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MLCS Pro Cabinet Maker 6 Piece Router Bit Sets

"All of the MLCS 6 Piece Pro Cabinetmaker Bit Set bits made clean precise cuts
right out of the box." See the complete® review.
  • 6 Piece Cabinet Maker Set

  • Reviews
SAVE $87 with the Cabinet Maker Undercutter Set!

Make authentic, classic rail and stile frame raised panel doors and drawers.


This professional quality set contains six carbide tipped bits needed for cabinet making, raised panel doors, table tops and drawer assembly. These 1/2" shank bits are capable of creating fine furniture or custom cabinetry for a kitchen. Designed for up to 3/4" wood thickness. The "Undercutter Set" has the same bits as #8387 except the Ogee Raised Panel Bit has an Undercutter which allows you to produce flush panels, or reduces the exposed upper panel profile. Includes wood storage box and 1/2" shank bits:

  • The Ogee Raised Panel with Undercutter (undercutter set ONLY) produces a flush or reduced upper panel profile, or adds a radius to the back of the panel. 3-1/8" large diameter.
  • The Ogee Raised Panel router bit (in Standard Sets #8387 and #14501) puts a classic "ogee" edge on the floating panel in your door. 2‑3/4" large diameter.
  • Our Ogee Matched Rail and Stile router bit set creates a precisely mated joint that forms an extremely strong "classic" frame for your door. Both router bits have a 1-5/8" large diameter
  • When the central panel needs to be wider than your stock, use the Glue Joint bit (with reverse cut edge joints) to mill two or more pieces of stock (1‑1/4" max.) to reach the required width. Glue it up, then raise the panel. 1-3/4" large diameter.
  • The Drawer Lock bit creates a strong, long lasting joint that fits precisely because one bit makes the cut in the drawer front, and the side of the drawer, so both pieces fit perfectly. 1‑3/4" large diameter.
  • The Round Over & Ogee Door Lip bit finishes your door edge professionally in one pass. 1‑1/4" large diameter.
  • All Cabinetmaking router bits are intended for router table use only.
  • See Raised Panel Project Calculator to produce a precise cut list.
  • Cabinetmaker "Undercutter" Set

    SAVE $87! Includes Raised Panel with Undercutter, Matched Rail and Stile Set, Glue Joint, Drawer Lock, and Door Lip router bits. List $226.85.

    #8389.........SALE $139.95

    Cabinetmaker "Standard" Set

    SAVE $76! Includes Raised Panel standard bit, Matched Rail and Stile, Glue Joint, Drawer Lock and Door Lip router bits. List $205.85.

    #8387......SALE $129.95
    K-Premium "Standard" Set

    SAVE $23! Includes Raised Panel standard bit, Matched Rail and Stile Set, Glue Joint, and Drawer Lock router bits. List $222.95.

    #14501.....SALE $199.95
    Set-Up Blocks for Cabinetmaker Set
    Item # Profile    
    #9741 Rail & Stile $12.95
    #9780 Glue Joint $12.95
    #9783 Drawer Lock $12.95

    Review this product...

    all customer reviews and ratings

    Average Customer Rating: (5 reviews)
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    Great Product (5/5), Jan 16, 2012

    By Derek Frieling (Savannah MO US)

    I seldom go to the trouble of making comments, but I just finished using this set of bits for the first time and absolutely loved them. This was the first time I had made raised panel doors via a router so I was apprehensive. It was so easy, I'm kicking myself for not trying it earlier.

    The only criticism that I have is that the FREE video I didn't order (it was nice for MLCS to include it) didn't exactly match the bit set. It showed how to switch the direction of the cutters depending on if you are making the rail or the style. I didn't have to take that step because this set includes both bits so you don't have to switch them out.

    Also, the calculator they included FREE (again I didn't know they were going to give it to me because I didn't order it) is PC only, no Macs. Not a big deal. I stuck the CD in my wife's computer instead and easily calculated all the sizes of the styles, rails, and panels I needed to cut. It saved a lot of time for me to do the math on my own.

    BTW: The set up block was also included free of charge. It was quite handy as well.

    Anyway, I love the bits. They were easy to set up and make really smooth cuts.

    like working with wood (5/5), Jul 19, 2011

    By Alberto Cabrera (Las Vegas Ne US)

    No comment.

    Amazing (5/5), Dec 7, 2010

    By Abel Tripoli (Bariloche Ri AR)

    I recently used these bit set for the first time on a wall-mounted fly tying cabinet. I was surprised how fast and clean the cuts are, and they match perfectly.
    Hope to get other bits along the time. Very recommendable product!

