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  • Combination Saw Blade

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Introducing NEW C4 Micro-grain Carbide Industrial Saw Blades

Featuring Laser Cut High Strength Steel body with extra large teeth. More than twice the amount of carbide per tooth over most competitors. Quality MLCS blades can be re-sharpened many times. Made with Silver-Copper-Silver tri-metal brazing.

Combination Blade

Great for Ripping and Cross-cutting all woods. The teeth consist of 4 ATB and 1 flat raker. Large gullets allow for more aggressive cuts and greater chip ejection.

  • 50 Extra Large Teeth
  • 10" Diameter
  • ATB+R
  • Kerf: .126"
  • Hook: 15º
  • Bevel: 15º
  • Bore: 5/8"
  • Plate Thickness .087"
  • Combination Blade

    #9103 List $64.95.........$59.95

    combination MLCS micro-grain carbide saw blade

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    Value for money (5/5), Aug 21, 2009

    By Tony Maund (Etelainen FI)

    I have been using this combination blade non stop for a couple of weeks now, the finish is really quite good 4* Vs my dedicated glueline rip blades and 4* Vs cross cutting, but at this price it has to get 5* - well worth the money and cheaper than sharpening my other blades.

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