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EDITORS CHOICE: Wood Magazine Idea Shop
Reviewed In: Popular Science, American Woodworker, Wood Magazine, Woodshop News
  • Router Speed Controls

  • Reviews

Work at the best speed for the router bit and the wood you are using.

Reduces speed without reducing torque! Electronic feedback maintains speed by increasing voltage to motor as load increases.

The Heavy Duty Speed Control features better circuitry and heavier components! Simply plug in speed control then plug your router into the speed control. Adjust speed from 0 RPM to full speed. The 20 Amp Heavy Duty Speed Control features an aluminum case, and is recommended for industrial and commercial use. The high impact plastic Standard Duty Speed Control has exactly the same features and is suitable for home shops.

  • Less tear out • Stops burning
  • Feed at comfortable rate
  • Better, safer results with large diameter panel raising bits
  • Less wear on bits • Less noise
  • Softer starts at lower speeds
  • Adjustable speed from 0 RPM to full speed
  • 3 position rocker switch- Variable / Off / Full Speed
  • Full power and torque at all speeds
  • Go back and forth from any preset speed to full speed at the flip of a switch
  • Works with most routers 3-1/4 HP or less
  • 120V • Give your router a feature only available on expensive routers
  • Easy to use- Simply plug in speed control and plug your router into the speed control- turn dial slowly for best results. (Speed control has a clip that can be worn on your belt, hung on wall, or left loose)
  • Dust Cover for #9410 Included (not shown in photo)
  • NOTE: Will not work with soft start or variable speed routers. Will not work with "AC capacitor start induction" type motors
  • Mount to table
  • Heavy Duty Speed Control - 20 Amp
    Standard Speed Control - 15 Amp
    MLCS Router Speed Controls

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    all customer reviews and ratings

    Average Customer Rating: (6 reviews)
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    Mounting (4/5), Jun 26, 2014

    By Tim Berry (Scottsboro AL US)

    How can the speed controller #9400 be mounted on a router table cabinet side? I see no way to mount it solid. All I see is a belt clip and I am certainly not going to clip it onto my belt when I need to be able to move around. I have thought about opening the back and drilling a couple holes for a couple long 4-40 bolts with nuts. I could then put the bolts through the side of my router cabinet. Any comments or better suggestions?

    Perfect! (5/5), Dec 11, 2010

    By Chuck Thurber (Spofford NH US)

    Buy the bigger one!

    Have 'em both, but the big one really works like it's supposed to. The router kinda runs funny at low speeds until you put a load on it, then it maintains speed thru the cut. This is one accessory everyone needs if they use a router. It's only ten bucks more, BUY IT!

    OK Speed Control (3/5), Mar 25, 2010

    By Ron W ( PA US)

    I bought the #1715 one month ago; the price was good at $25.00 and it is nice to control speeds and helps hard starts, but I feel a lose power when I turn the speed down. But overall I would buy again.

    220v (5/5), Jun 7, 2009

    By Felix Kong (Singapore )

    is it true this can be used for 220v ?

    MLCS NOTE: This item is not able to be used with 220 V power at this time.

    HEAVY DUTY (5/5), Apr 9, 2009

    By Vladisla Hancil (Praha 4 CZ)

    I am using it also for 220 V without problems.

    Router Speed controls (5/5), Feb 17, 2009

    By Robert Hicks (Chittenango NY US)

    Having been a woodworker/cabinetmaker for over 40 years, I have tried out many innovations. The speed control is a much-used addition to my shop. I purchased the standard model 2 years ago, before buying a variable speed router. After that, I began using it for my scroll saw, band saw and small cut-off tool - talk about versatility! I was so impressed that I also bought the heavy duty model for the higher amperage tools like my planer and band saw. Great items for the older model "hard start" motors. Thanks again MLCS.

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    FIVE STARS: From Wood Magazine
    For Price and Performance, One of 14 Top Router Accessories
    • "Billy" Pedal Foot Switches

    • Reviews

    Allows you to hold your work with both hands for added control.

    No need to free one hand to hunt for the on/off switch.

    Deadman Style Pedal Footswitch
    Now you can operate your router or other power tools with hands-free convenience. The Billy Pedal is a spring loaded safety switch that turns off the tool when you lift your foot off the pedal. Simply plug our foot switch into your electrical outlet, then plug your tool into the Billy Pedal. 15 Amp. 8 ft. cord.

    Deadman Style Pedal

    Continuous Running Pedal Footswitch
    Runs continuously for dust collection or for any activity where it is safe to leave machine unattended. Simply step on pedal to activate, step again to deactivate. 15 Amp. 8 ft. cord.

    Continuous Running Pedal
    MLCS BIlly Pedal Foot Switch

    Review this product...

    all customer reviews and ratings

    Average Customer Rating: (5 reviews)
    Add your own review for this product

    Billy Foot Pedal 9089 Review (4/5), Jan 30, 2020

    By Dave C (Bend OR US)

    I have purchased 4 of these on/off switches from MLCS to use in my shop. They are plastic, but at least durable. However I have burned out three of the switches, using them on my shop table saw, bandsaw, and lathe. I suspect that the heavy induction load from these motors are burning them out. I have replaced the switch inside with 20A vacuum cleaner foot switch buttons, And they all work beautifully now. I think MLCS needs to offer a 20A version of this on/off switch.

    No regrets! (5/5), May 27, 2019

    By Rafael Antano (RICHARDSON TX US)

    I ordered pedal switch 2 years ago and so far worked very good;good product from MLCS.

    Continuous running Pedal Footswitch (5/5), Mar 12, 2009

    By Harwood Schaffer (Knoxville Te US)

    This is an excellent product. It allows me to have keep my hands on my work and turn the machine off with my foot. I use one on my table saw and another on my table mounted router. For me it is much safer than reaching around to find the switch. The operation of the switch is smooth and without problems.

    Deadman Switch (5/5), Feb 17, 2009

    By Robert Hicks (Chittenango NY US)

    The "paddle switch" can be surely be archived with this device. My table saw now has a much needed add-on for not only for safety, but convenience. It's like having an extra hand. It performs well, but at times it would tend to move or flip over due to its light weight and stiff heavy duty cord. To solve the problem, I mounted the deadman switch on a small piece of 3/4 inch plywood to keep it both mobile and weighted down. Definitely worth the money!

    Owner Operator (5/5), Jan 20, 2009

    By Sam Duvall (Wolf Point MT US)

    This switch works great on a meat grinder when using it for stuffing and jerky shooting, also for a wood working machines.

    I have the Deadman Style Pedal Footswitch #9080

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