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MLCS "U-Turn" Router Lift
MLCS U-Turn Router Lift
  • U-Turn Router Lift

  • Reviews
Keep your work on the table and adjust the router from the side.

18-1/2" Height Adjustment Handle! This professional quality router lift is precisely machined from aluminum and steel. Built for, and easily handles the big 4.2" diameter, 3‑1/4 HP routers with ease (MLCS Router Motor #9564 and Porter Cable #7518). The U-Turn allows very smooth and easy adjustments. With over three inches of travel, router bit changes can be made from above the table. Sealed ball bearings, brass fittings, heavy duty guide posts and a lead screw, ensure this is a router lift that is built to last.

  • The "U-Turn" Lift comes pre-mounted to our 3/8" thick Premium 9‑1/32" x 12‑3/32" aluminum router plate that is designed to fit the MLCS Phenolic Table Top.
  • The "U-Turn" 2 Lift is mounted to a 3/8" thick heavy duty 11‑3/4" x 9 -1/4" aluminum router plate which is designed to fit other (non-MLCS) router tables.
  • The router insert plate includes a locking insert ring with a 2" opening, plus an insert ring wrench.
  • The 18‑1/2" height adjustment handle arm extends from the center of your router table so that the handle will clear the edge of any 36" wide or smaller table.
  • The #9565 Pro Router Table Stand is designed to be used with this lift. If you are not using the MLCS Stand, you will have to drill a hole in your stand to accommodate the handle.
  • Our accessory Locking Insert Ring Kit has openings of 1/4", 1/2", 1‑3/8" and 2‑1/2". 2 Router Reducers are available, and required, for smaller routers. Kits and extra Insert Wrenches are sold separately.
    U-Turn Lift Extended
    The U-Turn Lift includes:
  • 3 allen wrenches
  • 1 insert ring with 2" opening
  • 1 insert wrench
  • 1 starter pin
  • Plate leveling screws
  • "U-Turn" Router Lift

    With a (12‑3/32" x 9‑1/32" x 1/4") insert plate for MLCS table tops.


    "U-Turn2" Router Lift

    With (11‑3/4" x 9‑1/4" x 3/8") insert plate for non-MLCS table tops.


    The "Ultimate" U-Turn Router Lift
    Phenolic Table System

    See complete details!

    SAVE $55! List price $1304.70

    #9638...........SALE $1249.95


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    all customer reviews and ratings

    Average Customer Rating: (7 reviews)
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    Good Product (4/5), Apr 26, 2019

    By Jose R Alvarez (North Hills Ca US)

    It really is a good product and comparing the price with others is very good price, the only thing that I find that I am not very satisfied is the grip the screws that hold it are not strong enough and it slides I think it would be better if they did the hexagonal hole to the extent of the gripper I modify mine making it threads in the hole and putting a 5/16 screw and I rotate it with a 1/2 inch socket

    Good People, Good Service, Good Product (5/5), Sep 26, 2018

    By Dr. James Sanders (Glendale AZ US)

    You will like this router lift; you will like the quality and the precision and design that went into building of the lift.

    Most of all, you will like the people at MLCS. When the threaded rod stuck on the lift, MLCS sent me a replacement of the full lift even though I thought I might be able to repair everything myself. It was easier for MLCS and for me simply to have the unit replaced in toto. These people will treat you right.

    Excellent product (5/5), Apr 9, 2017

    By Dave Vail (Elgin MN US)

    Very well built, easy to adjust with very good accuracy. Fit right into my cast iron MLCS router table extension. Had to modify the reducer due to Ridgid routers being 3 5/8" instead of the normal 3.5" but was able to sand inside of reducer to fit router and worked fine. Great product.

    John (3/5), Jan 11, 2016

    By John Brooks (Woodstock VA US)

    I purchased the cast-iron extension, lift and router. The lift does NOT fit into the extension and is not quite square. I will need to mill it in order to get it to fit in the table cutout. Also, the adjustment crank (which is still very clunky) handle does not clear the heavy 1 1/2" rear support of my pro series saw, I will need to cut the main shaft, re-bore it, tap for the set-screws and drill a precise hole in the angle iron just to get it to work. This could have easily been prevented by lowering the crank assembly by 1/2" to 3/4" when designing the lift. I will not recommend this set-up for anyone who does not have metal working skills and a great deal of patience.