    Great Value (5/5), Dec 31, 2009

    By John Gibbs (St Cloud MN US)

    I only got the bits two days ago and up to now I've only used the rail and style bits but I can tell you already these are wonderful. These are a replacement for a combination bit where you have to swap around the cutter pieces to make the different cuts. I will never do that again, too much set up and trial cuts. These bits were slick to set up with the optional profile guide and they fit together so nice. There is nothing else out there of this quality for this price. They are a bargain.

    Good Buy (5/5), Feb 28, 2009

    By David Cannon (Kennewick Wa US)

    I've had this set for 2 years completed about a dozen doors on different projects using MDF, Oak, Pine and Maple. The only only change I would make would be to included the panel bit with the larger Diameter as they have in the set with the undercutter. However this has to do with what I'd like to see rather then quality so still 5 stars.

    Suggestions: use a zero clearance infeed fence to help get a smooth cut with minimal tear out. Additionally purchase or make a sled to cut the ends of the styles my first attempt without a sled proved dangerous and looked bad.

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    • MLCS Raised Panel Project Calculator

    • Reviews
    Also works with metric

    Quickly and easily produce more precise detailed cut lists, without costly math errors. Create doors (with up to four panels) or wainscoting panels. Get dimensions for a single door/wall or every door/wall on your project. First enter stile and rail widths, opening size and door overhang, then the program quickly provides a fractional (inch) or decimal (mm) based cut list for your rails, stiles and panels. Program also includes a handy board foot calculator. Available as a download from our website or on CD (for Windows 98/ME/XP/NT/2000/VISTA/7/10). Not currently compatible with Mac OS.

    Raised Panel Calculator CD with
    FREE "Making Raised Panels" DVD

    List price $34.90

    #9112.............SALE $24.95

    SAVE $4 Raised Panel Calculator
    CD Download

    ***PLEASE READ THIS Before Ordering Download***


    Raised Panel Project Calculator

    Review this product...

    all customer reviews and ratings

    Average Customer Rating: (6 reviews)
    Add your own review for this product

    Works as expected BUT!!! (4/5), Aug 25, 2020

    By Errol (Miami Fl US)

    Very easy to use, I don't like that you need a printer to see the the results.
    Was a bit disappointed to see there were no calculations for French Style Glass Doors. The center mullion (Stile) should be from top to bottom and the center Mullion (Rails) should be in two parts connecting to the Stile i.e. for the French Style Glass Doors.
    I wish that the Developer look into this and update the software so we can enjoy the additional benefits we so deserve.
    Other than those complain in question, it's a great Calculator once you enter the correct information.

    jeff (5/5), Feb 27, 2019

    By jeff Jones (Cheyenne Wy US)

    Looks good

    MLCS Raised Panel Calculator (4/5), May 6, 2014

    By Tom Sams (Dorchester SC US)

    Easy to use, accurate, nice print-outs that give you all the necessary information. Would have received 5 stars if: 1> there was a way to add additional cabinets of the same size. As it stands now every single cabinet has to be entered even if they are the same size. 2> If there was a cumulative cut sheet for the entire project. It would make larger jobs easier to sort and cut. 3> You could add cabinet information for the single door portion of the program.

    Newbie to woodworking (5/5), Apr 10, 2014

    By Hickoryknot (Watkinsville GA US)

    I couldn't build raise panels door without the calculator. Have completed three that look really good but none of them are prefect, yet. It is not the calculator fault, just learning how to do six different things at the same time is difficult as well as having to have everything you need at your finger tips. All the training aids from MLCS are very much appreciated and very helpful. I also like the raised panel door bits I got from MLCS.

    too simple (3/5), Dec 14, 2013

    By Richard Colman Sr. (Pittsfield NH US)

    I like to use 3/4" tenons, and 3/8" panel inserts. With this program they have to be the same. If you have to manipulate your dimensions after the program calculates sizes, might as will lay it out by hand to begin with.

    MLCS Raised Panel Project Calculator (5/5), Dec 24, 2011

    By Rance Bennett (Neenah Wi US)

    This little program is very handy. The instructions are a little lame but over all it was very helpful making my kitchen cabinets.
    Once I figured out the slot size including the space balls, creating the correct size door was a snap.
    In fact I have done over a hundred doors now and all were very accurate.
    I even made a raised panel filler panel with the MLCS Raised Panel Project Calculator that went across from one cabinet to the other with a valance below it.

    Very simple and easy to use.

    Add your own review for this product