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  • Router Raizer

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Adjust the height of your router bits from the top of your router table.
Replace your original router height rod with the Router Raizer kit for quick, easy, and precise height adjustments. The Router Raizer is the most versatile plunge router height adjustment system available. It allows height adjustments from both the top end and base end of the router while maintaining all plunging and turret depth stop capacities. Operates easily with a simple speed wrench and equally well for both handheld and table mounted routers. Instruction and hole location templates for routers are included.
Router Raizer #9168 works with any brand router plate or router table and these plunge routers:
Craftsman (27505, 27506, 27510 & 27511), DeWalt (621 & 625), Elu (3337, 3338 & 3339), Freud (FT2000, FT2200 & FT2000E), Ryobi (RE500, RE600), Hitachi (TR12 & M12V), Makita (3612B, 3612BR & 3612C), Porter Cable® (7529, 7538, 7539, 8529, 693 & 6931 base).

Router Raizer Instructions (PDF)

Router Raizer #9168

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MLCS Router Raizer

"Router Raizer Installation requires some mechanical ability. If you understand the parts and operation of a plunge router, installing the Router Raizer is not difficult. Installation and assembly typically require about 1-1/2 hours. Click on the Instruction sheet at left to see typical assembly instructions. Specific assembly instructions and diagrams for various compatible routers will be included with your product purchase."

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Router Raizer (5/5), Feb 15, 2015

By Jim Miller (Bailey Co US)

I recently purchased and installed the Router Raizer. The price was very attractive and I have been very satisfied with other MLCS purchases so I thought I'd try it.
The directions were excellent. There are a lot of parts but because of full size drawings, easily identifiable. The total installation time was less than two hours. The raising mechanism is smooth and easy to use. I wish I had bought it years ago. Five stars for this.

Extreme accuracy! - Great price! (5/5), Feb 8, 2015

By Blake W. Dozier (Whitakers NC US)

I purchased the Router Raizer several years ago for use with my Makita 1100 plunge router. I have used it a lot during that time and it has performed flawlessly in my table saw extension from MLCS. I recently bought a dovetail jig and now I appreciate the Raizer even more. To tighten or loosen the fit of dovetails may require an extremely small raising or lowering of the bit. Enter the Router Raizer. One full turn of the height adjustment screw equals 1/16th of an inch. This gives you an accurate adjustment of 1/64" with a quarter turn! The Raizer gives you this precision either table mounted or in a hand held operation. Having this accuracy, at this price, is great.

Router Raizer Review (5/5), Feb 7, 2015

By Harold Lassers (Traverse City Mi US)

I use the Router Raizer on my Elu 3338 2 1/4 hp router. I use it both on in a table and hand held. I considered making my own jig for providing precise easy height adjustment and started to work out how to build it. I had an urgent need so I spend the money for Router Raizer. It turns out to be one of the best $100 I spent in the shop. You might not get a massive amount of hardware for your money but you get some excellent engineering. It works perfectly and easily both in the table and in your hands. A simple smooth turn of the crank lets you dial in an exact bit height and it stays put. The directions are clear.

On the Elu you give up the spring return on the plunge lock lever. I do not find this any problem. The plunge feature works fine and I actually never liked the stiff spring on the plunge lock. (NOTE the plunge springs remain, it is only the spring on the plunge lock lever you remove. And you can still lock the plunge).

This is one those tools where you look at the pictures and say "that's not much hardware for my $100" or "I could make that" but once you own it your realize how well thought out it was and are glad you spent the money.

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