    U Lift (5/5), Apr 27, 2015

    By Gail Steele (Lutz FL US)

    I purchase the U Lift and love it. The only fault I find is the installation instructions were not wonderful. It would be best to provide a CD or have it available on line like many other products MLCS provides.

    U-Turn Lift (4/5), Feb 8, 2014

    By Thomas Bowman (Nokesville Vi US)

    Installed the lift and have some suggestions to make
    1. The lift handle needs redesigned. When the bit height is set, the lift handle may end up in a top (vertical ) position which is above the surface of the router table. Which means you must move the handle (which ruins you set bit height) until it does not interfer with your workpiece sliding on the table surface.
    2. The exploded view of the parts ( page 8 of the Operating Instructions) numbers parts through number 46 and alphabet letters A through K. The nomenclature listing on page 7 only lists parts through number 36 and alphabet through G. So there are many parts not identified.

    Unlike the Power Lift (which MLCS sold previously but has discontinued selling that item) the U-Turn Lift centers the router bit adequately in the plastic inserts provided.

    U-Turn Router lift (2/5), Dec 3, 2013

    By Tom Grider (Garland Te US)

    I bought this because I had gotten the MLCS 3 1/4 horsepower router motor and realized I didn't have anything to mount it in. At nearly $300 I was hesitant but hoped it would be as good as it looks in the pictures. I was disappointed. The crank gear mechanism is clunky in that it is not very finely geared and has to be used carefully so as not to have the gears jump. Also if the crank is in a horizontal position when the router motor is in use it tends to creep down slowly altering the router bit height. My lift got to where I could not crank the router motor up after the first few uses. I cleaned it thoroughly, lubricated it, and aligned the lift nuts on the screw shaft, noticing a locking screw for the upper nut. The locking screw is necessary to keep the nut in position but can't be tightened too much or it makes the cranking hard. I constantly have to keep track of this locking screw because it tend to vibrate loose allowing the nut on the screw shaft to move. Additionally, the leveling screws on the mounting plate stand very proud after adjusting the plate to my table. All-in-all, I cannot recommend this product from my experience. I think it is over-priced for what you get.

    ------MLCS RESPONSE----------

    We have already sold hundreds of this item with positive feedback from customers. In addition, the latest shipments of this item have a number of enhancements added to the design to address the few issues we have heard about, such as the vibration of the locking screw and the gear mechanism. We are always happy to address any issues that arise and, if contacted, we will be happy to work with a customer to address any issues they are having, up to and including replacing any problematic items. Based on a review of our records, we do not see that this customer even contacted us so we could attempt to remedy this situation.


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    • Locking Insert Ring Kit and Wrench

    • Reviews
    Easy in, easy out!

    The 4 piece locking insert ring kit has openings of 1/4", 1/2", 1-3/8" (designed to fit standard template guide bushings), and 2-1/2". Easy-in and Easy-out using the specially designed wrench. Insert rings will spin and lock into place. Designed to be used with these lifts and plate:

    No screws are needed.

    Locking Insert Ring 4 Piece Kit
    #9566 ....................$19.95
    Insert Wrench
    #9567 ....................$9.95

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    Locking Insert Ring KitInsert Wrench

    all customer reviews and ratings

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    • 3-1/4 HP Variable Speed Router Motor

    • Reviews
    A BIG 4.2" diameter motor!

    The MLCS heavy duty 15 Amp router motor is made to handle the largest router bits on the market. Cutting with a 3-1/2" diameter raised panel bit will be no problem. The variable speed range on this heavy duty router is 10,000 to 22,000RPM, so no external speed control is needed and it will handle all of your routing operations. Included with the motor are 1/4" and 1/2" collets plus 2 offset collet wrenches.

    3-1/4 HP Variable Speed Motor



    Review this product...

    MLCS 3-1/4 HP Variable Speed Router Motor

    all customer reviews and ratings

    Average Customer Rating: (8 reviews)
    Add your own review for this product

    Solid Product (5/5), Dec 15, 2022

    By David Peters (Mequon 53 US)

    I've used this motor for a few weeks and have been satisfied with it. Plenty of power with quiet and smooth operation. I was impressed that it uses standard ER-20 collets (1/2 & 1/4 included). I don't anticipate ever needing a different size but it's nice knowing that I'd be able to use an "off the shelf" part for such a need.

    I'm using this motor in a Rocker Pro Lift - fit perfectly.

