of each of the side brackets to reduce clearance between the table top and upperside bracket so that the table locking knobs would work properly.

    The instruction manual is not much value. However, the "how to assemble video" was excellent. I used it for assembly of the stand.

    The clamping mechanish that holds the router is a little difficult to use (support router and make clamps work), but I got it together and it works well.

    Simple Improvements Needed (4/5), Dec 31, 2011

    By Parick Biddinger (Middleburg FL US)

    As stated by other customers the instructions could be a little more instructional. They seem to be written by someone who has put the table together several times and not for a customer who is doing it for the first time. The photos are poor quality as well which are useful when putting the table together. I recommend downloading the better quality PDF format and looking over these as you put the table together. Also, why would you use metal pieces for the hold downs. This marks the wood as you push it through. Personally I think the roller hold downs should be the standard. The hold down clamp should also have a rubber piece on it to prevent the wood from being dented or damaged. The dust hood does not fit snug and also leaves about a 1/4 gap at the bottom allowing saw dust to be thrown out. I also recommend purchasing an offset router wrench to change the bits. Removing and replacing the router with the clamps provided is not the easiest to deal with. Other than those simple improvements the table is awesome and I would recommend it to anyone. The sliding feature is very useful and allows for safe operation of your router. There is no need for you to place you fingers anywhere near the bit. Hands down beats any other table I have used.

    Great table (5/5), Nov 16, 2011


    Very well built. Less than two hours to put together. Had no trouble with instructions. Watched the video before the table got here. I'm sure that helped. Like always........ MLCS ARE PEOPLE WHO REALLY CARE ABOUT WHAT THEY SELL AND THEY SELL SERVICE FIRST. THANK YOU.

    Great Ordering Experience (5/5), Aug 31, 2011

    By Mike Gainor (Stafford VA US)

    Well built and sturdy. Directions were a little better than some other posts have stated, but this may be due to the top and slide being installed when shipped. The cast iron top was bowed, but a quick email to the help desk caused them to send a new one within a few days. New one is very flat and easy to swap (with a few bolts). Great customer service.

    Master Woodworker (4/5), Oct 8, 2010

    By Scott R. Senecal (Stafford VA US)

    I have not had the chance to actually use this router table yet because I'm building a movable base for it. But I know this is a winner and extremely happy with the features. However, you're not going to get off "scott-free" on several items. My main issue with this table are the instructions and illustrations. The instructions are not clear and use different names in the instructions for parts listed in the Parts List. The illustrations are the worse I've ever seen for reference purposes. The instructions for the stand list lock washers(28)which none were provided. The Upper Side Braces are not stamped "L" left and "R" right. It took twice as long to put the table together as it should have if the instructions were more in detail. I would recommend this table to anyone who is a woodworker. Scott

    Jay Paul (5/5), Mar 2, 2010

    By Jay Paul (Worthington PA US)

    Incredible table. Solid as a rock (or cast iron). Well worth the price for the quality. There is nothing in this price range that will touch it.

    Tech support is excellent! Rapid response and no one laughed at me (at least during the phone call.

    The assembly instructions need to be clarified a moderate amount along with more and better quality photos. Eg. the intermediate supports are not labeled Front and Back. There is a hole in each for the Lifting struts. the need to be at the front. No mention of this is made in the instructions.

    Highly recommended.

    Precision Router Table (4/5), Oct 11, 2008

    By Arthur Payton (Central City Ke US)

    A great table with few faults. I think a starter pin is needed for trim work. One big fault is the dust collecter, it does a very poor job and is very hard to position. The miter sled is great but the screw clamp should be a pressure clamp. I do really feel I have made a good investment with this table.

    Precision Router Table (4/5), Oct 10, 2008

    By Michael L. Sweet (University Place Wa US)

    The table is very sturdy. I'm glad that the sliding part of the table came assembled. It was a little work putting the rest of the table together because the directions were not very well written or illustrated. Thankfully I was able to look at the "exploded view" and construct it from there. The supplemental directions were also very good - especially for the wiring. Connecting the router to the table took a little time. It takes a while to get the router just right. Thankfully this package came with an extended shank so I use that as a centering tool. I am using a Milwaukee router underneath but can't access the adjustment knob from the top because there is no provision on the cast-iron part of the table. Not a big deal since access underneath is easy. I really like the sliding table. I would have given 5 starts but the dust hood seems to catch only a small part of the dust.

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    • Off-Set Router Table Bit Wrench

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    Tighten the collet above the table!

    Changing a router bit in the table can be tedious and difficult, trying to tighten the collet below the router table surface. This simple tool with its bent design fits right in the opening of your router plate, allowing the collet nut to be easily secured. Rubber-coated handle provides a sure grip. Available in three different sizes to accommodate most router models.

    Size & recommended routers

    For 1-1/8" Porter Cable Routers
    #9431 .................$14.95

    For 15/16" Bosch, Triton 2-1/4 HP and Triton 3‑1/4 HP, Makita Routers
    #9432 .................$14.95

    For 3/4" Hitachi
    #9433 .................$16.95


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    GREAT BUY (5/5), Jun 4, 2013

    By Thomas Ledbetter (Sweetwater Te US)

    I have to say, this is one of the best time saving tools i have. just can't believe how much time i save by being able to change router bits from the top of the table. worth every dollar. don't know why i waited so long to get this.

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