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  • Water Stone Sharpening System

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Our new sharpening water stones are made from high quality Corundum for durability and sharpening performance
  • Each stone is double sided with a different grit on either side and includes a non-slip rubber stone holder
  • Our three stones cover the complete sharpening range from a coarse 240 grit to remove imperfections up to a super fine 3000 grit for razor sharp results
  • Perfect for sharpening hand chisels, planes, knives and blades.
  • Double Sided Water Stones

    240/800 Grit Stone

    400/1000 Grit Stone

    600/3000 Grit Stone

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    Sharpening System

    "No Mess" Over the Sink Stone Holder

  • This expandable jig is designed with nonslip rubber feet to keep the unit in place when being used. (We also offer a non-slip/non-marring water stone holder)
  • Working over a sink makes it easy to keep the stone wet and the mess down the drain!
  • "No Mess" Over the Sink Stone Holder


    Sharpening System Over The Sink

    ABS Water Stone Holder

  • Holds the stone at the correct height for sharpening, providing the proper clearance for your hands while keeping the stone securely in place
  • ABS Water Stone Holder


    Sharpening System ABS Water Stone Holder

    Sharpening Hone Chisel Guide

  • This is a basic and easy to use guide to set the desired angle and position for your specific needs. A rear balancing guide wheel allows for easy movement over the ston
  • Sharpening Hone Chisel Guide


    Sharpening System Hone Chisel Guide

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