    It was a Long Wait, but Worth it (5/5), Jul 18, 2021

    By Andy Fracica (Fort Wayne IN US)

    I put this in my SawStop router table with the SawStop Lift. It fits perfectly. I has lots of power, you can feel the torque when it starts. I haven't used it on any projects as I just received it last week, but I am looking forward to it. Too bad I can't publish a few pictures. I did post pictures in the facebook SawStop users group.

    More than happy (5/5), Nov 3, 2019

    By Alan Hetzel (Stevens Point WI US)

    I purchased this motor quite a while ago maybe around 2012-13 and I am very pleased with that purchase. I did have to replace the motor within the 3 year warranty due to a failed shaft side bearing and MLCS was really great to work with. They sent me a new motor with a postage pre-paid label, I installed the new motor and put the old motor in the box, taped it up and took it to UPS, no problems.
    I did notice a few differances with the new motor 1. The plastic end cover was a different color. 2. The speed control seemed to work better than the old one did. 3. The shaft side bearing is differently installed and seems to have a better seal to keep the sawdust out. 4. When set at a lower speed once the motor sees the load it slows a little then adds more power to maintain the set speed. I did not notice that happening with the old motor.
    By the way my email to MLCS about the bearing failure was one day before warranty expired, this type of reaction to warranty concerns only happens with quality companies with quality employees.
    I have purchased many items from them since and have never been unhappy and are always happy to answer questions about setups of their products.

    Variable speed quits (2/5), Aug 20, 2015

    By James Rooth (Grand Prairie Te US)

    Purchased this router motor and used it for about three weeks. Then all of a sudden it started to run full speed only. Purchased a second one and returned the first one. This worked fine until today (maybe a month). I had just put a new bit in and the fence opening wasn't wide enough. When I turned router on the bit hit the fence and I immediately turned it off and reset the fence. When I turned the motor back on, it only runs at full speed! Frustration level is way higher than I can stand. Guess will send this one back and get a different brand. Had a Porter Cable for years so guess that is what I will get again. Have had nothing but good thoughts about MLCS until this router issue. Can't help but think I am causing the problem and would like to know what if anything I did wrong...

    3 1/3 HP Varible Speed Router (5/5), Apr 27, 2015

    By Gail Steele (Lutz Fl US)

    Great Router but again the installation instructions were not wonderful. It would be best to provide a CD or have it available on line like many other products MLCS provides. I did check the on line instructions area but did not find these to assist you.

    **************MLCS NOTE:*******************
    We try to provide instructions for as many of our products as possible based on what our woodworking staff feels is needed. Our woodworkers are also available via toll-free phone 1-800-533-9298 Monday through Friday to assist with any specific assembly or usage issues.

    Great motor and price (5/5), Apr 9, 2015

    By Alan Hetzel (Stevens Point Wi US)

    I received this as a gift for Christmas and am very happy with the purchase. The first motor came through with a broken ground plug so I called and they shipped me a new motor and I returned the broken one. NO HASSLES and no cost to me. They now have a lifetime customer. The motor is powerful and as far as quiet, there is no router that is quiet. The decibels put out and the noise received by the ear are only limited by the quality of the noise suppression equipment you use. (Really good ear plugs) I like the warranty and the price was better than any other motor of this size and HP. The service from this company was second to none and I will be making lots of cabinets in the near future and MLCS will get my business.

    Powerful (5/5), Dec 18, 2014

    By Ron Ellison (St. Paul Te US)

    This router motor is both powerful and quiet. It handles the big 3 1/2" bits with ease. The variable speed is easy to use and it fit in my Incra heavy duty router lift without any adjustment or accessory. And, it is $100 cheaper than the Porter Cable. I couldn't be happier

    3 1/4 HP Router Motor (4/5), Dec 3, 2013

    By Tom Grider (Garland Te US)

    This is a powerful router motor and I like that very much. It is larger than any of my lifts would accommodate and heavier than any of my other router motors. I had to get a lift to mount it in but after using it I like the power and speed control. Although, the speed control seemed a little touchy a few times when I used it. If you need a powerful router motor at a pretty reasonable price then this just might fill the bill.

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    • Pro Router Table Stand

    • Video
    • Reviews
    Works with the U-Turn Lift

    This 35" high x 26" wide x 22" deep stand will work great with almost any router table top but is specially designed to work with MLCS U‑Turn router lift and the PowerLift Pro®. Made of square, tubular steel for rigidity, with non-slip adjustable feet. The stand mounts to the table top by simply using screws through the pre-drilled mounting holes on the stand. Note that the steel stand is included, but table top and router are purchased separately.

