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  • MLCS "15 Piece" Router Bit Set

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15 carbide tipped router bits in a wood storage box


An great price for 15 carbide tipped router bits. Excellent quality router bits with a high temperature coating. Available in 1/4" and 1/2" shank. Includes:

  • 4 Straight (3/8", 1/4", 1/2", 3/4")
  • 1 Round Over (3/8"), 1 Cove (1/2")
  • 1 Roman Ogee (5/32"), 1 45° Chamfer
  • 1 Flush Trim (1/2"), 1 Rabbeting (3/8")
  • 1 Dovetail (1/2" x 14°), 1 V-Groove (3/8")
  • 1 Hinge Mortising (1/2")
  • 1 Panel Pilot (3/8")
  • 1 Round Nose (1/4")
  • 1 Allen Wrench and 1 bearing to convert Round Over bit into Beading bit. Wood storage box included.
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    MLCS Woodworking 30 Piece Router Bit Set

    15 Piece Boxed Set - 1/2" shank

    With Wood Box

    #8377.............. $45.95

    15 Piece Boxed Set - 1/4" shank

    With Wood Box


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    Average Customer Rating: (9 reviews)
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    Best set for the money by far (5/5), Jul 10, 2021

    By Tim Wolf (Seminole TX US)

    I bought this set to get started with using a router, I have had for several years and 90% of the projects I use a router for can be done with this set. Quality is excellent no issues whatsoever.

    Good quality/performance (5/5), Jul 3, 2018

    By Marshall Murrell (Dallas TX US)

    I bought this set and have been very pleased with the quality and performance of the set. I have not had occasion to use all of the bits yet. My regret is that I did not buy the 30 bit set because it has multiple sizes of some of the bits I have used and the 15 bit set is limited by having only one size of the ogee, cove, dovetail and rabbeting bits. I would have liked to have more size variety. You will not be disappointed in the quality or performance of these bits.

    Great set, missing one bit (5/5), Oct 22, 2015

    By Steve Strike (Houston TX US)

    I got this set as my first starter set of bits. They seem well made, but I didn't realize until after the purchase that they don't include a pattern bit (top bearing template bit). Oh well, I had to buy another bit! Cleaned them all up with acetone when I got them, and the storage case is pretty nice to have as well.

    Nice Beginner Set (4/5), Dec 15, 2012

    By Lori Fisher ( Ka US)

    Very nice case for storing bits, paper description fits nicely in the top for reference. Like the variety that comes with this set though the extra bearing did not manage to make it in the box.

    Great value (5/5), Oct 14, 2010

    By John (Phoenix AZ )

    I just got my first router and purchased this set to get started. This was a great way to explore what your router can do and build some useful projects.

    Great way to get started (5/5), Sep 6, 2010

    By Anonymous ( )

    I just purchased my first router. I bought this set because of the price and it offered a good variety of bits to start with. This is a great set of bits to explore what your router is cable of and also to build some useful projects.

    A solid value for the price (5/5), Feb 12, 2009

    By Terrence Scott (Clayton CA US)

    I purchased this set a few months ago and was very pleased with this "starter set." It provides the basic bits needed for many simple projects. I built an oak bookcase for my nephew. I used the roundover, flush trim and rabbiting bits. I was pleased with the bits' smooth operation and resulting finish. They worked as well as as other name-brand bits that I have used costing two to four times as much. 5 stars for BANG for the BUCK!

    15 piece box set (4/5), Dec 14, 2008

    By Rob Young (Lawrence KS US)

    I have the 1/2" shank set. I have at least "played" with all the bits. The 3/4" straight, 3/8" straight, round over, cove, rabbeting, chamfer and flush trim I've used most. Of these, all have performed well in plywood, Poplar, Red Oak and pine with the possible exception of the rabbeting bit. I did experience quite a bit of tear-out with that bit but it could just as easily been my lack of experience and poor featherboard setup.

    Otherwise I've very happy and this seems to be a very good value without a lot of extra "fluff" bits thrown in just to pad out the size of a set.

    Not bad for the price. (4/5), Oct 16, 2008

    By Paul (Flushing MI US)

    Not bad for the price. A couple of the bits (cove & ogee) didn't seem as sharp as the other bits I have purchased. Had some problems using them in end grain hard wood but that is a lot of work for most any bit. All in all it is a good assortment of bits for not a lot of money.

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