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MLCS Router Bits



Arched Door Templates

Door Trim Bevel NEW!

Faux Raised Panel

Matched Rail and Stile Cutters

Matched Rail & Stile For Exterior Doors

Matched Rail & Stile Set for Glass Doors

Matching Divided Glass Door NEW!

Mini Matched Rail & Stile for Glass Doors

"Mission" Matched Rail & Style

Mitered Door

Mitered Drawer

Muntin / Mullion Cutters NEW!

Plywood Panel Conversion Kit

Pro Cabinetmaker Set

Raised Panel - 12° Face/Quarter Round

Raised Panel - 25° Shaker

Raised Panel - Bevel & Radius

Raised Panel - Cove

Raised Panel - Double Ogee

Raised Panel - Ogee Fillet

Raised Panel - Ogee & Bevel with Radius

Raised Panel - Ogee with Bead

Raised Panel - Shaker Bevel

Raised Panel - with Undercutter

Rail & Stile / Exterior Door

Rail and Stile / Matched

Rail and Stile / Stacked

Shaker Cabinetmaker Set

"Shaker" Stacked Rail & Stile NEW!

TripleWing™ Raised Panel


Vertical Raised Panel

Window Sash

Window Sill Edge



Combo Panel and Framer Bits NEW!

Dado Clean Out

Flush Trim

Flush Trim Shear Angle

Flush Trim Superior Solid Carbide NEW!

Flush Trim-Top & Bottom Bearing

Flush Trimming V-Notch

Glue Relief Flush Trim

Laminate Trimming Euro™ Square Bearing NEW!

Mica File

Pattern Flush Trim

Pattern Flush Trim-Top & Bottom Bearing

Spiral Flush Trim Solid Carbide


Straight - Shear Angle

Straight - Plunge Cutting

Superior Solid Carbide Flush Trim NEW!

Top & Bottom Bearing Pattern-Flush Trim Kits

Top & Bottom Bearing Pattern Flush Trim

TripleWing™ Flush Trim

TripleWing™ Straight



45°/15° Solid Carbide Sign Making

Blue Ice 45°/15° Solid Carbide NEW!

60°/90° Solid Carbide Double End

Blue Ice 60°/90° Solid Carbide NEW!

Daisy Pin Router Bit Set-Solid Carbide

Blue Ice Solid Carbide Router Bits NEW!

Compression Up/Down Solid Carbide

Blue Ice Compression Up/Down NEW!

Flush Solid Carbide

Solid Carbide Router Bit Sets

Spiral Downcut Solid Carbide

Blue Ice Spiral Downcut NEW!

Spiral Flush Trim Solid Carbide

Spiral Upcut Solid Carbide

Blue Ice Spiral Upncut NEW!

Spiral Upcut/Downcut Starter Sets

Spiral Upcut HSS NEW!

Sign Making/Veining 45°-15° Bit

Solid Carbide 60°/90° Sign Making

Solid Carbide Compression Spiral NEW!

Solid Carbide Spiral NEW!

Solid Carbide Spiral Flush Trim NEW!

Solid Carbide Trim NEW!

Superior Solid Carbide Flush Trim NEW!

TW Solid Carbide Spiral Downcut Pattern Trim

TW Solid Carbide Spiral Up/Downcut Pattern Trim

TW Solid Carbide Spiral Up/Downcut Flush Trim

Blue Ice Up/Down Compression Bit NEW!



Astragal Molding


Bottom Cleaning Slab Flattening

Box Making Sets

Box Side Bits NEW!

Bull Nose

Bull Nose - Ball Bearing




Door Lip & Door Edge

Double Cove and Bead

Double Fillet and Cove

Double Ogee and Bead NEW!

Double Round Over

Dropleaf Table Set

Edge Beading

European Door Edge

Finger Nail

Finger Pull

Flute & Bead

Flute Cutters

French Provincial Classic

Furniture Maker


Multi-Flute cutter


Ogee Fillet

Roman Ogee


Rabbeting 6, 9 and 12 Piece Kits NEW!

Rabbet "Master-Pro" Value Set NEW!

Round Over

Table Edge

Tambour Door

TripleWing™ Chamfer

TripleWing™ Cove

TripleWing™ Round Over



8mm Shank Leigh Jig

Box Joint


Drawer Lock

Edge Banding

Finger Joint

Glue Joint

Jointmaker 3 Piece Router Bit Set

Lock Miter

Lock Miter - 2 Piece 22-1/2°

Loose Tenon Flooring Joint Sets

Multi-Sided Glue Joint

Rabbeting Miter Joint Bit

Tongue and Groove

Tongue & Groove 2 Piece Router Bit Sets

Tongue & Groove TripleWing Set

Tongue & Groove Assembly NEW!

Tongue & Groove Flooring Set with Nail Slot

Tongue & Groove V-Notch

Two Piece Beaded Framing Set NEW!

V-Groove Face Frame Joining NEW!



Architectural Case/Molding BIts

Box Making Sets

Box Side Bits NEW!

Casing/Base Cap Molding

Chair Rail Molding Router Bit

Colonial Stop-Shoe Molding NEW!

Crown / Cornice Molding

Crown Molding 52º/38º Angle Router Bit

French Provincial Classic


Heirloom Molding Bit

Horizontal Crown Molding

Molding Plane Profile

Multiform Molding Maker

Multi-Molding Crown Molding

Picture Frame and Mirror Sets NEW!

Picture Frame Molding NEW!

Picture Frame Merle Clamp Package NEW!

Picture Frame Rabbet

Ranch Casing/Molding Router Bit

Traditional Foot Router Bit NEW!

Traditional Base Cap Molding NEW!

Wainscoting / Pedestal

Wainscoting Paneling / Beadboard NEW!

Wainscoting Sets



Box Joint

Finger Joint

Flute Cutters

Key Hole Cutting

Slot Cutters

Slot Cutter - 3 Wing

Slot Cutter - Top Mounted Bearing

Stackable Slot Cutters

T-slot Cutters



Bottom Cleaning

Bowl & Tray Dish Cutter

Core Box

Dish Cutters

Flat Bottom Round Over

Flute Cutters

Groove Forming

Point Cutting Round Over

Round Nose

Screw Slot

Sign Lettering

Solid Carbide Sign Making 45°/15°

Solid Carbide 45°/15° Sign Making

Solid Carbide 60°/90° Double End

Solid Carbide 60°/90° Sign Making


Wall Bracket



1/8" Shank Bits

Biscuit Joining Kits

Brass Piloted

Canoe - Flute & Bead

Crown Molding 52º/38º Angle

Edge Banding

Leigh Jig 8mm Shank

Rosette Cutters

Rosette Cutter Head & Profile Knives

Screw Slot

MLCS Router Bit Best Sellers