    For easy mobility see Pro Stand Casters

    Pro Router Table Stand

    Review this product...

    MLCS Pro Router Table Stand

    all customer reviews and ratings

    Average Customer Rating: (2 reviews)
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    Pro Router Table Stand 9565 (4/5), Jan 20, 2018

    By David Miller (Macedonia OH US)

    No assembly instructions were provided. An individual with reasonable shop skills will not need any. I assembled mine upside down on my assembly table so that I could use a framing square to make the legs perpendicular to the cross braces. Mine did not have the MLCS logo if that matters to anyone. The stand is poorly packaged by the manufacturer. However, my stand was not damaged in any way when the package was opened. The stand comes with pad feet threaded into the legs. You may want to consider a rolling tool stand if you need to move the table at all in your shop, especially if you mount a cast iron table on the stand as I did. The mounting holes aligned perfectly with the 9760 cast iron table.

    Router Stand (5/5), Apr 27, 2015

    By Gail Steele (Lutz Fl US)

    Great stand but I bought this one after I purchased the Roller support stand. I was not comfortable with the roller stand trying to attach it to the router table with screws. I wanted to return it but the company does not return an item with free shipping. I think the roller stand should be fitted with cams to fit the under side of the table. I found the installation instructions were not wonderful. It would be best to provide a CD or have it available on line like many other products MLCS provides.
    MLCS NOTE: To clarify, we do not pay for return shipping of non-defective merchandise. If a person decides that an item is not what they wanted, it is their responsibility to return it to us and we will be happy to issue a refund of their purchase price. Upon request, we will refund return shipping cost for DEFECTIVE items if we are contacted beforehand to discuss arrangements and possible alternatives to a return.

    We try to provide instructions for as many of our products as possible based on what our woodworking staff feels is needed. Our woodworkers are also available via toll-free phone 1-800-533-9298 Monday through Friday to assist with any specific assembly or usage issues.

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    • Remote Variable Speed Attachment

    • Reviews
    Don't reach under the table to adjust your variable speed router

    This remote variable speed knob is a simple but functional solution to have easy access to change the speed of your router. Simply remove variable speed knob from the router and attach the remote knob collar and flex shaft in its' place. Attach the new variable speed knob bracket wherever it is convenient on your router table or stand. 24" long flex shaft, mounting bracket, knob and hex wrench included.

    Remote Variable Speed Instructions (PDF)

    Remote Variable Speed Attachment

    Review this product...

    MLCS Remote Variable Speed Attachment

    all customer reviews and ratings

    Average Customer Rating: (2 reviews)
    Add your own review for this product

    Works reasonably well (4/5), Apr 6, 2021

    By Bob Johnson (Cedar Ridge CA US)

    As another review noted, you'll want a couple of 1/8" - 1/4" Adel clamps to restrain the cable from twisting in the breeze when the knob is turned. Once properly restrained it works well enough. My router table has a dust enclosure around the motor, and as per the instructions it was easy enough to remove the included mounting bracket and just mount the knob to a 3/8" hole drilled through the dust enclosure. A few smaller holes mounted the Adel clamps for the cable. At the ends of the knob rotation the feel is a bit 'squishy' due to the cable twisting, but that also prevents applying undue force to the speed control shaft on the motor. Note that clockwise equals lower RPM because that's the way the speed control knob on the motor operates.

    Giving it a try (3/5), Jan 16, 2019


    My router motor speed knob kept falling off so I decided to try this remote variable speed attachment.

    The controller is very simple and easy to mount. The cable itself is not a shelved cable with an outer wrapping and an internal cable so the entire cable turns which should be noted. Because of this the entire cable tends to coil upon itself when u turn the remote knob.

    Its best to try to keep it in a a direct line. I have a dust collection box so this was a bit difficult to do and even when in a direct line you tend to get the cable looping multiple times upon itself. An enhancement would be to use a sheathed cable.

    I used zip ties to somewhat limit the coil affect but still tries to coil. I've given this only 3 stars due to above.

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    • Router Reducers

    • Reviews
    Designed to hold smaller router motors

    #9568 is designed to hold router motors of 3‑1/2" in diameter (e.g., Porter Cable 690/890, Bosch 1617/1618, and Dewalt 617/618).

    Router Reducer for motors 3-1/2"
    in diameter

    #9568 ..................$34.95

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    all customer reviews and ratings

    No rating yet... Be the first to rate this product!